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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Shopping Warning- Mercury Retrograde – Black Friday!

Mercury RX

The most major shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just near the corner. Yikes!!! Unfortunately, we are underneath a Mercury Retrograde until Dec 6th.

Under this period, shopping is not recommended. Mercury rules information. So purchasing items during this period may result in items that have been processed with glitches or damages.

Steer clear of purchasing any high ticket items, communication devices, and electronics. Regardless of how well priced, the item can be, you will find a much better deal after the retrograde.

Other Mercury issues that surface includes: sales representatives are giving the wrong information, parking problems, unclear thinking patterns, and ambivalence.

On the flip side, I lived across the street from a store that was closing. I timed precisely when to enter to have it favor me. It was their last day of staying in business. I entered the store 6 minutes before the time I calculated. Within the 6th minute, an announcement was made that everything has been marked 50% off. I smiled and purchased what I needed. The checkout line was out of control.

Therefore, a more favorable day to get better pricing deals will be on Dec 11-13th.

For merchants subjected to return’s, expect the lineup to be extremely long this year as items purchased on a Retrograde Mercury are usually returned. So for smaller shops, it is advisable to time-manage properly after the holidays are over. Merchants generated betters sales by placing items for sale during Dec 11-13th.

However, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shopping is not recommended.

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Debunking Psychic Myths# 5: Warning: Rev’s and Dr.’s

Reverend or octor

This may rattle a few feathers. I communicate from my opinion founded on years of background scrutinizing. For me, the word Reverend gives me the image of someone “holier-than-thou.” I can also define a Reverend as someone that may seem religious, devout, and righteous. The word Doctor may seem very therapeutic, medically oriented or Ph.D. programs.

When I see some Psychics use the titles of Dr. or Rev. before their name, I cringe. The reason for this is because most of the certifications that give those titles are easily purchased online. In 2011, journalist, Noah Rosenberg, for the New York Times exposed one such organization that defined themselves as an “online church.”

The customer of the “Reverend” or “Doctor” of Metaphysics certificate from an “online church” checked out via an online shopping cart. Surely that customer is using the services of a printer instead of an actual educational program. I won’t discredit any more educational severe programs. However, I have seen this from time to time, and my eyebrows rise because clients seeking a Psychic reading see this and are seduced into believing the Psychic has special or more advanced merit. That is my biggest concern with these titles.

To be a real church, it must have a congregation, a pastor, a place of worship. A real church and an” online church” use titles such as Reverend or Doctor. These titles give the impression that an individual achieved educational merit from a seminary or university. Instead, a piece of paper resembling a diploma was purchased from a website.

In conducting criminal background checks on applicants applying on our network, we noticed a Psychic applicant with the title “Reverend” had a criminal record for violating a restraining order. That was only 1 charge, and there were more charges too. That criminal record was anything but holy. The only sacred thing about it was my visceral response which “Holy Mackerel!

Surely, if a Psychic reader has special training that will be noted. Calling a person “Doctor” places that person on a pedestal. If you hear the term doctor, please make sure it’s an MD, DO, or Ph.D. doctor.

We had another psychic applicant years ago that used the title, “Dr” after his name. Sure enough, he spent time in prison and was on probation and wasn’t even a high school graduate.

These titles do not belong to Psychics. More importantly, they should not be used to determine if a Psychic is more skilled. On our network, we do not allow those titles because it gives this impression that one has spent time in a program above any other reader. It can be very misleading.

Sure, there are real programs out there for reverends of interfaith ministry. Indeed, they are more legitimate than purchasing on the online diploma. However, being a valid interfaith ministry has nothing to do with Psychic ability. Even in this scenario, we still won’t allow a Psychic call themselves Reverend. However, they are welcomed to share their educational and training achievements in a bio.

Unless I am walking into a church or speaking to a specialist in a direct capacity that involves their title, I will use it respectfully. Similarly, when a client is getting a psychic reading, they are looking for a Psychic, not a “Reverend” or “Doctor.”

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Psychic Myths #4 All Answers Available!

Psychic myths

Just like some are doctors who specialize in podiatry, different doctors specialize in cardiology. A Dentist would never comprehend anything about gynecology. Respectively, a gynecologist would not be able to treat a tooth cavity. The same applies to psychic readers To some, all readers should be capable to answer anything and everything at all moments!

Recently, I did a reading where the client expected me within the 4th minute of our reading to notice that she and her rekindled love interest had history from 20 years prior. In actuality, if it comes up, sure I will communicate it. My focus was on the present and the future.

All readers have specialties. Some will provide channeling, while others will use spirit guides. Then other readers can use crystals, Tarot Cards, scrying, etc. to help access more information for you. Some psychics specialize more with respects to your love life, and others will specialize more with respects to your career.

This too pertains to another myth that all readers can and should communicate with the dead! Psychic mediums can communicate with those that have crossed over. They may not be able to tell you what is ahead for you at your job or love life. At the same time, the reader that can accurately describe your forecast for love, career, finances, family etc.. may not be able to access those that have crossed over. This is fine. There is no requirement for a psychic to specialize in every tool.

Readers can look into your energy to see what you are feeling. Though a psychic may not tell you what you ate for dinner the previous night or your favorite movie, a psychic can get vibes on what course provides improvements for your situation. Some people that never had a psychic reading may believe that if the psychic truly has a gift, he/she will be able to answer anything, including what they are thinking. Instead the psychic will pick up on being tested or the person asking the question is a newbie. Though it’s not too informative or helpful in a reading, it is energy that is being accurately described.

All readers cannot possibly specialize in answering all types of questions. Granted, I believe that readers should be able to give a general reading. By a “basic” reading I’m referring to love, career, finances, and more.

Some specialized areas, such as missing people or missing objects, are not something every reader can do. This especially applies to my line of work. I am very upfront when I have received this type of question. At the same time, I have specialties that other readers don’t. Just like the Podiatrist specializes in taking care of your feet, he will not be able to do you justice for your dental cleaning. However, he is still a medical professional.

Some readers do great work with finding missing people, but they may or may not be able to forecast what will happen in your love life. This doesn’t make them any less than. The key to getting the reader you need is to understand what the reader specializes in and have the clarity to your questions.

All fields have specialists. The same would apply to hiring an attorney. If one needed to hire a lawyer that specializes in corporate taxes, going to a labor law attorney would not bear results. The same is applicable in readings.

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