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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Astrology Yearly Forecast Ahead

Astrology Yearly Forecast

It’s been a very prolonged time since we had onwards movement. We’ve come out of a Mars retrograde that took place for the bulk of the summer. Then we jumped on to a Venus retrograde that vanquished the majority of the fall season. Then we had 1 of the standard 3 Mercury retrogrades per year.

Specific years that have both Mars and Venus retrograde taking place during the calendar year can feel stagnated. We’ve had a pattern like these a few years ago. For example, the last time we had this within 12 months was December 2013-May of 2014. Then we had these 2 planets retrograde within another consecutive 12-month window during June 2015-June 2016. Surely, there were a few breaks in between. These cycles aren’t “bad.” However, they are not the most fruitful for manifestation. This was not the best period to initiate a new endeavor like start a new relationship or business.

On a positive note, we get to make up for these periods during time frames that don’t have these 2 retrogrades. This ties us into 2019 Astrological Forecast.

The beginning of 2019 starts with a Solar Eclipse on January 5. It is going to be very prominent eclipse because it will be in aspect to Saturn. Currently, Saturn is in Capricorn; it’s ruling sign. One can expect messy areas in one’s life to undergo reconstruction. 

A solar eclipse in Capricorn is also about business. So the first half of the year will be about tackling down hard work and taking responsibility. The effect of an eclipse lasts for 6 months. Technically speaking, it is from one solar eclipse to the next solar eclipse. 

Another positive aspect this solar eclipse makes is to Neptune. The combination of Saturn and Neptune can make a dream come true. It can structure Neptune’s artistic and creative side. It will be an ideal period for performing artists.

I have read some articles about this solar eclipse aspecting a fixed star named “Vega.” Though I won’t dismiss the validity of fixed stars, I do not believe they stand alone with strength. It needs to pick up more aspects to then serve as a confirmation to everything else. This aspect will accentuate Pluto, the planet of transformation and change. Some of the significant credits that are assigned to Vega should be assigned to Pluto. 

The most important aspect of this upcoming eclipse will make to your chart.

Finally, 2019 will be a significant period to utilize your ambitions for career and commitments in love. Surely if you are a crossroads, it will be time to evaluate them. It will be an ideal time to get organized, as that is what Capricorn and Saturn represent

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