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59th Global Predication Nailed

 Albert ext 3030

Everyone’s favorite reader, Albert ext 3030, nailed it again.  This now makes it his 58th accurate global prediction. 

More specifically, not only the event was predicted, but also, during the exact time period it would take place.  Have you had accurate forecasts with precision on timing?

In our 4/12/2024 newsletter, Albert forecasted during the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction active
 April 15 – April 27.<<.Tectonic plates may shift near this date, so those living on fault lines should be prepared for potential earthquakes. Outside of faults, volcanic eruptions are likely.  Sudden natural disasters, like Uranus-ruled electrical storms, could also occur.  >>

Today in the news, eruption of Mount Ruang in the Sulawesi island, Indonesia
volcanic gases were flung so high they reached the atmosphere’s second layer, tens of thousands of feet above ground.  

Albert has forecasted accurately in front of all of us in this newsletter:   

SAG-AFTRA, Actors Union strike end date,
 Stock volatilityAnother previous Volcano Eruption,
FAA Outage  Weather Issues/Floods During Mars Rx,  Rhianna’s major financial success in the cosmetic industry Johnny Depp Court Success Lincoln College Cyber attack Presidential
Election 2020
Covid Vaccines Harvey Weinstein Verdict & TimingHarvey Weinstein Verdict in other states Madonna Health/Surgery Rob Ford Scandal, and health decline, and more.  

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Self care tips for Empaths


As an Empath, I allow myself to relax or recharge by setting aside alone time.  It helps me shed others energy.  I go on daily walks.  It helps me balance my energy and clear my mind.  I love to eat fresh fruit and vegetables and drink teas like chamomile and turmeric.  Here are more self care tips I’ve done or tried over the years. 

It’s so hard to manage your self-care as an Empath because you are so busy taking care of others.  As an Empath we desperately need time to relax and recharge.  At times we can feel guilty about taking time to do this.  If we don’t take time to unwind it can cause us to burnout.  To keep you feeling balanced here are some self care tips. 

Health is wealth and should always be a priority.  Try working out a few times a week.  Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables regularly.  These little investments in your health can make a big difference in your energy.  Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed, take an honest inventory.  Ask yourself often if you’re taking on too much or if you’re over stimulated.  If the answer is yes, prioritize from most to least information.  Make a weekly schedule to ensure you won’t overload yourself for the week, pencil in rest breaks.  Saying no isn’t selfish.  Knowing when to say no is important.  We all have a limited amount of time and resources to give; you can’t help everyone at all times.  Setting boundaries is important and can help prevent burnout. 

Empaths often need time to be alone and center themselves.  Be honest with yourself when you have met your max capacity with interactions or socializing.  Allow yourself blocks of alone time.  Seek out hobbies or activities that allow you to express yourself.  Writing and poetry are amazing outlets for an overflow of emotions.  Other activities like photography, hiking, and biking can provide an opportunity to get out into nature and slow down.  Nurturing our hobbies allow us to nurture our hearts and create outlet or release that allow us to grow and process in our own way. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, sometimes we need tools to help us process our emotions or a trusted friend or counselor to listen.  It takes strength to let someone in and evaluate when you may need additional support.  Just as you have a heart for helping others, there are people ready to help you, too.  Please, if you are struggling, do not hesitate to ask for help.  Your ability to connect with the emotions of others is a blessing.  It’s not a weakness to feel as much as you do, but it will require awareness so you don’t become overly immersed in the emotional highs and lows of others.  Be gentle with yourself as you navigate tough emotions and situations.


Cartomancy is a divination practice that involves using a deck of cards, to gain insight and guidance into various aspects of a person’s life or to predict future events. It’s a form of divination that has been practiced for centuries and is often considered a type of psychic or mystical art.  The reader interprets the symbolism, imagery, and arrangement of the cards drawn or laid out in a specific pattern. Different cards are associated with different meanings and concepts, and the way they are combined and positioned can influence the interpretation. The reader might consider the relationships between cards, their positions in the spread, and their orientations (reversed or upright) to provide insights and predictions.

There are several different forms of cartomancy, each using a specific type of card deck and interpretation method. Here are some notable forms of cartomancy:

Tarot Card Reading: This is the most popular forms of cartomancy. The 78-card deck is divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, each with its own set of meanings. Tarot readers use various spreads and combinations of cards to offer insights into different aspects of a person’s life.

Lenormand Card Reading: The Lenormand deck consists of 36 cards, each depicting a simple image or symbol. This form of cartomancy focuses on clear and direct interpretations, often involving combinations of two or more cards to form a sentence-like statement about a situation.

Oracle Card Reading: Oracle decks come in a wide range of themes and designs. Unlike tarot and Lenormand, oracle cards don’t follow a standardized system. They might have inspirational messages, affirmations, or symbolic imagery that the reader interprets based on their intuition and the theme of the deck.

Playing Card Reading: Using a standard deck of 52 playing cards, this form of cartomancy assigns meanings to each card based on their rank and suit. Different spreads and combinations are used to provide insights into various life situations.

Gypsy Card Reading: Also known as the Kipper cards, this method uses a deck of 36 cards with specific images and meanings. Gypsy card readings often focus on practical matters and day-to-day life situations.

Regular Playing Cards: Similar to playing card reading, this form of cartomancy uses the standard 52-card deck, attributing meanings to each card based on their number and suit. Different spreads and techniques are used to provide guidance and predictions.

Sibilla Card Reading: The Sibilla card deck contains a varied number of cards (often 52 or more) with intricate imagery and symbolism. Readers combine and interpret cards in response to questions or situations.

Destiny Card Reading: This system assigns a specific playing card to each day of the year based on a person’s birthdate. These birth cards are thought to hold insights into a person’s strengths, challenges, and life path.

These are just a few examples of the many different forms of cartomancy. Each form has its own unique characteristics, interpretations, and spreads, and practitioners often choose the one that resonates most with them or the one that fits the type of guidance they seek to offer.

Tips Before a Reading

Whether it’s Tarot, Scrying, or Mediumship, some universal tips are useful for receiving a reading and the reader. There are general practices to follow most would think of before proceeding: make sure you are rested, set aside a specific time to be fully focused and don’t rush, etc.
 Before the reading starts, execute good life habits that improve all areas of your life. Grounding activity helps before reading for all involved so that information can be properly given and received. Deep breathing, aromatherapy, incense, and nature can help your brain and body get into the habit of relaxing and slowing down the mind.
 Clarify your intentions: Reflect on why you want a psychic reading and what specific areas of your life you would like guidance or insight on. Having a clear intention can help you get the most out of the reading.
 Take notes: During the reading, it can be helpful to take notes or record the session (if permitted) so you can refer back to it later. This way, you won’t rely solely on memory and can review the information provided at a later time.
 Reflect on the reading afterward: Take some time after the reading to reflect on the information and guidance you received. Allow yourself to process the insights and consider how they may apply to your life. Remember that you have the power to make choices and decisions based on the information provided.
 Follow up: If you have any further questions or need clarification after the reading, don’t hesitate to reach out to the psychic for additional support or guidance. They may be able to provide further insight or offer suggestions for your specific situation.

Tarot-Golden Dawn


Tarot draws on many additional spiritual and esoteric respects and traditions; one of the most significant is Western Astrology. Understanding the systems and practices that the Tarot is built on gives insight when it comes to understanding each of the Tarot card. Specific Tarot cards are linked to the zodiac signs. 

Before the existence of clocks, the ancient Egyptians would measure the passage of time by the movement in the sky of 36 constellations they referred to as Decans.  When Western Astrology made its way to Egypt, it merged with the concept of Decans.  The Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn used this understanding of Astrology with Tarot Cards. 

The first Decan of the fire sign, Aries, and the first Minor Arcana Tarot from the Suit of Wands and so on, until they went through an entire deck and matched each Decan of each Zodiac to a particular Tarot. 

Major Arcana Ace’s represents the four elements in the purest form.  The four ace’s are the roots of the four elements.  Ace of wands is pure fire (fire sign).  Ace of cups means water energy (water sign).    Ace of swords heavy air energy (air sign).  Ace of pentacles you can always find a coin grounded in the earth (earth sign). 

The cards that the reader shuffles and lays out will than paint a picture for the reader, to get a better understanding and give a detailed reading.  Everything is energy so the cards choose you.  If ever you see in a reading three of cups, three of wands, three of swords, its heavy water, fire, air energy in your placements and the number 333 could be of significance.  You will see number patterns in Tarot for it give the reader an idea of the time frame you seek.  Weather its past present or future everything is energy that ties us all together in human form.  For a Tarot Reading

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Prediction Nailed Again- Rhianna Billionaire Forbes

Our reader,  Albert ext 3030, nailed it once again for the umpteenth time. 3 years ago, in the video, Albert shared singer, Rhianna’s forthcoming lingering success in the cosmetic enterprise. Check out the time stamp 28-35 minutes. Forbes reported this week, Rhianna just entered Billionaire status. 

This isn’t the first time a “nailed it” email is sent. It’s our pattern! Albert has forecasted accurately in front of all of us in this newsletter:   Johnny Depp Court Success Lincoln College Cyber attack Presidential Election 2020 Covid Vaccines Harvey Weinstein Verdict & Timing Madonna Health/Surgery Rob Ford Scandal, and health decline, and more. 

Albert is known for publicly forecasting in 1993 on his Call in TV show, Chartalk, the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center 2001. Everyone was shocked 8 years later.  

How many networks have this track record? Let us know! Remember, if our readers can forecast this level of accuracy on global and public figures accurately, imagine what they can do for you regarding your love and career forecast. This is why we test read every Psychic staffed on our network. 

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Vedic Astrology: Dasa’s

Similar to Firdaria, the Vedic Dasa (pronounced Dasha) system is a measure of a time period determined by the condition of the dominant planet in the natal Astrology chart.

The major focus in Vedic Astrology is Karmic.  Western Astrology is more psychologically driven.  I will cover more differences between the two systems at a later time.

There are differences between the periods in the Firdaria system and the Vedic Dasa time-period systems.  The Dasa system is exclusive to Vedic Astrology.

Firdaria may be used in either Western (Tropical) Astrology or Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology. Firdaria also relies on the natal interpretation. 

Johnny Depp’s chart was displayed; his Jupiter was activated via Firdaria. Via the Vedic Dasa’s, Jupiter is also activated. The differences are the signs’ placements and the aspects composed in the Sidereal system. Jupiter in the 9th house can bring fortune in legal matters. The sub-period Dasa Depp is on points to Venus.

The positions of the planets in the Vedic chart are usually 23 degrees less than the Tropical Western chart.  Note:  this is a rounded-off number.  Some may notice their Sun and/or other planets in earlier positions in Vedic Astrology.  In Depp’s Vedic chart, Venus remains in the same sign, but a few degrees earlier than in Western Chart.

One of the differences between Vedic and Western Astrology stands out.  In Eastern Astrology, the Western aspect of Venus square Saturn does not exist in Depp’s chart.  In other words, Depp’s Venus seems more inflicted in his Western chart.

Eastern Astrology uses the number of houses away from the planet in question.  One fascinating concept that doesn’t exist in Western Astrology is empty houses are aspected by planets.  Depp’s Eastern chart shows Saturn aspects to the 1st, 7th, 4th, and 10th house.  It doesn’t form an aspect to Venus.

In the Western System, aspects are calculated mathematically known as an orb.  Venus square Saturn in Deeps Western chart is a serious aspect.   Learning lessons and hardships in love will overwhelm Depp’s life especially from indulgent behavior.  This is an important aspect for an actor as 70% of actors have this aspect.  This aspect in the Western system applies more to Depp’s career Venus is on the Midheaven.  Artistic careers lend themselves to these types of aspects.  There are learning lessons in love for Depp as Saturn is in the partnership house.  The Venus sub period Depp is on in the Jupiter Dasa period, is about major gains (11th house.)

Firdaria’s and Dasa’s rarely have the same activation periods.  Depp’s prior Firdaria period was Saturn.  Learning lessons with the people he encounters personally and professionally, discipline, hard work, and focus are themes.  Such periods are career periods.   However, this would include the influence others have on him and the boundaries he sets. 

In the Dasa system, the prior period was Rahu (North Node).  Since the North Node is in the 12th house, influences of drugs and alcohol may become central themes in the connections he makes.  Any planet in the Eastern system influences the opposite house.   This also carries itself to the 6th house (work and co-workers.)  There were claims that Depp allegedly was under the influence while filming.  The Moon is conjunct to the South node (Ketu), so emotional responses and female influences require caution, especially with females in the workplace.

Dasa’s and Firdaria’s work equally.   I prefer factoring the Fidarias in other extensive forecasting tools as the rich details that surface show precise activation periods.   

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Jada and Will Smith Astrology Videos

Jada and Will Articles

Jada Pinkett & Will Smith Relationship Analysis #2 Davison Composite Chart

Jada & Will Smith Relationship Analysis Midpoint Composite Chart

Jada Pinkett & Will Smith Love Compatibility Analysis

Jada Pinkett Smith Astrology

Will Smith – Moon in Scorpio Control Issues

Will Smith Oscar Slap

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Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship Analysis #2 Davison Composite Chart

The 2nd type of Composite chart, the Davison Composite Chart (DCC), is not as famous as the Midpoint Composite Chart (MCC). I like to use it because it lives in date, time, and space. It averages both dates and comes up with a new one that mirrors the relationship. If there is an age difference between the couple, the date will appear before one party in the relationship. Abundant details are visible In Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s Relationship analysis.

As always, each individual natal chart must be analyzed in terms of the natal promise for each party in the relationship. Please refer back to Will’s natal chart, Jada’s natal chart, and the inter-aspects .

This type of composite chart is for determining what is outside the relationship (children, relatives, finances, etc.) The zodiac signs can be used.  I like to use this chart to look at other strong aspects such as Out of Bounds and Declinations.  A factor that is not possible in the Midpoint Composite Chart instantly shows up with this couple.  Jada and Will both have Venus in Libra natally.  Each has a loving nature that revolves around tact, diplomacy, fairness, equality, harmony, and kindness.  In the MCC, the couple’s Venus would show up in Libra.  However, in the DCC, the couple’s Venus shows up in Aries which may show up as impatient, tactless, jumping into situations before thinking, and more importantly, self vested interests.  Each may view the relationship in terms of what it is in it for “me” instead of us. 

Will has Venus opposite Saturn bringing discomfort and hard work when it comes to love.  Also, in his natal chart, he has the ruler of the 7th in fall position quincunx Saturn in Aries.  The discomfort of this relationship heightens Will’s fears more than Jada’s.  Saturn in Aries has learning lessons around sharing. Briefly, I cover only the top 4 DCC aspects for Will and Jada Smith. Each of these aspects deserves a chapter. This will be a watered-down rendition. For the sake of brevity, many other aspects are not covered as it would become a book.

If we go back to the MCC, we notice there was a stellium in the 8th house.  Take a look at the chart ruler for the DCC is in the 8th house. This once again highlights the previously mentioned 8th house themes. 

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship

We then see Plutonian themes resurface with Pluto paralleling the Midheaven in the DCC.   This relationship is labeled the power couple.  Yet, much of this is twisted for the media.  Power struggles and tight control impacts this relationship.  This relationship can feel like an actual routine and monotonous job in itself. 

Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct the Midheaven opposite Jupiter will generate deep ambitions, hard work, and heightened sexuality.  Since this relationship is about media and public image, there are issues connecting with each other harmoniously. This relationship takes time and hard work as promised by Saturn. They will elevate each other career-wise and prioritize career over any other area of life.  This can be extremely difficult with timing as Saturn is about the clock. When one partner is busy, the other is available and vice-versa.  Interestingly enough, when we examine Jada’s Mars, it is on Will’s Midheaven. I believe this theme is brought on more by Jada than Will.

Saturn/Mars combinations can bring about a very committed relationship that may be fueled by “all or nothing” narrow-mindedness Jupiter in Scorpio opposition as an omen.  Yet, it brings balance and opportunity to make this work.  Career pursuits impact the amount of time spent together.  Balance is the key to getting this to work as this relationship may find itself on one end of the spectrum and then on the opposite end of the spectrum at other times.  Bickering and disagreeing are common with this combination. 

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship Aspects

Sun quincunx Jupiter can have issues with sexuality.  These issues can come in the form of repetition, delays, and minimal satisfaction.  The technical pairing can have difficulty with growth, literally or figuratively.  By no means does this mean there are issues for erectile dysfunction, however, the potential is there, especially since the Sun is placed in the 8th house. This is further themed with Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde.  Themes around master/slave and domination may become themes in their sex lives.

Mercury quincunx Jupiter has communication barriers in terms of being understood and valued. One may feel minimized or unheard.  Agreeing, compromising, and negotiating are major obstacles requiring adjusting and adapting to each other.  Currently, Uranus is on the MC of this chart and the media is having a field day regarding the couple.  This continues for a while especially with the upcoming eclipse in May 2022. So for the next 5-6 months, there is more media and press regarding the couple.

A first look at Will’s and Jada’s natal forecasting needs to be evaluated. Then we can layer the following forecasting aspects to the DCC.

Currently, Uranus is on the MC of this chart and the media is having a field day regarding the couple.  This continues for a while especially with the upcoming eclipse in May 2022.  So for the next 5-6 months, there is more media and press regarding the couple.

Transiting Saturn is in the 7th house brings more hard work in the marriage.  Yet, I think the one that may have more difficulty with this is Jada because she was born with Saturn in the 7th.  There may be difficulties in the relationship where there are changes and adjustments to finances.  However, there may be concerns over privacy and a change in the home may be required as an invasion of privacy is likely.  This can be a move or adding a major security system within the home, or both.  I would caution this couple in the event they have any private video footage to guard as there is potential for exposure.

In summary, many repeated themes show up in Jada’s chart, Will’s chart, the inter-aspects between both, and the composite chart that illustrate significant communication roadblocks.  This obstacle will need reparation for this relationship to last.  The worst thing one can ever do in this relationship is to give up communicating to prevent further heated disagreements.  Relearning how to communicate with each other is a major step toward improving this relationship.

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Jada Pinkett & Will Smith Relationship Analysis #2 Davison Composite Chart

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Jada Pinkett & Will Smith Love Compatibility Analysis

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Will Smith Oscar Slap

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Jada & Will Smith Relationship Analysis Midpoint Composite Chart

Composite charts come in 2 forms. The most famous composite chart is the Midpoint Composite Chart. Another kind of composite chart is the Davison Composite Chart. Though the Davison isn’t used too frequently, duplicated themes in the composite charts confirm and highlight inter-aspects.

I have seen where composite charts provided detail that could have been neglected when examining the inter-aspects. Sometimes inter-aspects compatibility between two people appears “okay.” Yet, the Composite Chart demonstrates promise. In this case, it helped provide detail on where they can improve their relationship. I have seen the reverse, where compatibility was incredibly harmonious but the Composite Chart seemed bland.  

The best part of the Composite Chart is for timing. I have seen Composite Charts indicate altering events in the relationship such as pregnancy, divorce, and other significant impacts with on-point timing. In my opinion, Composite Charts should only be used when a time of birth is available for both parties. 

Before examining a composite chart, an examination of love potentials within each chart is a must.  Please refer back to Jada Pinkett’s chart and Will Smith’s chart.  Then the inter-aspects need more weight.  A composite chart is saved for last.  

Midpoint composite: This composite chart is the most commonly used.  It is calculated by averaging both charts by midpoints.  The zodiac signs that fall into this chart need to be ignored because it is not a chart that exists in time and space.  It is used to only see house placements and aspects.  Some Astrologers disagree on this too. 

Midpoint composite chart

The stellium of planets in the 8th house indicates every facet of this couple’s life is controlled.  There may be conflicts of freedom versus rigid control.  Advisors to the couple such as lawyers, family members, etc. may give their unsolicited options by instructing or controlling what to wear, eat, speak, and share about in the public eye.  

The 8th house transforms a person’s life.  It is death and rebirth.  Strong intimacy, emotional, financial, and career support the couple brings to each other.  This is a strong placement for producing as other people’s money is generated.  Together they have produced a lot of ventures.  This brings several themes of who wears the pants in the relationship.   Will and Jada each contribute controlling reigns to the relationship too.  Jada has a stellium of planets conjunct Pluto in her chart.  Will has a Jupiter / Pluto conjunction in his chart.  I have seen many with this 12-year recurring aspect with control issues. 

There may be some deeply rooted and unresolved psychological and addiction issues present in the relationship with a loaded 8th house.  Per Wikipedia.org, it stated Jada was a former drug dealer in her youth and her mother was a heroin user that now has over 3 decades of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.  Natally, Jada has a Neptune and Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant which is highly addicted to escape, fantasy, illusion, sex, love, and more.  Neptune on the Ascendant is classic for these theme. Jupiter enlarges the nature of any aspect including this one.  Think of it as the largest Neptune conjunct the Ascendant aspect possible. 

Also, per Will’s autobiography, he shared the violent physical abuse his mother endured growing up. These themes never go away without effort.  This is why many undergo healing and recovery modalities such as Astrology, New Age, 12 Step programs, counseling, etc.  Healing and recovery is a lifelong journey.  On a very positive note, the 8th house is about transformation and these 2 can assist each other in that reawakening. 

Midpoint Composite Chart Aspects

Saturn square Ascendant from 3rd house: Learning lessons and communication restrictions.  Much of the information shared in this relationship may be under a tight lip.  Yet, there is a problem.  If we review Jada’s chart, she has Sagittarius rising which is about candor and frankness.  Will has Gemini rising which is all about communication.  More than likely this pair may disagree on what, how, and to whom information was divulged. 

Venus quincunx Saturn: There are obstacles with timing, stability, and durability.  Often one may feel financial pressure to stay in the relationship based on assets.  Freedom from tight responsibility becomes overbearing.  Some may disapprove of this relationship.  Staying in the relationship for the status-quo is the #1 problem with this aspect. 

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