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5 Self Care Tips

The previous few months have taken a stirring toll on our lives with the Corona Virus pandemic. Integrating motion plans to cope while we wait for the completion of this brief life phase will enrich you. Here are 5 simple methods you can practice self-care today.

1. Nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Taking 5 minutes for yourself to practice some deep breathing is helpful.  Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.  You will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel. 

Physical exercises are crucial.  Whether it’s stretching, yoga, or cardio, physical activity will awaken your body and elevate your mood.  It is also an emotional reboot.  If this sounds boring, put music on.  Sing and dance!

Continue grooming routines. Feeling refreshed at the start of your day has an impact on your mind. 

Finally, meditation is a great way to decompress.  There are many meditations on YouTube and our blog.

2. Keep track of your feelings

The power of journaling is profound.  Even if you allow 5 minutes to write down what you are feeling, why you are feeling the way you do, and what you hope to accomplish, you will have a record to track patterns.  This will put you on the path towards making an action plan. 

3. Limit News and Social Media.

There is a difference between staying informed versus hearing every gory detail.  Unfortunately, the purpose of the news is to sell.  Online news outlets earn revenue through clicks and impressions.  The news may attempt to arouse fear by juxtaposing information for keeping viewers in suspense. 

4. Remain connected

It is easy to develop cabin fever after spending much time in isolation. Social distancing and working remotely can bring feelings of loneliness. Make time to have communication with friends and loved ones.  We are human and need connection.  Sometimes hearing another’s struggles helps us realize we are not alone.  The strength we give, we receive.  

5. Remember your purpose

During these times, many of us question our purpose in life.  Periods of reflection give rise to brainstorming new possibilities and brilliant ideas.  Everyone has a different response to a situation as each individual has a unique emotional and psychological gift.  One person may view quarantine as a gift whereas another individual may see it as stressful.  Getting to the root of the matter and discover fate is where our Psychics will help! Online tarot readings available too.

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