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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Quincunxes: Health and Sacrifices-Trump!


Out of all the important elements in Astrology, the one that often gets very little attention is the Quincunx, otherwise understood as the Inconjunct.

This aspect can be one of the most problematic aspects. Like the Square aspect, a conflict arises. The big difference is that the efforts expended to resolve them may feel never-ending and require ongoing adjustments. In other words, it is trying and re-trying. It is a never-ending negotiation. This can also, in turn, create a waiting period. Sometimes there is a personal level of sacrifice required.

Also, the Quincunx is a health aspect Rob Ford (Former Crack/Cocaine Toronto Mayor) had tons of quincunxes in his chart a year prior. That was when his cancer got worse. Note: not every Quincunx is cancerous! It is essential to utilize common sense. An individual that is pro-active regarding health and maintains a healthy lifestyle isn’t going to have the same outcome. At the same time, we must look into the natal chart because that must be factored in when forecasting.

When I reviewed Donald Trump’s chart, I noticed he has a dual aspect taking place. First, his natal Sun has a Quincunx from transiting Pluto. That can be a significant issue regarding forcing his will to get his way. This is a major obstacle. With Pluto, there are power struggles where one has to surrender control and domination. However, when the Sun is involved, it is an issue regarding surrendering one’s ego. Now since both of these aspects are in the 5th house, there can be more scandals coming out in the media regarding love affairs. Health needs to be taken seriously. The Sun rules the heart and the right eye in a man’s chart. Gemini governs the lungs and shoulders. These 4 body parts are particularly vulnerable.

Also, the opposition that Pluto will form to natal Saturn starting March through July requires a need to give in. An opposition typically will pull an individual in the opposite direction according to the will of another person. However, oppositions are notorious for separations. Since the Sun is on the Midheaven, the status is impacted. That can translate into business dealings that may undergo “restructuring,” surrendering, and loss. 

For the next few months ahead, there is a lot of submissions that will be needed by Trump to handle some challenges that come in. There is resistance in his chart as it is ruled by the Sun (rising Sun ruler) and an active Mars that rises by the Ascendant. Compromise isn’t his strongest forte. However, there is a fine line between not being able to do versus being forced to do so. That is where the primary battle starts.

Handling multiple stresses can feel like being a juggler in a circus. Fortunately, Trump’s Sun in Gemini is skilled at multi-tasking. The concerns over Pluto and a Quincunx can be overwhelming, especially heart health matters. This is a time to find ways to decompress, develop humility, cultivate a healthy regimen, and detaching from ego. 

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