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Harvey Weinstein Astrology Continued Part 3

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

Harvey Weinstein  astrology chart continues to be analzyed.  If you havent read part 1 or  part 2, please be sure to do so.

We need to inspect Jupiter in the 7th house.  With the aforementioned combination, Harvey was “lucky” to get away with many acts for many years.  Jupiter can be very protective and supportive.  Hence, people covered up for him all this time. Typically we have Jupiter in the chart typically represents where may find a bit of luck.  Harvey’s luck carried itself by support from others.  Many feared him because of his power.

Surely we can continue with looking at the aspect to Jupiter such as the opposition to Neptune.  Not only does that mean more illusion and fantasy, however I would also state that for Harvey his entire fetish is a fantasy in order to escape reality even it doesn’t factor in the impact it has on others.  That is very typical of Aries as it will focus on itself first.  So his needs, desires, etc. would be more important to him.

In the news, it stated he was receiving help of sexual addiction.  In my humble opinion, I believe there are deeper issues at hand.  If there were a treatment plan for “fetish addiction” I would state that would be his first order of recovery. Surely this chart does show other addiction(s) could be at work too such as alcohol and substance abuse.  Yet I won’ discard sexual addiction.

Another factor in the Harvey Weinstein astrology chart that must be factored is his Moon sign, location, and it’s aspects.  Harvey’s moon in Capricorn.  That is the most complicated location for the Moon because the Moon in Capricorn is in detriment.  Simply, nurturing isn’t the forte of this Moon.  Often an individual grew up where there may not have been nurturance or support.  The mother is representative as either aloof or cold.  In turn the native with this placement may show harsh emotions either by demonstrating shaming criticism and / or coldness.

Moon in Capricorn is very ambitious and may look at relationships as a business transactions.  Now the biggest problem this Moon faces in his chart is the exact square the Moon makes to Saturn especially since the Moon is in Capricorn square its own ruler.  This again doubles the Capricorn qualities.  Since Saturn is in Libra, partnerships are accentuated even more.  The emotional nurturance and healthy communication of feelings may not be Harvey’s forte.  Moon Square Saturn can be super sharp for business.

Surely with Astrology we can define Venus in the chart by the sign it’s in.  However it will not illustrate the entire picture.  Harvey’s Venus is in Pisces.  That will give him themes around extreme fantasy, sacrifices, addiction.  Since Venus rules his rising sign and his 8th house (house of sexuality, joint finances, and support given) there is a strong level charm that is operating.  In fact, this type of charm can be very strong for a charismatic quality.  When planets are operating in their home or exalted zodiac signs such as this Venus, it makes the specific are of the individuals life mold easier.  This Venus too has received a strong amount of aspects via secondary progression as it had contact with retrograde Mars trining it for several years, That will increase a person’s libido even more.

After reviewing the above aspects, my biggest concern is rash decisions made for either superficial reasons or reasons that were disconnected.  This is especially applicable towards choosing marital partners and behaviors that carry out extreme.  It seems that Harvey has a desperate need to escape and whichever instrument is at his disposal he uses it to get a “fix.”  The level of sacrifice tha tis needed for Harvey was not being able to obtain fulfillment from his fantasy from his partner and seeking it elsewhere. Perhaps the partner may have found it humiliating or Harvey felt the need to keep it a secret so that he can have 2 agendas : overt agenda and covert agenda.  After all, Pisces has duality.

Finally, in Harvey Weinstein’s astrology  chart it shows that in late November and all of December are shaky months of Harvey as transiting Saturn will square his Sun.  That is a concerning period as legal matters could lead to confinement (prison).  It wouldn’t be surprising criminal proceedings reach an important turning point during this time period.  However even more concerning is the transiting Pluto squaring is Mercury and then forming a square to his Jupiter.  Hence, heavy duty legal drama will become front and center in his life.  In fact, with Pluto, often past behaviors and secrets come to the surface.

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