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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Queen Elizabeth Prediction -Crisis Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth Astrology

The last time Saturn was at 0 Aquarius was Feb 1991 and August 1991 through November 1991.  Similar events that were taking place in one’s life in that period will resurface now that Saturn is in that same position.  This will remain till approximately July 2020. 

In studying Queen Elizabeth’s chart, she stated the subsequent year that she experienced what she referred to as “Annus Horribilis,” a Latin phrase representing horrible year. Her son, Prince Andrew divorced. Her daughter, Princess Anne, divorced as well. Also, a large fire damaged Windsor Castle. She was also under a lot of objection. 

Currently, she has health issues all around her.  Her son, Prince Charles, tested positive for COVID-19. Health issues for her and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are prevailing due to the following: 

1) Transiting Saturn will continue squaring her Sun.  This is considered a station as Saturn will continue to aspect her Sun aspect till July 3.  The general rule of thumb is the longer an aspect occurs, the stronger the impact.  Saturn is about learning lessons, hard work, structure, and order.  Aquarian themes around liberation and detachment are in order.  This cycle is all about letting go.  That will not be easy as the Sun is strongly placed in her natal 2nd house which deals with her values and possessions.  This also means letting go of stubbornness as her Sun is in Taurus.  Change is not Taurus’ favorite word.

On a very bright note, Saturn does bring recognition from hard work.  She can be recognized as well.  This is clear from the very strong placement of Saturn in her natal chart which is the chart ruler conjunct her MC. 

Yet, the transits are just one component.  It is more important to review the Progressions.  The Queen’s Progressed Sun is square her natal Sun.  This is a rare aspect that many won’t live to reach because it happens around the age of the early ‘90s.  Her health and vitality are concerns.  More specifically, the Sun rules the heart in the body and the left eye in a female.   This progression is triggered by the Transiting Sun squaring the Natal Sun making the transit of Saturn more significant. 

The Queen’s husband has some critical health aspects with Sun/Saturn combinations triggered by transiting Neptune.  This is an indication of illness and weak vitality.

It is interesting to see how these aspects appear in her family’s charts as well.  When I review the charts of members of the Royal Family:  the transiting Saturn is exactly square Prince Charles’ Moon.  The Moon in the chart rules the family.  Often, it is a female figure such as the mother.  This is a very strong indication of problems in the Royal Family that will require responsibility and duty. 

It then continues to Prince Charles’ sons:  Harry and William.  Prince Harry has a Square from Transiting Saturn Square his natal Pluto. The combination results in changes in governances and loss.

In Prince William’s chart, Jupiter is receiving a Square from Transiting Saturn.  The derived house system is an excellent source for pegging family members.  The 10th house is usually the father in the chart.  4 houses away from the 10th house is the Ascendant.  The grandmother is ruled by the Ascendant in all charts.  The ruler of Prince William’s Ascendant is Jupiter. 

Within the next year, I do not see her active as Queen due to Solar Arc Saturn Square the MC coming in. There is a liberation coming in as the sign is in Aquarius which is about freedom.  The next 3.5 months will be a prominent period for the Royal family especially the Queen.  Interestingly, the Solar Arc Saturn is also in Aquarius which magnifies liberation, change, and surrender.

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Harvey Weinstein + Covid19 Astrology

Harvey Weinstein + Covid19 Astrology

Harvey Weinstein was diagnosed positive for Corona-19 Virus. Transiting Uranus is moving through his 6th house, the health sector of his natal chart. Wherever one has transiting Uranus, unexpected transformations and the most unconventional events will occur. 

This doesn’t mean that everyone with Uranus going through the 6th house will acquire a positive status for Covid 19. The entire chart must be examined. Also, the natal chart must be given more priority.

Based on the pileup of planetary influences to Weinstein’s natal Uranus, it makes him more susceptible to Covid-19. When we then factor Uranus going through the 6th house, it makes sense that he tested positive.

On the flip side, if he didn’t have such heavy pileups to natal Uranus, then transiting Uranus in the 6th may only bring odd rashes, illnesses, and circumstances surrounding health.

Weinstein has more potential to have more pressing health matters in 2 years as heavier health cycles will form. This looks a bit concerning because of the aspects he is receiving from other planets to Uranus in his chart.  Like the Rob Ford prediction I made in 2015, Weinstein’s survival rate looks like a struggle if he doesn’t have better care for the next 2.5 years.

More importantly, health aspects are usually seen in quincunx aspects.  Weinstein has a major quincunx aspect via Secondary Progression. The Progressed MC in his chart is currently in a quincunx aspect to his natal Sun. The Sun is also the vitality (health.) When we blend all of the above, he is extremely candidate for Covid-19 and other health surprises.

Many worry if they will turn positive for Covid.  Health issues have to be present in the chart. More importantly, it has to also be set up in the natal chart.  Currently, Weinstein has progressed Mars the ruler of his 6th house retrograde. The retrograde weakens his health especially since his natal Mars has difficult aspects in his chart. This is a very similar setup to Tom Hanks.

As stated last week, we can expect improvements around Covid-19 by April 7th.

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Corona Virus Breakthrough-Health Astrology

Corona Virus

Be sure to check part 1 video.

When is Corona Virus going to improve? These questions are just the basics being asked.

2 aspects in January 2020 brought problems with this:  Saturn conjunct Pluto and the Uranus Semi-Square Neptune.

The issue is that Uranus can disrupt shock, split, and break matters. Uranus is about individualism. Neptune rules medicine, infections, and clarity. All the hysteria, anxiety, and nervous tension layered Neptune’s disorder brings us to where we are right now. This cycle has been in effect since January 18. The cycle completes on April 7. Blend these 2 planets, they will bring odd illnesses.

When we blend in the zodiac positions these planets occupy, Uranus is in Taurus which will bring about hoarding, greed, safety worries, money anxieties, food.  Uranus in Taurus is a problem for true freedom.  Neptune is in the strongest position, Pisces.

This will require permeating the invisible fog that may require more intuition than logic. 

Saturn was conjunct Pluto in January which can bring losses and torturous situations.  Though that was in effect from January 11 and lasted for 2.5 weeks, the problem is that finding clear and tangible solutions filtered by the Uranus/Neptune made it unclear.   Fortunately, the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto will not return.

Only a 1-degree orb is used in event charts.  The orb must be this tight for a precise measure of timing.  There is a lot of misinformation that these 2 planets will be conjunct again at the end of the year. That is false. 

Some Astrologers classify the Semi-Square and Sesiqudrate as just “minor “aspects.  Technically, these aspects are considered “hard aspects” when forecasting.  They are the division of a square aspect that brings crisis.  More importantly, the nature of the planets such as Uranus and Neptune will bring about a revolution in medicine and health care.  Uranus will force change and abandonment of old traditions in finances and medicine.  This is certainly a wakeup call for health care. 

So there is a silver lining after all is done.

Between now and April 7th we have many events taking place in the sky.  Saturn is changing positions as well as it is moving into Aquarius.

Newer energies form.  Though the inner planets do not bring a drastic change, they will be shifting too and therefore adding additional layers of incremental changes between now and then.

Without getting too technical, I use a 90-degree dial for advanced work.  Though the traditional chart is only needed, the 90-degree dial helps magnify by inspecting details that can easily be missed.  The 90-degree dial taught me to spot Semi-Squares and Sesiquadrates instantly. 

In using a dial, some planetary pictures and midpoints also confirm the current Astrological weather. I will cover this type of Astrology known as Uranian Astrology at a later date.

However, the effect of those planetary pictures and midpoints will also be fading by April 7. 

This doesn’t mean there is a cure for Corona by April 7; however, this will become a lot more manageable.  The current emotional state of panic will be gone. The current cycle will be fully released by then.  Some progressive solutions will be found and newer action plans will take place.  

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A Spiritual Moment Covid-19 Cannot Take!


Many are worried by the news in the media from Covid-19. We approach our conditions for safety. This helps us stay alive. If we find that we can’t access safety, it can lead to tension and suspense. This is the impulse behind a lot of the hysteria shopping over the recent days.

September 11th rocked many and the nation to its core. The feeling of being out of control and seeing people run for their lives changed many in terms of how they handle themselves.

We launched our network 2 weeks after September 11th from New York City. The smell of fire stayed in the air for many months that followed. Yet, we got through it and became stronger. We came together as a collective.  

Modifications to day-to-day living feel new and difficult to get used to. Choosing to not have a victim/helpless mindset is the key to taking back control.

Fear has 2 acronyms:  False Evidence Appearing Real or Future Endeavors Already Ruined.  Life will get back to normal.  

Some tips to help:

  • Communicate with others.
  • Take action and stay busy. Read a good book, watch a video/movie. Keep your mind busy.
  • Limit the media! It’s overwhelming.
  • Delay making impulsive or major decisions
  • Get some exercise.  
  • Meditate and pray.
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Tell someone that you love them.

We’re here for you.  Stay tuned in the days into come for forecasts that will give you insights to the improvements ahead.  Our Psychics have forecasted many national events that come to light many times.  This will be another one.

All our best,

Psychics and Staff at AbsolutelyPsychic.com

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Tom Hanks-Covid 19

The increasing concerns about the Corona Virus Covid-19 Virus have escalated in the last few days since the Full Moon in Virgo. The Moon in Virgo is fastidious about hygiene, sanitation, perfection, and extreme worry. The Moon in Virgo is the worrywart of all Moon Signs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misleading astrological data circulating on the internet. I saw some videos that I had to click off because the details were incorrect and spoken as if they were an official statement. 

In approximately 3 weeks there can be some promising advancements to help this virus.  Yet, there is something more important that needs to be factored: one’s chart!

To get sick requires having a health aspect in the chart.  More importantly, it has to be in the natal chart.  In other words, if the natal has inflicted health aspects, one’s health is vulnerable.  Then a cycle needs to trigger it.  Regardless of a pandemic, it has to be in both the natal chart and in a transit/progressed/solar arc cycle.  The 6th house in the natal chart is where we examine health issues.  The Ascendant is the physical body that needs to be factored.  Finally, the Sun, the giver of life and the essence of one’s being, need to be aspected in the chart.

Tom Hanks Covid
Tom Hank & Corona Virus

Tom Hanks tested positive for Covid-19.  His natal chart is classic for health vulnerabilities.  He was born with Mars in the 6th house, the house of health.  Mars in the 6th is vulnerable to infections.  Aspects to planets to and from the 6th house can also be vulnerable.  Tom has 4 hard aspects from Mars in the 6th house:  Mars opposite the Ascendant, Mars Square Midheaven, Mars Square Venus, Mars Sesiquadrate Uranus.   This translates to surprises with health, vulnerability for infections to spread socially, and/or from work.

Tom Hanks Astrology

In his progressed chart, progressed Sun is opposite the Progressed Mars in the 6th.  This is a classic health issue and open to infections.  But note, this was triggered with the Full Moon in Virgo last weekend.  Furthermore, one has to examine this Progressed Mars as it is retrograde by Secondary Progression making it even more vulnerable to infections.

The transit of Neptune going through the 6th house in conjunction with Progressed Mars must be factored in.  Transits to progressions are only applicable when there’s an aspect from Progressed to Natal chart.  A cycle of such kind will bring confusion and throw one off course.  Neptune can dissolve whatever it touches.  Mars has to do with vitality and strength.  Mars also rules battles, the head, and fevers.

Exercising practical and mindful behaviors are vital to stop the spread of any health concerns.  Yet, panic is unnecessary.  Retail stores sold out of hand sanitizer.  Online it is resold for a severe markup.  Vendors that are profiting from such markups probably have financial increases in their charts!  It’s all in the chart always.

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