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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rob Ford Toronto Mayor 2013 Astrology

“No, I do not smoke crack cocaine and I’m not an addict.” Those were the words of the infamous former Mayor on CBC.

This is an old article published in our circulated in our newsletter and social media from 2013-2016 the downfall of Rob Ford including his health deteriorating. Note: this blog was reconstructed in 2017.

Rob Ford

In reviewing Rob Ford’s progressed chart, there are some note able changes that are easy to conclude he would not continue serving as mayor for the city of Toronto, Canada. The Midheaven in the astrology chart (10th house) is the career sector that describes a person career path, status, and professional accomplishments.

Rob Ford’s currently has 2 heavy duty transiting cycles in his astrology chart. The first one is Transiting Uranus square the Midheaven which will make him break away from a career. He had his powers revoked as mayor and only remained mayor in title. Then transiting Pluto went over this position creating more of a stir and is acting as catalyst for an upcoming transformation. Transformation with Pluto is never a mini change. Instead it is a powerful 360 degree change. This brought some public shame to Rob Ford as a 2nd video showing him smoking crack was found. He admitted to it and went to rehab.

Now that transiting Uranus is back to square his Midheaven, he removed his name for re-running for mayor in the October 2014 election due to development of liposarcoma, a rare cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy.

The progressed Midheaven making a quincunx to natal Uranus in the 6th house is definitely an indication of needing to give attention to health matters. The quincunx is a health aspect. The sign Uranus is in, Virgo, also indicates serious health issues. The nature of Uranus is very unique and rare, which describes this form of cancer. In fact, there could be more that needs to be uncovered. The reason for this is because Uranus in the 6th house is typical of difficulty in obtaining the proper and clear diagnosis in health concerns. There is a need to change day to day routines, diet plans, and exercise routines. I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the mayor’s obesity issue and come to that conclusion. However, the timing is now because these aspects won’t let up.

There is a certain level of anxiety that needs attention when quincunxes to Uranus are formed in the chart. Often it’s a worry about the future. Though the best thing to do is make changes however one won’t easily give in. At times it’s best to lay low, yet the level of ambition may be too strong that it can lead to one spinning wheels. At the same time, quincunxes notate needing to sacrifice by trying, retrying and waiting. Typically when a person is striving for a goal under a quincunx, the goal is reached once the quincunx cycle is completed. For Ford, this could be another 21 months as this cycle just started a month ago.

In looking at his progressed chart, there was a major and obvious clue that Ford would be changing careers such as the upcoming change in zodiac signs on the progressed Midheaven. Currently his progressed Midheaven is at the tail end of Aquarius. It has approximately another 22 months before entering zero Pisces. Usually when the Midheaven changes signs is a career direction. For this reason, it appeared he would be moving into a different career and possibly out of politics all together.

Could relocation be possible for the soon to vacate mayor? Definitely. Uranus is all about change. Therefore based on the change in Midheaven and Uranus aspects, I see a new path outside of politics for Rob Ford. He does need to monitor his health as there will be some twists and turns.

The biggest thing to notice is that he has both Midheaven and Uranus cycles in both transiting and progressing cycles. These are very serious cycles as themes for upheavals, changes, “unexpected” news, shocks, are beyond strong. It would be one thing if there was only 1 cycle however 2 cycles serve as confirmation in Ford’s chart. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the media is going to be in for some more surprising revelations.

Finally, the topic of death is popular. I never forecast death because of ethical reasons. Moreover, the chart lives forever. This can be seen in celebrities as their charts get activated from cycles even if they passed on. My favorite example is Marilyn Monroe’s chart. The moment Jupiter came to her Midheaven, there was a stamp made in her honor. I’m sure her estate capitalizes on that. Personally I have seen charts of friends that had families that have passed. Yet I have seen a number of charts where health concerns were so strong that individuals did not pass away, instead they were homebound, comatose, on life support, lived with dementia, etc… I believe the goal in a reading is to give direction so that one can maximize potentials. With that said, I believe Ford’s health is a serious game of roulette and I would expect shocking news coming to the public in the next 2 years. I would also suggest that a strict change in lifestyle and day to day routine will be needed (food, exercise, etc.) or the results could be destructive.

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