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Black Cat Tarot

Tarot is the journey in which you end up exactly where you started much like life. This concept is reinforced in the Black Cat’s Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo and with Maria Kuara as the artist. From the moment you strut off on your grand adventure until the culmination of all your hopes and dreams in the realization that you are exactly who you always were and that is more than enough, this deck makes the adventure about the journey and not the destination. The cards are on fairly standard card stock and some of the images’ darker areas are lacking in visible detail. But the artwork is breathtaking. The card has a white cat portrayed as the Fool starting off on an adventure.

Throughout the rest of the cards, including the suits, the cats are portrayed as black cats. The Sun card image brings the joyous image of it’s meaning in the this deck wouldn’t be considered traditional Rider-Waite because several of the images stray from the traditional. Most notably is the Hierophant card which shows a black cat offering cheese to some white rats.
This is either transcendence of one’s own nature in order to guide and lead or it is image of how easily one can be deceived and put in danger by blindly following an ideal without questioning the motive behind it. Either bring a depth of meaning to the card that sets this deck apart from other Tarot decks. Another compelling image is the 7 of swords. Traditionally the 7 of swords is shown to be a person who appears to have obtained mastery through trickery or deceit. In the Black Cats Tarot, the image is of a cat using resources available to them to achieve a goal.

This adds introduces the more positive outlook that achievement of a goal can also be accomplished by cleverness and ingenuity as well as or in spite of sneakiness or lies. Also, of note is the gender neutrality of the cat. There are no defining characteristics that would point to male or female making this a perfect deck for remaining detached from normal stereotypes which can skew the reading. In the final card of the Fool’s journey, the World shows a black cat shedding his skin to reveal the white cat from the Fool card underneath.
It is a beautiful way of showing that although one makes this journey and is undeniably changed by every person and experience along the way, that in the end who they are remains intact. This is an interesting deck of beauty and depth that should have a place in any Tarot enthusiast’s collection.

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