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Congratulations ! Accurately Predicted TIMING Harvey Weinstein Indictment!

We congratulate our reader Albert, extension 3030.  He accurately predicted in our newsletter Harvey Weinstein would be face criminal charges during the later part of May 2018.  Well — it happened!!

Per the last paragraph, in  Harvey Weinstein Part 4 Forecasting Munich Rhythms Astrology located at: ,  Albert stated  <<..the follow periods will have development in legal action. Surely this can go to trial and he does have a strong likelihood to be imprisonment. These periods are: December 3 – December 31, 2017, April 1, 2018-May 15, 2018, and December 2-December 31, 2018.>>

Even more impressively, Albert rectified Weinstein’s astrological chart with very little information.  The art of rectification is done for an unknown  birth time.  Basically the Astrologer collects information on the major events in a person’s life (marriage, divorce, career change, children, etc..) and then mathematically calculates the possible cycles that could have been around.  So it shows that even Weinstein’s chart was accurately rectified.

The time of birth is super important for precise TIMING of when events unfold in the Astrology Chart.  It is laborious process that takes precision, experience, and knowledge.

For many of you that have witnessed Albert’s work over the years, he also accurately predicted the downfall of disgraced former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (crack cocaine Mayor scandal.)  Albert then also forecasted the deteriorating health of Ford that could lead to possible death.  Rob Ford passed away in the Spring.

There will be a follow up article on this soon, a part 5.  Be sure to review these articles:

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