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Debunking Tarot Myths

Tarot Myths

Have you been considering purchasing a tarot deck lately? This superstition might just hold you back! While there are many myths concerning tarot cards, there are several superstitions as well. One such superstition is that purchasing a deck for yourself will lead to bad luck and can adversely affect your readings. It’s often said that buying a tarot deck that you’ll use for yourself can cast a black cloud over your readings and affect your ability to unlock your full potential. Some of the most powerful psychics out there will swear that a tarot deck should be bought for you, given, and even in worst-case scenarios, STOLEN! 

Anyone who’s spent a long time reading the cards is going to tell you that a tarot deck is an intensely personal tool, by receiving a deck from someone you care about, the deck becomes even more important to you because it was a gift. Some people believe that this is added personal value can not only enhance your connection to the cards but can augment the readings you get out of it. If you find that you usually attach sentiment value to belongings you received as gifts, it may work best for you if you do receive a tarot deck as a gift, rather than buying it for yourself.

Try as I might I haven’t been able to track down the origin of the idea that it’s improper or inauspicious to buy your tarot deck. In my family, this is one of our customs. To wait to be given a deck for card reading exemplifies patience, humility, and a true calling while buying one for yourself signifies vanity. While I don’t recommend anyone doing what I did, I had stolen my first deck as a child at the age of 10, due to hearing this myth. I was a very impatient child, I just couldn’t wait to begin readings, I knew my calling. 12 years later I am still using this same deck today with each one of my readings.

All in all, is this myth true? Most readers nowadays consider this to be nothing more than a myth and think nothing of it when buying a deck for themselves. I have not heard any horror stories yet, but I won’t be the one to give this myth a try either! However, with many things in the spiritual realm, this topic is very subjective. Some close reader friends of mine are highly gifted and connected to their cards while they were purchased by themselves, while my other friends believe that receiving a pack of tarot cards as a gift automatically blesses you with good luck. They feel it adds an extra element of magic and fascination to what is already an enchanting process. As with any superstition, there’s no way to tell if this one is true or not aside from buying yourself a deck and seeing what happens, only if you’re brave that is!
Let’s see what the cards has in store for you.

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