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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Psychic Myths#3 Spells-Don’t Ever Fall For This!

Psychic Spells

I’ve listened it all at this point in my life. This contains silly Psychic Spells portrayed as rituals from cracking a coconut at an junction, getting a purification with a live chicken, or burning candles to rid terrible fate.

I believe amulets serve as a placebo effect so one can think more positive and make better or more effective efforts to improve circumstances. There is no way possible to make a cycle exit faster that influences a person’s life. However, I believe that applying mindfulness in interacting with others, regulating one’s behavior, and surely developing emotional strength gives rise to improving circumstances. So if an amulet can help with that – so be it. Maturity, therapy, spirituality, religion, new age, yoga, and more can lead one to the same path of mindfulness.

Mindfulness will not convert a non-interested person to become attracted to you suddenly. Also, mindfulness will not turn a non-interested business into hiring you. Instead, mindfulness can lead you to understand and accept the circumstances, create a better life (change,) and conger new prosperous ideas. Unfortunately, those that develop spells do not understand that concept. After all, their goal isn’t to help; it’s to collect payment. There is a hidden agenda fueled by deception and psychosis by such “spell casters.”

For example, I know someone that underwent significant career hardship. She worked very hard, and the results generated were minimal. She was extremely dissatisfied. Surely, she did many things, burn candles, etc..

However, she needed was an accurate reading to get to the core of her career issues. First, she needed to re-evaluate the path she was pursuing. Next, she had to go back to college. Later on, after a few years, she became a successful entrepreneur.

Being able to have a clear cut reading to explore options and see other areas, she could also manifest into success was more important for her.

I am a firm believer in fixing a problem. When there is a problem, there are 2 solutions: do something about it or do nothing. At the core of the issue, it’s essential to know where one’s potentials can be used more successfully.

When it comes to love, the same thing applies. There are patterns that one may need to change and personal issues/baggage that may need resolution. Also, sometimes, it is a timing issue. Surely to create a spell/amulet etc.. to attract, isn’t going to change a person’s destiny.

It gives our industry a bad wrap when a fake psychic abuses a client by claiming he/she has a spell and must pay to have that hex removed. Seriously?! There’s just no way possible that one can shoot something into the sky to make a cycle enter or exit any faster.

I believe in the power of timing and strength of change over time. The best analogy I can correlate is losing weight. It requires perseverance, discipline, hard work, restriction, and time. If you want to change, you need to make it happen. Moreover, an accurate reading can look into the timing of when such changes will take place, and the best course of action to change in making possibilities happen. No silly hocus-pocus or breaking a coconut will do the trick. Besides, there are better things one can do with a coconut!


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Psychic Myths#2: Psychic Reuniting Lovers (Gasp!)

Reuniting Lovers

I flinch when I see a definition of a psychic contending to reunite split lovers. I find it amusing and unfortunate. My take is simple: If ripped lovers are destined to reunite, they will. Surely, there is timing that goes hand in hand with this case too.

From a more realistic approach to this matter, relationship skills need to be cultivated. These skills encompass communication skills, empathy, fulfilling partners’ emotional needs, communicating needs, being able to work on personal issues/triggers, communicating upset, knowing how to handle stress and difficulties. These skills are life skills that are learned through trial and error.

In all honesty, if a psychic could reunite, do you think this “super-powerful hero” would even bother working? Seriously, if I possessed such power myself, I would undoubtedly find a way to get everything I wanted, whenever, however, etc. Many Hollywood executives would have made sure particular Hollywood power couples would reunite or stay together to protect their investment.

Now from a more realistic point of view, I believe that thoroughly understanding the relationship chemistry, potentials, and pitfalls; one can learn with depth how to relate better to a mate. However, without making a conscious effort to work things out, nothing is going to bind a couple.

The best example I can share is about an acquaintance that married an abusive alcoholic. She had a “psychic witch” perform rituals to reunite her with her abusive husband. Well, technically the man contacted her after they broke up (coincidence.) In their meet up, he beat her again. She got a restraining order thanks to the shiner he gave her left eye. He found a new love potential too behind bars as he was had many criminal legal woes also that resulted in a 10-year prison conviction.

Now if we dissect those 2, his abusive behavior and drinking were detrimental to any relationship. It would seem logical he would have to work on those 2 issues before being involved with anyone as it’s clear that emotionally he was not available. So why would anyone want to get together with someone like this? Codependence! Does that show up in a reading? Yes. This too can be worked on by dissecting the roots of the person. Though psychotherapy does this for most, an accurate reading can examine core issues at hand and get to the origins of the individual.

It takes recovering from the stages of grieving, chemistry, character, destiny, willingness to change.

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Myths Psychic Lotto Numbers! LOL

Psychic Lucky Numbers!

In my earlier days of doing readings via the telephonee in the early ’90s, I had callers requesting for “Lucky Lotto numbers.” Instantly I grinned. My immediate response was, “If I could do that, do you think I’d be speaking to you right now?!” This lucky numbers fable is also shared in newspaper horoscopes, fortune cookies, and other types of materials.

A reader cannot forecast winning numbers. I do believe there are more favorable periods that can come into abundance. That is something I can extract down to precise dates.

In my professional opinion, I believe that if one is destined to win, one will do so regardless of the specific numbers chosen. In fact, with “quick pick” available on most lottery systems, I recommend playing that option instead of under financial abundance cycles. When those times arrive, I also advise playing in moderation. I have to be very practical about this matter. Being lucky in this type of speculation must be tied to one’s destiny.

Even during my most favorable and lucky periods, I walked away, breaking even or winning a few dollars.  While I was driving 2 weeks ago, cash was flying all over the street. Naturally, I stopped my car and collected $1 bills. My total accumulation was $13! However, technically, it was lucky.

I have a relative who is middle class and had a reasonably paying job. He had occasional lucky spurts of winning $3000 here and there. I have seen him win at the horse track too. However, he never won anything severe.

Technically speaking, the winners of millions are rare. In their energy, there are drastic financial changes on the horizon. Now in a reading, I am careful with interpreting it as lottery winnings. Financial abundance can come in so many ways.

For some people, a significant financial windfall may not occur for years or decades. Though it’s great to know such periods for potential can be maximized to the fullest, I am too realistic to give into lofty lottery notions.

Lucky numbers are one of those things that are over-commercialized to gain attention. I would even reason that if one continues to play the same numbers over and over, there could be odds of winning. But then again, I think the more realistic approach to this is destiny and timing, not specific numbers.

I play a $1 scratch-off card about 4 times a year. Usually, I win another free ticket or my $1 back. Technically, it is luck. However, when I tie it back to my energy, I know that financial windfalls won’t come through the lottery. Bummer! I hope this clears up this amusing notion. Play safe!

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Venus Retrograde Oct 5-Nov 16

Venus Retrograde

From October 5 till November 16, is another Venus retrograde. Dodge taking a holiday as it will not be pleasant. It will be an ideal time to reflect on the delight and profits derived from one’s ambitions and efforts. Romantic and business partnerships can be severely tested. Bypass making significant financial shifts or purchases as they will be regretted later. The books claim that during a Venus retrograde, the market is too expensive, be very careful making new investments or making long term investments. Starting a new job on a Venus retrograde will be regretted afterward. I have seen this over and over where the person either detested the job after Venus went direct or they wound up discovering coveted information.

Affection is stagnant and inwardly expressed.  This is not a time to start dating or get married.  If you are paying for matchmaking or dating service, freeze your membership. This will not be the best time to start swiping left or right on a dating app.

The upcoming Venus retrograde will be at 10 degrees of Scorpio.  History repeat’s itself.  Review what was going on in your life during the previous retrogrades periods that were close to the same position as follows: 10/1994-11/1994, 10/2002-11/2002, and 10/2010-11/2010.  There will be similarities where you review and revise what you find pleasurable and worth bonding onto. This is truly an art of reflection. Take a stroll down memory lane and write down what was going on in your life. If necessary, consult a calendar. You will see many similarities.

Once Venus turns direct on November 16th, Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks.  Though much of the Venus Retrograde influences will be clearing up, avoid contracts and new deals until after December 2. The coast will clear up once again.

Technically speaking, the full effect of a planet’s retrograde is wiped out after it reaches its shadow period. So on December 17th, the full impact of Venus Retrograde is gone. Sure, after December 2, the energies improve. One can carry out ne

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Black Cat Tarot

Tarot is the trip in which you end up precisely where you started, much like life. This concept is reinforced in the Black Cat’s Tarot, publicized by Lo Scarabeo and Maria Kuara as the artist. The cards are on rather traditional card stock and some of the images’ darker areas are lacking in visual detail. But the artwork is stunning. The card has a white cat portrayed as the Fool starting on an adventure.

Throughout the rest of the cards, including the suits, the cats are portrayed as black cats. The Sun card image brings the joyous image of its meaning in this deck wouldn’t be considered traditional Rider-Waite because several of the photos stray from the conventional. Most notable is the Hierophant card, which shows a black cat offering cheese to some white rats.

This is either transcendence of one’s nature to guide and lead or it is an image of how easily one can be deceived and put in danger by blindly following an ideal without questioning the motive behind it. Either bring a depth of meaning to the card that sets this deck apart from other Tarot decks. Another compelling image is the 7 of swords. Traditionally the 7 of swords are shown to be a person who appears to have obtained mastery through trickery or deceit. In the Black Cats Tarot, the image is of a cat using resources available to them to achieve a goal.

This adds an introduction to the achievement of a goal. Accomplishments are fulfilled by cleverness and ingenuity as well as or despite sneakiness or lies. Also, of note is the gender neutrality of the cat. There are no defining characteristics that would point to male or female, making this a perfect deck for remaining detached from usual stereotypes that can skew the reading. In the final card of Fool’s journey, the World shows a black cat shedding his skin to reveal the white cat from the Fool card underneath.

It is a beautiful way of showing that although one makes this journey and is undeniably changed by every person and experience along the way, that at the end they remain intact. This is an exciting deck of beauty and depth that should have a place in any Tarot enthusiast’s collection.

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