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Harvey Weinstein Astrology Rectification

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein Astrology Chart
Harvey Weinstein Picture
Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein‘s  chart has been rectified.  In astrology the time of birth is needed for timing purposes.  For every 4 minutes the birth time is off, the timing can be off up to a year.  So when there is no time of birth available, we can throw in a couple of major life events such as a move, career changes, marriage, divorce, legal matters etc.  This mathematical process is called rectification.  This rectification process can take a few hours. It is certainly not a service performed as on demand service.

Once the chart has been rectified, we need to look at the personality traits described in that chart to see if it makes sense.  The planetary combinations must certify personality and lifestyle. This is an important process in efforts to forecast accurately with precise timing.

Currently in the news, embroiled producer Harvey Weinstein has faced several sexual abuse allegations. However when we look at the major events surrounding these allegations, there are events that need to be factored in:  divorce, career destruction.

For example, on the internet we can search for Harvey Weinstein’s birth information.  The only thing information we have at our disposal is a date of birth of March 19, 1952 in Flushing, NY.

Applying astrology, we need to see what would create a major upheaval. Very simple, the planet Uranus is known for shake ups, divorce, thrown down from power, scandal, etc..

So when placing a divorce cycle, I would place that transiting Uranus in the 7th house in a square aspect to the Midheaven.  That would represent the current cycles.  When we do this, the time of birth we calculate is 7:56pm.

Now when looking at the rectified chart, all the sexual energy is defined by 2 things: Pluto on the Midheaven square Mars in Scorpio.  All 3 sexual positions: Scorpio, Pluto, Mars.  However the theme there is far deeper than just sexual hormones.  Rather these aspects stem from a deep sense of power fetishes fantasies.  Pluto is skin deep and goes to a place many people wouldn’t dare.

Also, we have to look at the other aspects involved:  Mars has some serious harsh aspects to Jupiter and Mercury.  The issue with this is that a person may sexualize stress by taking “sexual holidays” in efforts to escape stress, anger, upset, etc.. At the same time, the type of aspect involved, the quincunx/inconjunct, can lead to rejection.  So for Harvey, the thrill is more about the conquest instead of the actual act.

An important piece of evidence of this birth time being Harvey’s is his millionaire status.  We need to look for obvious things when looking at the rectified position.  The Pluto on the Midheaven can bring a person into major power in his life time.  The Mars in the 2nd house will also energize the person’s money.  The aspects Pluto makes to Jupiter and  Mercury certainly indicate millionaire status.  Furthermore, the Jupiter combination to Neptune often leads to fortunes.

The last piece of information that convinces me this an accurate chart is the Neptune/Jupiter combination aspecting the Ascendant/Descendant axis as that would describe famous artists the person would be contact.   Therefore, I am convinced Harvey Weinstein’s time of birth is 7:56pm. 

Another astrological spark one can add to the chart once it’s been rectified is to plug in a spouses birth planets around the natal chart to see if it makes any contact.  Sure enough, there is a contact from the soon to be ex wife to Harvey’s chart.  Her moon lands on Harvey’s Ascendant.  This means she can be very supportive of Harvey.  Furthermore it will be r very public relationship.

Surely if the individual relocated from the birth place one can relocate the chart as well to the new location.  Harvey was born in New York and his primary home is in Los Angeles That brings additional details.

Finally, in terms of forecasting, there are quite a few legal matters and criminal charges Harvey will be facing.  This scandal is only beginning.  A lot more details will be surfacing in the next 2 months.

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