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Caution On Venus

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During this time, you may need to review the basis of your happiness. It can be a course where you will take measures to recover or reinforce it. You can usually come to terms with its lack through situations that can make it very obvious where life lacks the gratification desired. Choices made may require obligations. During this period, relationships may tend to dry up. You will need to be aware of relationship problems and find a pro-active way of working matters out.

Venus is about to turn retrograde on the 4th of March.  Currently, Venus is traveling at a slower speed;  so it eventually comes to a halt and shifts into retrograde motion. It remains retrograde until April 16.

Financial responsibilities can emerge.   It is a time of monetary contraction, so plan accordingly. Agreements need to be examined thoroughly.

On a positive note, the week can have a substantial artistic endeavor for those in the creative and performing arts as Saturn can structure and form the artistry in Venus.

It is advised not to start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time because you might end up paying more than bargained.  In your horoscope, the planet Venus rules beauty, art, social relationships, partnerships, romance, love, values, money, and financial security.  In the case of Venus retrograde, slow down and reassess what and who you value and why.

Venus retrograde has advantages.  Typically it is a period where you can get an excellent deal on antiques, second-hand goods, and flea market/thrift store items.  I have observed some individuals born under a Venus retrograde that are collectors of such things.  Some of them own these types of outlets.  Though a good deal can be obtained, I would encourage placing a price cap on items you are willing to purchase before the retrograde.

During Venus Retrograde we might feel like retreating from socializing or forming a relationship.  It is a valuable time to go inward to reflect and revise our loving nature.  We may review our past needs, desires, tastes, and pursuit of relationships.

Sometimes unresolved issues in a relationship can be magnified.  It is not time to make a decision.  However, it is an ideal time to analyze your thoughts and slowly make the necessary modifications.

On a lighter note, it is not the time to “beautify” yourself.  Venus rules beauty and esthetics. During the retrograde, there is a lack of clarity around your efforts.  Therefore, the retrograde period is not an ideal time to change your appearance.  So, don’t begin any procedures or surgeries to enhance your beauty, such as plastic surgery. This is the wrong time to change your hairstyle, hair color, do a makeover, or purchase a new wardrobe because you may not like the results after the retrograde is complete.   A client of mine went in for a nasal procedure under a retrograde period.  Though the results were “ok” as she put it, she felt the doctor was too minimal and wanted more results.  So we went in for a 2nd time at the same procedure with a different doctor is got what she wanted.

In essence, any new major venture started on a retrograde Venus will require re-doing them afterward.  In part 2, we will go into more detail.

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