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Numerology: Born on the 29th


Numerology: Granted you are an 11 which is a Superior number. As that you are separate from the ordinary 2. This number harnesses multiple layers from many numbers. Other peoples rules may not be yours, but you need a foundation to be of good essence and strength. You have weighted responsibilities and well as added possibilities. An 11 brings deep talent, extraordinary insight and huge personal stamina. Unlike the 2 you love reaching the community or world at large.

 You would excel in a profession that helps those less fortunate than yourself, combats poverty, and defends the rights of others.  Global outreach is a very pivotal focal point in your life.  Activism, politics, and law are great professions for you.

Your Traits:

  • Group oriented
  • Team player
  • Activist
  • Cultured
  • Sensitive
  • High standard of goals

Your Strengths

You tend to inspire people to move in a specific direction, or adopt new methods of living. Your presence is galvanizing. You have a good deal of leadership ability as well. But your life stands more as an example for others, rather than for sustained or orderly leadership. You prefer to let people take up their own struggles once you have helped point the way, rather than be directly involved in the day-to-day activities of leadership. You have a great deal of determination.

 Your talents can help make fundraisers a success.  The ability to persuade others and get them to see the betterment of mankind is natural to you.

Your Challenges

You are highly sensitive, emotional and reactive. You bruise easily from the criticism of others, and can take some time recovering from such slights. You can be very inspiring. You possess the qualities of a visionary and are often able to excite others with your ideas for a better world. Your intuition and sensitivity lead you inevitably toward philosophical and idealistic pursuits.

At times you can easily lose yourself by getting involved in a cause outside of yourself.  It is important to think of yourself from time to time.  Also it is important that once you give, you let go and not expect anything in return.  This will help you come from a place where you give unconditionally. 

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