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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Firdaria Periods of Johnny Depp

Firdaria sketches a summary of a person’s life. They associate distinct times with different planets that determine the theme for each term. All terms have sub-terms as well.  

The most crucial step is understanding to see the condition of that planet in the natal chart. Nonetheless of the type of Astrology used, the natal chart is always the most important. So studying the planets in signs, house position of the planet and the aspects between planets is crucial.  

The sequence for day charts (Sun above the horizon) is Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, North Node, South Node.

The sequence for night charts (Sun below the horizon) is Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, North Node, South Node, Sun, Venus, Mercury.

Each planet rules for a specific number of years. Sun 10 years Jupiter 12 years Venus 8 years Mars 7 years Mercury 13 years  North Node 3 years Moon 9 years South Node 2 years Saturn 11 years  

Each period then is divided into seven sub-terms.

When we are inspecting love, looking for the ruler of the natal 7th house activated in either a period or sub-term will show the type of love activity taking place during the specific window of time.  Next, we can look for the planet of love, Venus receiving an activation. When we are inspecting love, looking for the ruler of the natal 7th house activated in either a period or sub-tern will show the type of events in love taking place during the specific window of time.

In reviewing Johnny Depp’s Firdaria, we notice he has been on a Jupiter period since June 9, 2014. In January 2015, he married Amber Heard. He was in a double Jupiter period which indicates optimism, progress, expansion, and higher learning. This may seem good on paper.  However, it is vital to inspect how Jupiter is position in the natal chart. 

Depp’s Jupiter in the natal sign of Aries may rush into decisions quickly.  Act now, think later. The condition of natal Jupiter must be factored in.  The challenge is the Yod configuration requiring adjustments, changes, sacrifices, delays, and compromising in the direction of others’ will.  This can lead to several frustrations and stunted expansion.  

When Mars was activated under the sub-term within Jupiter, conflicts increased in his marriage with Heard.  Upsets, confrontation, violence, and frustrations were activated. This was also the period the divorce was filed.  When Jupiter and Mars are joined, there can be an increase of Mars activity.  On a positive note, it can lead to increased productivity and enthusiasm.  But the issue is that it can lead to increased violence, disagreements, impulsiveness, selfishness,etc.

Most secondary progressions last up to 2-3.5 years. Firdaria periods are longer. Though I would not prioritize Firdaria over progressions, I treat this as a post-it sticky to keep digging for clues. For example, I will look for progressions, directions, and transits to and from Jupiter.

 Currently, Depp has his progressed Sun to natal Jupiter. This is helpful and advantageous for growth, visibility, and popularity. I believe this trial will assist his career more than imaginable. Support from the public and authority figures is likely.

Next, we can inspect the sub-term of Mercury. The natal condition of Mercury receives a conjunction with Venus and a square to Saturn in the 7th house (relationships). Learning lessons in love pleasure, communication, mate selection process, needs, and desires, are all tested. Wisdom is acquired by Saturn as it brings learning lessons. This is a crucial period as transiting  Saturn is currently aspecting this configuration. 

There isn’t a time of birth for Heard. Interestingly, her Venus is also in the same position as Depp. Though this may sound like an awesome aspect, the issue is that Depp’s Venus has a square from Saturn.  This is great for the arts and difficult for relationships especially when Saturn is in the relationship section of the chart. This also means that Depp has a Saturn Venus difficult connection to Heard.

 I think Depp and Heard will eventually walk away equal on this.  Though I’m more inclined to say that at the tail end of this Depp may be a bit more ahead due to the Jupiter Fidaria period, this case may go on or an appeal may be filed and continue.

Though I would not advocate using Firdaria exclusively, I think it is an enriching tool that assists with details, time periods, and confirming themes from more modernized tools.

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Mercury Retrograde 5/10-6/3/22

Mercury Retrograde diverts retrograde on Monday, May 10, 2022. Since this retrograde starts in the sign of Gemini, anticipate numerous stories about a scenario. Communication gets lost in translation (literally and figuratively.) Triple-check all data. However, those that require language translation may need to slow down as information may be processed incorrectly.

 On a global level expect:

  1.  Possibility of cyber attacks, clever viruses, or a major electronic hacking scandal.
  2.  Issues with gasoline continue.
  3.  Phone carrier and ISP issues.
  4.  Issues and/or scandals with the post office and transportation carriers, 
  5.  Donald Trump emerges more in the news.

 Interacting with people personally and professionally who lack clarity is strongly themed. Some of these people can experience mental fatigue, addiction, and limitations in processing information.

On May 24, Mercury re-enters Taurus and remains there until June 15. Communication may become unstable, slow pace, and lack empathy. People will take additional time to process thoughts. The biggest challenge is around the end of the retrograde from Jun 2-June 9 as Mercury will be squaring Saturn. On the first day of this square Mercury is retrograde and then the following day, it turns direct. The results of a concealed investigation likely become public. Mercury Square Saturn is a classic combination for slowing communication. Equipment can break during this time, whereas on a retrograde Mercury it may go haywire. June 2 is a day to pay extra attention to avoiding any major technical experimentation. 

In general, it is best to reschedule important decisions for a later date. More importantly, pay extra attention to any information that is given to you as it may be an incomplete or unclear version.

Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to handle unfinished business. However, it is not recommended to start new projects. Contracts and agreements need to be carefully analyzed before signing. 

Under Mercury retrograde expect your electronic devices to crash. So making a backup is vital. Travel delays and traffic jams are normal.

 Below are some DO’s and DONT’s:


 1. Review all documents before signing carefully.

 2. Add tracking and insurance to important mail and/or packages as Mercury has rulership with the post office and other mail couriers.

 3. Give yourself extra time for appointments and travel. 

 4. Focus on the prefix, re: renew, review, revamp, redecorate, etc

 5. Reunions with old friends and loved ones go great however be prepared for delays.

 6. Expect to have contact with people from your past

 7. Run antivirus software on your computer and other electronic devices. 


 1. Make new purchases, especially car, technical equipment, telephone equipment, and/or electronic equipment.

2. Sign contracts or make an oral agreement without scrutiny. Wait until Mercury turns direct.

 3. Make long term commitments

 4. Turn in unchecked work.

 5. Make a mass mailing hit the post office. Save your stamp expense until Mercury goes direct. Though electronic mass mailings do not cost, it would be better if they can be postponed until Mercury turns direct.

 6) Make software updates.

 Finally, expect some funky turn-in events. Usually lost luggage is retrieved on a retrograde Mercury. I have heard stories of airlines suddenly delivering a suitcase many years later to the rightful owner. Retrieving items that were once lost is common. Also, expect certain gadgets to start working after they stopped.

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