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Monthly Archives: May 2023

CONGRATS TO  Albert  ext 3030

60 global events & celebrity predictions accurately forecasted with precise timing in our newsletters.

Congratulations to our reader, Albert (ext 3030), who accurately predicted Trump’s verdict in our newsletter before it was officially announced—he has been found guilty.

As a kind reminder, this is not intended as political commentary. Instead, it showcases our readers’ talents in accurately predicting global events from a neutral perspective, demonstrating the effectiveness of forecasting. Be sure to check out some of our Trump archives.

With this prediction, Albert has now made his 60th accurate global prediction in our newsletter. It takes more than bravery to put one’s name on the line and make such bold forecasts publicly.

Question:  What is the most accurate prediction any reader has made for you? Would you like to have 60 predictions about you and your life were nailed accurately?

We don’t celebrate the manifestation of tragic events.  Rather, we celebrate our readers’ victory with precise forecasting and timing precision.    When was the last time you had this level of precision in your reading?  We can fix that!  🙂 

Below is a re-run of the newsletter. 

Trump – Uranus

Putin vs Weinstein

Times are looking a bit shaky for Donald Trump. Based on several progressions and transits, his legal woes could potentially result in a guilty verdict. Conflict and notoriety certainly lie ahead.

Some of his Saturn progressions indicate a serious and somber period, emphasizing the need for learning lessons and addressing karmic debt. With Saturn, you reap what you sow; actions have consequences.

Trump was born with Uranus on the Midheaven (MC), conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. This placement suggests a great deal of originality, unconventional approaches, revolutionary goals, independence, constant spotlight, and innovation in his career path.

The Midheaven in astrology represents career and public life, goals, reputation, authority, parental influence, and social contribution. Uranus is about breaking free and often involves divorce and separations.

Combining these meanings, it seems Trump may face an enforced type of surrender. His Uranus-Midheaven conjunction in Gemini signifies a predisposition toward change and innovation. However, the current transit of Uranus through Taurus is resistant to change, and such stubbornness can lead to trouble.

As Uranus continues moving through Taurus in June, it will square Trump’s Mars. This aspect can lead to aggression, violence, anger, disagreements, accidents, sudden shocks, restlessness, nervousness, and disruptions.

Additionally, I’ve noted that Trump has some health concerns that need attention. Neptune and Pluto have been in a sextile aspect for over 50 years. I recall a client in 1995 who had an exact Yod from these two planets to her Ascendant and was diagnosed with cancer. While I am not suggesting that Trump will be diagnosed with cancer, Pluto in the 6th house (health and daily routines) is a significant placement. This Yod in his chart is active this summer. Since Leo, which rules the heart, is the sign receiving the Yod, cardiovascular issues could be a prime concern.