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Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings

Psychic readings offer an array of tools to have your destiny interpreted.

Auragrams (drawing or images of auras) can be utilized to find places in an individual’s health, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, that need healing. The most useful way to begin accomplishing this is to have your issue stand against a wall, preferably off-white and softly lit. This will let you to see the colors in the aura, whereas a brightly lit white backdrop will make it nearly impossible.

Have a collection of colored pencils or crayons, and a piece of off white paper, or translucent vellum.  Draw an outline of the person’s figure.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a general shape so that you are able to place the colors you see.

Next, draw three concentric circles around the body.  The first will be the physical, the second will be the emotional and the outermost will be the spiritual.  Now, focus on the area closest to the person’s body.  What do you see?  Begin to color in any blocks of color you see.  If there are areas that are clouded or dark these are areas that may be in need of healing.

No Big Deal

Don’t make too big a deal out of it as people tend to be very sensitive about their health and what you’re seeing may not be serious.  Just note that it is an area that needs looking into.  This first layer will cover the body outline that you’ve drawn.  Start at the heart and work your way out.  You may notice that the charka areas (top of head, forehead, throat, solar plexus, navel area, womb, hands and feet, etc.) may each have their own separate colors.  They should, at the very least, be brighter than other areas, and I will speak more in my next article about the significance of this and how to interpret them.

Once you’ve shaded in the first circle, move on to the next.  This is the emotional health.  Focus on the area slightly outside the body of your subject.  What do you see? Are there any sparks, streaks, clouds or dark areas? Note all of these.

Do the same for the spiritual layer, starting about a foot from the body.  The extension of the spiritual layer depends on the person.  You will notice if someone feels uncomfortable that this layer will shrink considerably, however if they have unlimited personal space it will grow.  This is important to remember as we all need time to ourselves to allow our spirits to expand and rest.

Color this layer in the outermost circle.  Once you are finished, look it over.  Are there any predominant colors? Are there many areas that are dark or clouded? Note these off to the side of the image.


I will speak in my next article on how to interpret the colors you see, and how to begin healing any areas that are not congruent with the rest of the aura.  However just now that  psychic readings doesn’t need the advisor to use tools. All readers have different talents to offer.

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Psychics Vary in Development



Psychics readers develop their talents various ways.

For myself, I have found reflection, chakra alignment, crystals, operating with the Akashic Records, journaling, and learning with professional psychics to be the best means in expanding my intuition.

Meditation is vital because it will center you.  It will help you gain focus and more importantly help you access certain energy planes that are visible only to the mind’s eye.  As a form of decompressing, it is important to release blockages.  The art of concentration is experienced in a deep meditation.  Meditating on a daily basis surely helps grow that focus and train the mind.  To this day I use meditation to focus.  Though the amount of time I meditate has lessened greatly over the years, I always enjoy going back to basics.


A deeper meditation using the chakras helps open up the third eye.  It also helps in aligning all your energies together so you can be charged up. This in turn can be done with crystals.  There is a lot of information on crystals.  Ultimately finding one that works best for your meditation is vital.

Accessing the Akashic Records requires being centered.  Information perceived and digested into accurate received messages takes time one must learn to discern between actual messages versus the mind just rambling of its own accord.  This is where the bulk of training time takes place.

For this reason I recommend journaling. Keep a record of all messages, dates, and follow up information.  It helps to go back to previous notes.  Though you may not think it beneficial, making errors is important because this is where the growth process begins.

Trying to find a teacher can be tricky.  There’s a difference between finding a skilled practioner versus finding a practioner able to coherently teach the material so that it reaches the student.  Sometimes one has to go through different teachers to finally grasp a technique in a way that is right for you.  I have met psychics that have family members that influenced and mentored their gifts.  This can be positive, but it can also bring challenges.  I have always believed that one can’t ever be too perfect in a craft.  There is always room for growth.

Other forms of divination may pique your interest.  Scrying is one of my favorites. I like looking into a glass of water to help me read the energy.  Some psychics are able to pick up on symbols.  Others enjoy hearing and using their clairaudience.

Personally, I have developed my use of psychometry.  Just looking and/or holding an object has developed my psychic abilities over the years.


There are many wonderful tools available that act as a gateway to enriching and deepening one’s psychic ability.

Like all forms of art, there is no hard and fast rule.  There are many different approaches to psychic development.  I do believe that consistency, time, concentration, and dedication will bear results.

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Psychic Tools- No hard and fast rules.

Psychic Tools
Psychic Tools


Psychic readers have various tools and sometimes they don’t.  Every reader has his or her own gift.  Psychics may use the Askashic Records, spirit guides, channeling, crystals, clairaudience, psychometry, scrying, crystallomancy, and many other tools as well.

Each occasion calls for a separate tool. Like a mechanic, the instruments required for fixing a Toyota may be much different than those used for a Volvo. The type of reading being given, the atmosphere at the time, the client and his or her place (in person, by telephone, etc.), and the kind of energy engaged in the reading all influence the accuracy of the reading. Depending on what the querent needs, scrying may not be as fitting as a Tarot card reading. This is exactly why having a toolbox is important.

Many years ago I used to do readings at parties.  Usually these parties would have a number of people wanting to be read.  Entering into a deep trance in this atmosphere is difficult for some readers.  The noise, dim lighting, and large amount of people is simply not a practical or productive atmosphere for readings.  This is where basic scrying or Tarot cards is better for me.  Another psychic may use different tools in the same circumstances.

Ive had circumstances where, during a telephone reading, the client’s spirit guides were so clear that I didn’t need any other tool.


Some clients may be easier to read than others.  Some cases, if I feel that I need more detail or confirmation on a piece of information received, then an additional reading method is very helpful.  With some clients I rely on only clairaudience, yet for other clients I prefer a more visual approach, so I will use channeling or scrying.

It can be beneficial to use different methods on returning clients, as one type of reading may resonate better than another, allowing additional information to be gained.  In the case of missing people, psychometry may be the best tool to use to gain additional information.

I also believe the psychic can tell what tool would be best on a specific client in order to gain the most information.  Some clients believe they should dictate the type of reading they want.  However, I believe that the psychic knows best, based on their connection to the client and their own experiences.

All tools have their limits.  For this reason having more tools helps the psychic develop a well-rounded foundation.  There are times when just the day itself can have its own energy.  Perhaps the psychic channeled a lot within the day and a different tool can be used to refresh the psychic.  There are some psychics that can only channel during certain hours of the day.


I’ve seen so many variations.  Psychic readers are like artists.  They have their own form that makes them unique.  At the same time each reading is unique.  There is so much to psychic phenomena.  Sure there is a structure to each tool.  I believe that knowing the structure for each tool is important.  Yet relying on your intuition to know how to treat each reading is the biggest asset for transforming a reading from good to great.

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Psychic Kirlian Photography

Psychic Aura
Psychic Aura

Psychic  advisors read auras too.

A tool used by psychic readers is the the Kirilan photograph.

Around everyone’s body there is an aura. Psychic readers can decode an aura without the use of Kirlian photography. Others enjoy using Kirlian cameras that carries snapshots of the aura with quite a degree of accuracy. There is no right or incorrect way of reading an aura. Nevertheless, including an alternative way of accomplishing so is always useful.

Kirlian imaging, named after Semyon Kirlian, was accidentally discovered in 1937.  To take a Kirlian image, a person is placed on a photographic plate which is electrically away from certain electrodes.  Then another electrode is connected to the person.  An image is burned onto a photographic plate.  Kirlian called the captured image the “life energy” of the object, also known as the aura.  Scientists label this effect a corona discharge.  Anything can be photographed—from an inanimate object to any living species.  Even a location has energy and thus an aura.  If you are looking at a piece of property, this is another way to analyze the energies surrounding the place.

Kirlian photography, both the techniques and equipment, have gone through many development stages and upgrades over the years.  The AuraCam 6000 produces colored pictures showing the person superimposed with brightly colored clouds of light around them. To be photographed by an AuraCam picture, the person sits and rests their hands on a galvanometer, and an electromagnetic image results that includes the aura.

A camera?

The colors and textures in the Kirlian image or aura is interpreted by a specialist such as a psychic, spiritualist or aura reader.  This can give information about the subject’s emotional, spiritual, and physical health.  Mr. Kirlian believed that these images could predict physical and emotional health and would enable easier diagnosis of possible illness.

When it comes to using any tool to forecast the future, caution is needed.  Surely Kirlian photography can aid in getting more details about a subject.  However, as a standalone technique I would never recommend it because there is limited research in the area of Kirlian photography divination.  For example, if a person was diagnosed with a specific health ailment, one cannot go back and photograph the person. It would be too late.  However, one can photograph the person and review the aura and start a file, taking a photo at regular intervals to see if there are any changes in the aura.  This type of research would need to be conducted with a number of people over a fairly long span of time to achieve reliable results.

In my person opinion, I believe Kirlian photography is a brilliant tool that can be included in a person’s reading, but relying on just the Kirlian image would be of limited use.  I do like the idea of a person being able to take an image of an aura for a reading, as it helps the psychic give the client more details that may be relevant to their current situation.

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Psychic Psychometry Information


Psychic advisors have many different styles. Psychometry is just one of many styles.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, psychometry is the clairvoyance of an object or its manager as a consequence of feeling or harboring the object, this is very comparable to the meaning of psychic.

Essentially, it is a psychic ability wherein the psychic can sense or “examine” the history of an object by touching it.  These kinds of impressions are usually perceived as images, sounds, smells, tastes, and even feelings.

Psychometry can be a type of scrying.  It is a psychic means of “seeing” anything that is not ordinarily visible. Some people can scry employing a crystal ball, black glass, the floor or even water.  With psychometry, this extraordinary vision is available as a result of contact with a specific object.

A person with psychometric qualities is called a psychometrist.  They can hold an antique glove and have the ability to notice something concerning the history of that glove, the individual who owned it, and activities that were experienced by the wearer of the glove.

The psychic is capable of sensing what the person was like, what they did, and how they lived. Most importantly, the psychic can sense how the person felt at a specific time, particularly when the object was in use. Emotions appear to be the most strongly “recorded message” in the object.

The psychic might not have the opportunity to accomplish this with all objects in all situations.  However, with all psychic qualities accuracy can range widely from different times and objects.

Psychic Sensations?

Area Psychometry is much like feelings of déjà vu.  It is the sensation of doing or knowing something about an area just before you actual do or know.  If it involves an area unknown to the psychic, it can be likened to dowsing and divining.

Events are traceable especially in their psychological, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual makeup.  They imprint themselves on an area where they took place.  Psychometry is very popular with missing persons’ cases.  Sometimes a piece of clothing or a favored object of the person is handed to the psychic.  All five senses are employed, as well as the psychic’s 6th sense.  Perhaps the scent left behind is very strong.  Sniffing dogs used by the police department are usually the best psychometrists.

Individual psychometry is utilized by everybody. How do we analyze the mood of a person without speaking to them? When we meet another person for the first time are we instantly attracted or repelled?  We may not know why these impressions come about, but they typically register quite strongly. This is an unconscious use of psychometry in both psychics and non-psychics.

What is it exactly?

If you have ever walked into another person’s home, sometimes you can pick up “vibes” about the person.  This is employment of energetic vibrations and is considered a form of psychometry.

Psychometry is actually a psychic ability that enables a person to select up details from an inanimate object. Individuals accomplishing psychometry readings can accurately describe another person’s characteristics, actual appearance or issues which have transpired to them just by keeping something along the strains of the effectively-worn enjoy or favorite jewelry of theirs.

Psychometry is achievable since almost everything inside the universe is composed of atoms that don’t stay placed. Just about every single particle inside the universe is consistently around the run. It may well sound very new age nevertheless it’s really a scientific observation to say which the vitality in anything at all is consistently mingling with almost everything else. That means that if you put on one thing each day, it turns into infused with you and explains why you would possibly find keeping a thing worn by a liked one close once they’re apart so comforting! It’s that infusion of an individual into a properly employed or worn item that could well be soaked up by a reader for the duration of a psychometry browsing.

Anything used by a Psychic ?

Any object might be used in psychometry but you’ll most generally see men and women studying from extremely particular objects of jewelry. These grow to be infused with a great deal of strength simply because they tend for being worn a great deal. Stones with rings are also actually beneficial to use mainly because the stones amplify the energetic signals – specifically crystals. Interestingly, several watches are kept precise by crystal engineering, generating quartz crystal watches good for psychometry.

When deciding on an object for psychometry, it’s crucial to decide on something according to wear or use as opposed to actual ownership as the notion of belonging is surely an idea of ours that isn’t recognized by atom alternate. That’s why it’s also best to totally cleanse the energetic slate of something you are feeling wants refreshing for any explanation or that may be moment hand to take away any unwanted vitality. You can do that both by washing it in salt normal water bath or, if that’s impractical, leaving it where it could be uncovered to moonlight.

Like any other psychic ability, psychometry could be formulated. If you’re undertaking a reading, hold the object inside your still left hand and see what impressions you may decide up. You might get phrases, names, photos, sensations or colors. Creating an extensive symbolic vocabulary may be seriously useful.


When you start out, it is possible to begin by functioning with a thing which you own and retain a diary within your impressions and that which you observe about your corresponding psychological states ahead of you begin practicing on other folks. If you’re sensation much more assured, you are able to throw a psychometry get together wherever you get together with a few buddies and every single convey an object belonging to someone else. Swap objects and see how several pieces of exact information every man or woman can jot down.

The most significant thing to know about psychometry is usually that since it’s primarily dependent on an alternate of facts. That exchange is two way and is often utilized with your benefit. It implies that it is possible to choose something of the unique, cleanse it after which, holding it in your own suitable hand, operate with any affirmations, cosmic orders or manifestation visualizations that you are using. This may charge the object up with whatever it can be you most would like to attract into your everyday life!

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Psychic Website Throwback! LOL!!

Psychic Site - Absolutey Psychic
Website  Site 2012

Psychic Site in 2005
Website  2005

Psychic Website 2003
Website 2003

Psychic Website 2001
Website 2001

Psychic website trip down memory lane for sure! Looking back over the years at all the re-designs the Absolutely Psychic Network’s website has experienced is like going through a high school yearbook and finding big hair, mullets, and shoulder pads! Sure, we flinch, chuckle, and grin.

There’s a myriad of thoughts that go through our minds.  “What we’re we thinking!” “Did we look like that!”  “Yikes!”  Then we sit back and take a breathe and feel the joy and gratitude from all the growth.

We have come a long way.  Originally Absolutely Psychic was just a dot com psychic website.  Things changed once we launched the telephone division close to a year and a half after launch.  We knew instantly the Psychic Telephone Readings would always be the center of the industry.  Why?  Because that was in its roots.  Chat readings were trendy.  Mostly chatroom readings have faded.    Now there are applets for chat readings.  The centerpiece for Psychic Readings is always on the phone.

Chat /text readings have a place and have many excellent advantages.  The downfall is the other technology that needs to be understood by both ends (the Psychic and the client.)  Also, if other pieces of technology interfere in connectivity, it can result in a time lag.  On a realistic note, it takes less time to speak a sentence than type it out.  For this reason, we have always been more pro-telephone readings.

Unlike our network, many psychic websites that focus on just chat readings do not even test their psychics.  The challenge is that anyone can hide behind a computer and not be that great. Get them on the phone, and you can instantly tell if they are an excellent psychic or not.  Behind a computer screen lies another life which is a mystery.  On the phone, however, that is much harder to conceal.

Our phone network in itself has been thru more upgrades, enhancements than we could ever list — more than the website. The phone network is a stand-alone system, as no website was ever needed.

We are coming up on our 16th anniversary in a few weeks and will be rolling out a few more enhancements.

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