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Harvey Weinstein Power Fetish

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

In the rectified Chart for Harvey Weinstein, Libra is the rising sign.  The 7th house describes how we approach relationships.  So with Aries on the 7th house cusp, Harvey approaches relationships in typical Aries fashion:  fast, fiery, assertively, courageously, boldly, pushy, impulsively, and impatiently.

With all house cusps we need to look for the ruler of the house and aspects to that house.  Also we need to view planets contained in that house.

The location of the ruler of the 7th house falls in the birth chart provides more details as to how relationships are pursued.  However they are also indicators as to the type of mate one is attracted to.

With Harvey’s 7th house ruler, Mars, in his 2nd house, there is a sense of moral values, tangible possessions, a sense of belonging, stability, and self-worth are at the forefront.  Often the partner may be linked into some type of a financial arrangement.  Harvey’s Mars is in is Scorpio which means he will also be sexual, intense, emotional.  There could be manipulation, and control themes at hand too. This is a true indication of domination such as master versus slave.

Now the average eye, would easily miss an aspect Harvey wasn’t born with but rather acquired at the age of 5.  That was when Mars went retrograde in his progressed chart.  That is a major impact as that energy was dominant in his formative years and is lasting till age 81 as Mars is retrograde for about 76 days.  In astrology we use a day-for-a-year progressions whereby each day after the native was born equals the year at hand.  For example, age 2 would be the planets 2 days after the individual was born.  Those planets are compared to see what new changes formed in the chart.  In this case, Mars went retrograde 5 days after Harvey was born, March 19, 1952.

Mars retrograde can be very competitive, argumentative, withholding and secretive.  Secrets are often more of an issue when the sign is in Scorpio.  Typically a Mars retrograde for a man can lead to a struggle with the way they express his masculinity.  Early on there could have been discomfort around competition.  Later in life the will force asserts itself either too aggressive or extremely passive.  This retrograde continues in Harvey’s chart till the year 2033.

Also, when the ruler of the 7th house is retrograde, typically the individual never tells it all to partners.  Secrecy is involved.  Surely this is accentuated even more with Mars in Scorpio, retrograde via progression and square to Pluto.

Harvey’s Mars square to Pluto in his chart can lead to power struggles and abusive acts.  Yet there is something typically more held behind this combination.  It also carries itself in the form of fetishes.  According to Miriam Webster, a fetish is an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

It seems like most of Harvey’s sexual behavior may have a root in power fetishes in order to feel valued or sexually satisfied.  With too so many Pluto themes, forbidden taboos, role playing, costumes, and delving into areas that most in society would find appropriate is what Harvey is attracted to.   To be continued.


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