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Various Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

The world today is flooded with Tarot deck options, from the classic 78 card Rider-Waite, to the trendy Oracle Decks with no set number of cards. So many options can blur the waters, making it challenging to determine which ones will be useful to the reader.

Tarot cards themselves are only a tool.  The cards allow a reader to communicate with spirit via the subconscious mind, which speaks only in symbols.  The symbols appear in the cards which are then translated to the reader using psychic abilities.  Readings are enhanced by clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities.

We can think of each deck as a different language.  Many are derivative of older versions, only giving new flare, while others are totally unique.  The best path is to become completely familiar with one first, becoming fluent in the language of symbolism and interpretations of each card in the deck.  Think of this as a native language, as it will always be what is most comfortable and familiar.  It can be beneficial and mind opening to learn new languages.

However, the completely derivative decks are not really helpful for a new point of view.   A reader may prefer the new look, but most of the modern decks are based upon the Rider-Waite deck, created in 1909.  One deck that does stand out is the Thoth Deck, published in 1944, commissioned by Aleister Crowley.  Very few deck creators stray from these two decks as inspiration.  Most of them are artists looking for a drawing project, which can be pretty, but does anyone really need the Hello Kitty Tarot? (and yes, it exists)

The new trends in tarot are the oracle cards and angel decks.  These decks are usually created with a specific purpose or theme in mind.  The number of cards and artistic style is completely open.  The tradition is actually quite old, with decks of cards with images and prompt words.  These decks can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional decks.  The additional insight can enhance the reading, giving an accent to the language.

The amount of cards on the market has surged due to increased interest in the Tarot, and many more decks are on the way.  It is a huge undertaking to draw so many cards within the same theme, and at the same time thinking how they work as a whole.  It is the symbolism within the cards that is most important, so a reader can use decks that “speak” to them.

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