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Venus Retrograde through the houses

Venus is about to turn retrograde on 7/22/23. The houses in astrology represent different areas of life.  Depending on where Venus retrograde is transiting through your chart, determines the area of life that brings a re-evaluation of love, affection, pleasure, warmth, appreciation, beauty, money, art, and desire.  These do not have to be romantic or sexual.  

This upcoming Venus retrograde will have similar tones to the Venus retrograde during the summer of 2015 and 2007 as it is in the same position.  Take into account what was happening for you during those periods.  For example, I know someone that had Venus retrograde through her 4th house.  It was during that time that she developed dissatisfaction with the building she moved months prior.  She felt the financial value of what she was paying didn’t match the quality.  She moved again 6 months later.  

During this retrograde, it may bring people or news about people from the past.  More specifically, the type of people it may draw would be based on the themes of the house Venus makes her transit. 

The entire chart needs evaluation considering the natal position of Venus.  Therefore, below is a general bumper sticker interpretation.  

1st House: A focus on self-image, personal style, and self-expression. It may be a time when you reevaluate your appearance, identity, and how you present yourself to others.  Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Relationship to yourself.  This is the time to evaluate how well you take care of yourself and how you define self-love.

2nd House: This placement may bring a reassessment of your values, financial matters, and material possessions. It can be a time to reflect on your relationship with money and how you derive pleasure and security from material things.  Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Your self-worth, security, belongings, your banking institution.

3rd House: Venus retrograde in the 3rd house may affect communication, relationships with siblings or neighbors, and short trips. It could be a period when you revisit conversations, clarify misunderstandings, or reconsider your relationships with close acquaintances. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Relationship with siblings, neighbors, and community members.

4th House: With Venus retrograde in the 4th house, there may be a need to reevaluate your family dynamics, home environment, and sense of emotional security. You might find yourself revisiting past family issues or reflecting on your definition of home and comfort. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  The nurturing parent, ancestors, home, and country. 

5th House: This placement may influence matters of romance, creativity, and self-expression. It could be a time to reconsider your approach to love, artistic projects, or hobbies. Past romantic interests might resurface during this period.  Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Your children and lovers.

6th House: Venus retrograde in the 6th house can affect your work, daily routines, and health. It may be a time when you reassess your job satisfaction, and work-life balance, or take a closer look at your well-being and self-care practices.  Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Your pets, co-workers, tenants (if applicable), and employees.

7th House: Relationships, partnerships, and marriage are highlighted. It may bring a need to reevaluate your relationship dynamics, patterns, and commitments. Past relationships may come back into focus. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Your partner, attorney, doctor, agent, and banker.  

8th House: This placement can bring introspection and reevaluation of intimacy, shared resources, and deep emotional connections. It may be a time when you delve into psychological or hidden matters, reevaluate financial investments, or confront fears around vulnerability. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Partner’s income, sex, traumas, fears, those that have passed.

9th House: Venus retrograde in the 9th house can influence your beliefs, spirituality, higher education, and travel. It may bring a need to reconsider your philosophical perspectives, revisit past educational endeavors, or reflect on the meaning and purpose of life. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis: In-laws, mentors, teachers, foreigners, foreign countries

10th House: This placement can affect your career, public image, and reputation. It may be a time when you reassess your professional goals, reconsider your ambitions, or reflect on your public persona and how it aligns with your authentic self.  Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Boss, authority, authoritative parent, children’s co-workers.

11th House: Venus retrograde in the 11th house may influence friendships, social networks, and community involvement. It can be a time to reevaluate your social circle, reconnect with old friends, or reconsider your involvement in group activities or organizations. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  Friends, acquaintances, stepchildren, and foster children. 

12th House: This placement can bring a focus on spirituality, introspection, and hidden matters. It may be a time when you confront unresolved emotional issues, revisit past experiences, or engage in introspective practices such as meditation or therapy. Relationship re-evaluation emphasis:  secret relationships, relationship to your unconsciousness, your private time, and your inner-life. 

Remember that these are general interpretations, and the specific effects of Venus retrograde through the houses can vary based on your unique birth chart and other astrological factors.

Let’s explore with more personalized insights into how Venus retrograde may impact your life.