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Hellenistic Astrology Part 3: Not All Is Grim

Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology predates Medieval Astrology from 2 BCE. Though there are some great uses for their theories in modern Astrology, there are numerous grim interpretations for the 12th, 6th, and 8th houses. Those houses as considered the worst placements whereby destitution and suffering take place. Check out Hellenistic Astrology Part 1 and Part 2 of this Hellenistic Astrology series.

  I choose a classic chart that will illustrate this is not the case. 90% of this chart would represent horrors.

Hellenistic Astrology only uses the 5 planets and the 2 luminaries (Sun and Moon.) It excludes the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.)
 In the last 2 weeks, I shared 2 forecasting tools that serve as great add-ons to Modern Astrology.
 Modern Astrology doesn’t treat the 12th, 6th, and 8th houses as awful placements. Those houses embody talent, strength, depth, mystery, and intuition.
 Otherwise, the native of this chart, Mariah Carey, would not have achieved worldwide success.

Western Astrology Chart Post Hellenistic Astrology

When viewing Mariah’s chart in the modern approach, we see many amazing aspects demonstrating massive career opportunities. 9 planets aspect her Midheaven. Some are minor aspects and out-of-sign aspects, however, they are potent. This would be overlooked using the Hellenistic approach.
 The Hellenistic approach can serve well as creating a 2nd chart to get secondary information as that chart will shift planets into houses that are not in the modern chart.
 If I were limited to only the Hellenistic approach, I would never estimate the first chart belonged to a major entertainer; whereas, the modern chart (#2) shows all of it.
 Science, entertainment, technology, medicine, psychology, etc. have come a long way since 2 BCE.  Astrology has also come a long way.
 Some wonderful Hellenistic theories can be used for today’s modern approach. Yet, one needs to tread with caution. There is no such thing as a “bad” chart. Certainly, some charts have challenges; however, they serve as an opportunity to fuel ambition and hard work.
 Whenever I see a difficult aspect in a chart, I question what makes it complicated and what can be done to improve. This is where Modern astrology differs and offers solutions for improvements.
 I have seen charts that have a lot of ease. However, many of the natives lack ambition towards hard work because they rarely had a struggle. Yet, when tough times are encountered, there may be little strength or motive to work hard.
 Though I won’t deny that Carey’s chart has obstacles when it comes to love life, they can be worked on.  However, career-wise, I was astounded by many of her planetary placements.
 2022 has major changes for Mariah with transiting Uranus entering her first house. We can expect to see surprising professional, personal, and physical changes for Mariah from March through November.

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