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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Everyone has a 2nd and 3rd Astrology Chart

An Astrology Chart has many variations. The modern Western Chart is the most commonly used Astrology for obtaining information on a native’s character and possibility. Various forecasting methods show periods for possibilities in all dimensions of life including love and career prospects. Also, there are techniques used for analyzing relationship compatibility, relocation analysis, and event planning.

The Western Chart is enough to get more details than one can imagine.  It takes years to master several concepts.  The knowledge is never-ending as there are always new concepts explored.

The next important chart is the Uranian Chart.  This system was developed in Germany. It uses aspects that are in the Western Chart and other overlooked aspects.  This system uses Midpoints and 8 hypothetical planets. 

Astrology Chart- Uranian

Astrology Chart Whitney Houston Uranian
Chart B Whitney Houston-Uranian Chart

The halfway point between 2 planets is called a midpoint.  For example, the Venus/Mars midpoint is a popular relationship midpoint. 

Planetary trees show aspects between midpoints and planets.

8 hypothetical planets are factored in interpretations.  These are the Trans Neptunian Planets (TNP’s) which are beyond Pluto. 

Uranian Astrology uses formulas to get forecasting answers.  For example, Sun + Moon-Venus is considered a marriage formula.  When the formula becomes active, so does the opportunity for marriage.  Simply, these equations generate timing answers.  There are hundreds of formulas.  This type of chart is an additional forecasting and relationship compatibility source. 

A 90-degree dial navigates the chart.  It is like a plate one spins around to analyze midpoints and planets in calculating time.  Software can do this too.  Yet, a seasoned professional can work faster than a computer manually spinning the dial around

Astrology Chart – Hellenistic

Astrology Chart Whitney Houston Hellenistic
Chart C Whitney Houston- Hellenistic Chart

Finally, the Hellenistic Chart is what I classify as a separate system.  This was used by ancient astrologers in 2 BCE and predates modern astrology.  It uses 5 planets and 2 luminaries.  I was fascinated by this form of Astrology because they separate day charts from night charts.  Each chart has specific theories for what makes a chart work.

In Hellenistic Astrology, a planet can shift into different houses as the whole sign system is used.  This will not happen to all charts.  Subtle differences enrich the analysis.

The 2 Hellenistic forecasting tools shown in the last few weeks were Annual Profections and Zodiacal Releasing.  I am impressed by these tools.  I still want to see the Western chart and the various forecasting tools utilized, I believe these tools serve as polish materials.

Western and Uranian Astrology can give plenty of details to enrich a reading.  Yet, I think some Hellenistic concepts will add nuances that can serve as putting a magnifying glass over a chart.

The charts to the side are Whitney Houston.  Chart A is the traditional Western Chart. Chart B is her Uranian Chart; Chart c is her Hellenistic Chart. 

Repeated themes that come up in all 3 charts are significant.  Overlooked details sometimes are seen through a different lens adding more dimensions.

There are other charts used for other areas that zoom in specifics such as past life, fertility, and more.  I’ll cover those at a later time. 

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Hellenistic Astrology Part 3: Not All Is Grim

Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology predates Medieval Astrology from 2 BCE. Though there are some great uses for their theories in modern Astrology, there are numerous grim interpretations for the 12th, 6th, and 8th houses. Those houses as considered the worst placements whereby destitution and suffering take place. Check out Hellenistic Astrology Part 1 and Part 2 of this Hellenistic Astrology series.

  I choose a classic chart that will illustrate this is not the case. 90% of this chart would represent horrors.

Hellenistic Astrology only uses the 5 planets and the 2 luminaries (Sun and Moon.) It excludes the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.)
 In the last 2 weeks, I shared 2 forecasting tools that serve as great add-ons to Modern Astrology.
 Modern Astrology doesn’t treat the 12th, 6th, and 8th houses as awful placements. Those houses embody talent, strength, depth, mystery, and intuition.
 Otherwise, the native of this chart, Mariah Carey, would not have achieved worldwide success.

Western Astrology Chart Post Hellenistic Astrology

When viewing Mariah’s chart in the modern approach, we see many amazing aspects demonstrating massive career opportunities. 9 planets aspect her Midheaven. Some are minor aspects and out-of-sign aspects, however, they are potent. This would be overlooked using the Hellenistic approach.
 The Hellenistic approach can serve well as creating a 2nd chart to get secondary information as that chart will shift planets into houses that are not in the modern chart.
 If I were limited to only the Hellenistic approach, I would never estimate the first chart belonged to a major entertainer; whereas, the modern chart (#2) shows all of it.
 Science, entertainment, technology, medicine, psychology, etc. have come a long way since 2 BCE.  Astrology has also come a long way.
 Some wonderful Hellenistic theories can be used for today’s modern approach. Yet, one needs to tread with caution. There is no such thing as a “bad” chart. Certainly, some charts have challenges; however, they serve as an opportunity to fuel ambition and hard work.
 Whenever I see a difficult aspect in a chart, I question what makes it complicated and what can be done to improve. This is where Modern astrology differs and offers solutions for improvements.
 I have seen charts that have a lot of ease. However, many of the natives lack ambition towards hard work because they rarely had a struggle. Yet, when tough times are encountered, there may be little strength or motive to work hard.
 Though I won’t deny that Carey’s chart has obstacles when it comes to love life, they can be worked on.  However, career-wise, I was astounded by many of her planetary placements.
 2022 has major changes for Mariah with transiting Uranus entering her first house. We can expect to see surprising professional, personal, and physical changes for Mariah from March through November.

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Hellenistic Astrology Pt 2:  Zodiacal Releasing  

Another Hellenistic forecasting tool is Zodiacal Releasing. To use this, the idea of “Lots” is used. Usually, they are comprehended as “Arabic Parts.” The Part of Fortune is the most prevalent one. However, the Parts differ from the Lots.

Hellenistic Astrology Part 1 and Part 3 is also part of this series.

 A Lot is a mathematical point in the chart that holds a distinctive set of meanings or topics. For instance, the Lot of Fortune was usually associated with the body of the native. The Lot of Spirit was attributed to the mind. Other Lots signify topics such as Marriage, Eros, Success, Parents, Children, Strife, Nemesis, Courage, etc. 

Lots are calculated by calculating the space between two planets in the chart and then taking that calculation further. For this article, I will keep that out as it can get technical for most. 

The two frequently used Lots in the Hellenistic Astrology were the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit.  Once the Lots have been calculated, we can do more interpretation. 

Zodiacal Releasing

In Zodiacal Releasing, each zodiac sign has a specific amount of time-based on the planetary period of the sign’s ruling planet. Libra is ruled by Venus, and the planetary period of Venus is 8 years. The number of years associated with the sign Libra or Taurus is 8. 

To compute the person’s Zodiacal Releasing years, select where the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit are located in the chart. These two Lots are the starting points. 

The Lot that you begin from supplies the timing periods is created. If you want to examine the person’s career and life direction, calculate the Lot of Spirit and utilize the sign it is located in as the beginning point. Once the person has finished the number of years associated with that Zodiac sign, it proceeds to the next sign in zodiacal order.

Releasing the Lot of Spirit from the Lot of Fortune gives information about the career. This may seem confusing. In general, the Lot of Fortune is a release point for all the lots. When the Lots move to a division of 4, an extremely active high point is achieved. For example, examining career, we use the Lot of Spirit. Signs that are 1, 4, 7, 10 signs away from the Part of Fortune will show a high point in the career.   

Zodiacal Releasing Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber was born with the Part of Spirit in Cancer in the 9th house which was already 4 signs away from Fortune. This means he was born with a peak period since birth at level 1. 

When level 2 sub-periods reached another 1, 4, 7, 10, from Fortune, that was when reached global success. Interpretations are given for each moment a planet was activated describes the periods to detail adding more nuances.  Those will be skipped for the purpose of this article. 

Use chart 1, to get the numerical value. Now go to chart 2.  Beiber’s the Part of Spirit was at birth in Cancer. So in level 2 (subperiod/months), POS  stays in Cancer it stayed for 25 months, Leo 19 months, Virgo 20 months, Libra 8 months, Scorpio 20 months, Sagittarius 12, Capricorn 27 months, Aquarius 30 months, Pisces 12 months. When you add all these months together, they total 14.4 years. Add this number to his birthday, 3/1/1994, totals when he had his successful breakout period in 2008.  

On a technical note, one must use the whole sign chart system for this to work.  It is not visible in the modernized chart systems.  

These Lots and Zodiacal Releases enrich modern techniques for calculating marriage, career, children, and more.

Many other techniques do the same.  I present this to you to demonstrate how it was done in ancient Astrology periods from 2 BCE that still works today.

Confirmation adds more clarity and certainty in forecasts.  

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