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Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon -The detailed Idealist – The Sun in Pisces Moon in Virgo suggests a more detailed and work-oriented Pisces. This combination may reduce Pisces daydreaming into Virgo Moon’s carefully spot-checking details. Both signs together are an ideal placement for any profession in the health industry. 

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Venus Retrograde Part 3

Venus Retrograde Astrology

A construction business started forming a parking lot in the stat of Venus retrograde. Though beauty is not associated with a parking lot, agreements, negotiation, pricing, worker’s capability, worker’s motivation, and quality assistance are a problem.

Technically speaking, a parking lot usually doesn’t have to look beautiful; however, a practical aesthetic is needed.  Perhaps the final product may have a quirk that could have been avoided if the start date was after the Venus Retrograde under different negotiations, workers, and ideas.

Though the parking lot is to serve a new supermarket taking over a former building, I would have suggested waiting till after July 5.  Though Venus turns direct on June 26, I have to factor in that Mercury turns retrograde prior. 

Venus also governs negotiations and motivation.  Since the current Venus Retrograde is in Gemini, effective communication and ideas are unavailable.  Affection and appreciation are withheld on a Venus Retrograde.

It is advised not to start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time because you might end up paying more than bargained for.  Venus also rules beauty, art, social relationships, partnerships, romance, love, values, money, and financial security.  Slow down and reassess what and who you value and why.  I believe the construction of the parking lot will require a plan or staff revision after Venus turns direct.

Venus retrograde has advantages.  Typically it is a period where you can get an excellent deal on antiques, second-hand goods, and flea market/thrift store items.  I have observed some individuals born under a Venus retrograde that are collectors of such items.  Though a good deal can be obtained, I would encourage placing a price cap on items you are willing to purchase prior to the retrograde.

During Venus Retrograde we might feel like retreating from socializing or forming relationships.

It is a valuable time to go inward to reflect and revise our loving nature.  We may review our past needs, desires, tastes, and pursuit of relationships.

Sometimes unresolved issues in a relationship can be magnified.  It is not time to make a decision.  It is an ideal time to analyze your thoughts and slowly make the necessary modifications. 

On a lighter note, it is not the time to “beautify” yourself.  Venus rules beauty and esthetics. During the retrograde, there is a lack of clarity around your efforts.  Therefore, the retrograde period is not an ideal time to change your appearance. So, don’t begin any procedures or surgeries to enhance your beauty such as plastic surgery. This is the wrong time to change your hairstyle, hair color, do a makeover, or purchase a new wardrobe because you may not like the results after the retrograde is complete.   A client of mine went in for a nasal procedure under a retrograde period.  The results were mediocre.  She felt the doctor was too minimal and wanted more results.  So had the procedure redone with a different doctor and got what she wanted.

In essence, any new major venture started on a retrograde Venus will require re-doing them afterward or they experience delays.

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Your Gut – Intuition


I’d like to convey a straightforward truth I have realized from years of psychic work and giving readings. Each of us on this earth has a natural born instinct. The greatest difference between psychics and most people is that Psychics trust their gut intuition

We all get feelings and hunches.  First they are usual in the form of instinct.  Unfortunately, many disregard these truths.  We say I must be making this up or maybe Im over reacting.  The truth is, we have been told time and again that the intuition of our bodies will lead us astray.

As creations of the Divine, we are all made with wisdom, spirit and truths planted deep inside.  Our physical bodies are made up of visible tools like hands, feet, eyes, ears and skin to help guide and direct our actions.  We also have inner tools we dont see but we know exist, like our brain, heart and blood.  Do we question these organs because we cannot see them?  We know these are components that make up the whole of ourselves.  One of our greatest attributes as humans is our deep knowing, which many refer to as the gut.  Our knowing is a valuable place where inherent wisdom and intuition is held.  We cant see it, but we sure can feel it!

A friend of mine called me recently, completely confused, frightened and out of sorts.  I had spoken with her the night before, just before her first date with Josh.  The story went something like this:
Gert was asked out by Josh, who seemed nice and interesting.  She said yes and immediately noticed a knot come racing to her gut.  As the hour of the date came closer, the feeling got worse. We met for tea just before the date and she relayed this awful string of sensations.  I said Girl, cancel the date!  She didn’t.  

Then early on in the evening, the man became clingy and began showing signs of being crazy.  The date continued and as did Gerts ever worsening stomach ache.   The night got more and more weird and finally enough was enough.  Gert set her boundary, left the date and called me in tears. 

More often than not, gut wrenching situations can be avoided by gut-checking first!  This is a tool I use as a reader.  Throughout my readings I am checking in with what is real, what my gut is telling me and trusting that it is absolutely right.  The more we listen to our bodies, the wisdom within, the more we will make choices that lead us in the direction we want our lives to go!

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Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels is a spirit being that help us on our journey through life. They know the outcomes of our choices. Spirit Guides may give us warnings and may be responsible for strange concurrencies that seem to shield us from detriment. A guide will often lead through the Socratic method, rather than direct transmission. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are not cosmic nurses. They are not a substitute for the Ultimate Divine. These entities are here to help us learn, but the burden of decision is always on us. 

 The spiritual experience of The Vision of your Holy Guardian Angel is associated with the sphere of Malkuth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is the sphere of the element of Earth and represents our plane of existence. Malkuth is a reflection of the top of the Tree of Life, Kether. Kether represents the highest form of the Divine. The best analogy for the way Kether and Malkuth are united is in the way all shades of light shining together make white, and all shades of pigment mixed make black. Malkuth is the black paint.

 We need the assistance of our Spirit Guide, in order to progress up the paths to higher spheres, like Kether, on the Tree of Life. However, It is only in traveling down the path towards Malkuth that we are able to attain the glimpse of our Guardian. Since we start in Malkuth, it is difficult to understand how we can leave the elemental plane to venture out a moment and come back.

 To understand this mystery we must look at the symbolism surrounding the 32nd path, and the spheres it links, Malkuth and Yesod. The 32nd path on the Tree of Life is associated with the Universe card of the Tarot, which represents perfection and completion on both the divine and material plane. Yesod is the sphere of Foundation. The celestial body associated with it is the Moon. Astrologically, the Moon controls our emotions and unconscious habits. Cosmologists believe that the Moon was created when a Mars sized object struck the Earth. The Earth was still in a molten phase and a large blob of liquid rock bubbled off to form our Moon. The Moon’s proximity and relative size to Earth, are key components to life being possible here. It is rare to see planets with moons like ours the right distance from the sun. The information about the Moon’s creation is sort of a literal interpretation of what happens to our minds. Conflicts (Mars) cause our minds to break off into space. It is only by coming down from our emotions and unconscious habits that we are grounded enough to hear, understand and trust our Holy Guardian Angel’s messages. Remembering the Moon’s importance we must never lose sight of our emotions, and seek to understand our unconscious.

 This balance between the spheres is the secret to our first step towards enlightenment. Our Spirit Guide leads us on our journey.

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Runes General Overview


Runes are an alphabetic writing used by the people of Northern Europe from the first century. It has also be used as a technique of symbols used for magic and prophecy. Runes are an alphabetic script used by the ancient Germanic and Norse peoples. This alphabet is carved into stones making them holy. My primary use of runes is for spiritual healing. 

The primary characteristic that deciphers a runic alphabet from other alphabets is that each letter of the rune has a meaning.  For example, the names the first three runes, “fehu”, “uruz”, and “urisaz” are actual words in the Germanic language, meaning “cattle”, “aurochs”, and “giant”, respectively.  Runes have magical and religious significance as well. 

Runes have been rediscovered as a symbolic system and have become popular as a means of divination.  They provide a key to understanding the lives beliefs of the ancient people who created them. 

A long time ago there was a great need in my life for spiritual healing. One day, I was in a spiritual bookstore and I came across a lovely set of runes in a green velvet bag.   Very soon I realized that I was saving my own life! The runes have an amazingly strong ability to heal. I had an almost instant connection with the stones.  Since then I found that through this connection I am able to help not only myself and others mind and spirit.

Through the daily use of tuning in and drawing a stone and the more thorough stone readings, I can draw the focus of healing and growth in and direct the flow of energy to the areas of life they are most needed. The result in my life has been a sense of calm and solace despite all of life’s constant and unique challenges.

When we listen to the guidance of the ancient runes, we are directed to the areas of our life which need the most work and deserve the most healing. When we work towards the healing of our souls, we experience a freedom in our hearts and rather than daunting.  Life feels rich and full.

Often in life it is what hurts us that make us whole. Sad is the soul that experiences only happiness, for there is no growth. By the healing runes, the divine enters our lives. The very part of us that is broken calls out through prayer for a release of knowledge that will lead to an understanding that will repair hearts. When we listen to our hearts, we hear the divine.

Through my work with runes, I have heard my own heart and have begun the life long process of healing. Answers come when the heart is open. Assisted with prophetic vision, hearing the rune messages are the messages to the heart.

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Psychic Telephone Readings Part 2

Psychic Reading

In Psychic Telephone Readings, Voice Vibrations is one of the numerous different tools I use to tune in to my clients/friends to help with their questions and concerns. In part 1, I mentioned that voice vibrations are alike to the way for a blind person can see your aura. If an aura is dark and obscured by negativity, the vibrations carry that energy along with it. If pleasure and light are surrounding you then it is taken along the vibrations for me to hear and feel the positive flow. Even if there is a great deal of negativity in a person’s life at the moment but there is relief and light coming this will be carried along the vibrations conveying of a dissipation of negativity. It is piecemealing each piece of the maze to form insight. These vibrations carry information that is unique to the person who is speaking like a fingerprint. 
 Picture a still pool of clear blue water. Now place a leaf in it. In the center of the pool drop a small pebble. Watch as the ripples circulate…radiating outward and away from the center or source of the disturbance of the stillness. Your own unique voice vibrations carry the information much like the ripples of the pool carry the leaf across the pool on the waves that are moving outward toward the shore. Each individual person’s voice vibrations carry their emotions, hopes, connections and more.

 Under the best of conditions these vibrations come in loud and clear. Sometimes there are gaps or static within the voice vibrations causing your receiver to adjust in order to tune in better. The adjustments or fine tuning of the dial may come in the way of spirit guides to help clarify the meaning of the message riding on the voice vibrations. There are times these vibrations send me images like a little home movie prompting me to ask questions about a particular place or time that is significant to you that is pertinent to the questions at hand. These questions would seem odd at first to anyone else but mean something to you. For example, a question such as Did you recently purchase a yellow gown? may at first seem insignificant or irrelevant. But later on more information is formed by this building up process. In fact, this happened once in a reading where such a simple question was asked and the client responded, Yes, just last week I purchased a yellow dress for my daughter because she is getting married and moving. A message about the daughter is trying to form in the reading.

 Voice vibrations are one of the strongest sources I have for tuning into your concerns and questions about love, family, health, finances or career. So keep sending those vibrations and I will keep listening, receiving and interpreting the energies in your life.

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Psychic Telephone Readings

Psychic Reading

Each individual emits psychic voice vibrations. These voice beats are as unique as each individual person’s DNA. Just like there are no two snowflakes alike there are no two people voice vibrations the same. It is so unique that scientists have found that they can actually identify a person by their voice recordings. There have been studies that have indicated that if the mother and or father talk to their unborn offspring, the child is born with healthier brain function. Talking to the unborn child also develops a greater bond between the child and the parents.

 These voice vibrations create energy. This energy carries emotions such as sadness, happiness, love, stress, anxiety, anger and calmness. As an empathy, I have found at times a person’s voice vibrations carry that persons energy to me.

 In a telephone psychic reading, voice vibrations are a very helpful tool. The vibrations help me to connect better with my clients as well as help me to tune in with my spirit guides and my client’s spirit guides.

 A good comparison for voice vibrations is the radio tower and the radio in your car. The person speaking is the tower transmitting the signals out into the airways. The person listening is the radio filtering and decoding the vibrations into meaningful messages. This is a good example except for your voice vibrations do so much more than the tower and radio.

 Your voice vibrations carry along with it all of you emotions, give your guides a means to communicate and also carry along with it the environment in which you are in.

 I like to think of voice vibrations like a way for a blind person to see your aura. If an aura is dark and clouded by negativity, the vibrations carry that energy along with it. If happiness and light are surrounding you then it is carried along the vibrations for me to hear and feel the positive flow. Even if there is a great deal of negativity in a person’s life at the moment but there is relief and light coming this will be carried along the vibrations telling of a dissipation of negativity.

 It is amazing how just the simple act of talking can bring about such energy and create such a information highway. Your spirit guides and my spirit guides make great use of this wonderful link between us.

 Voice vibrations is just one of the tools that I use to connect with you to better answer your questions and concerns in addition to other tools such as spirit guides, tarot cards and empathic abilities.

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Psychic Scrying

Psychic Reading

Psychic Scrying, (pronounced to rhyme with “crying”), is a state of divination that allows one to “see” the future, or past / present by gazing into a crystal, pool, mirror or other meditative medium. One enters an altered state to gain admission beyond a veil. Visions often come in the form of marks that are interpreted. 

 Scrying works along principle of the Ganzfeld effect state.  For example, if you ever layed in bed gazing at a point in the ceiling until you begin to notice movement of images? Did you ever have to stand/sit in the corner as a child? While gazing at the wall before you suddenly become aware your seeing images? If you have, then you have experienced the Ganzfeld state. Images often come in this hypnotic state. Children are more in tune with this than adults. 

 As a child, I would be sitting in the corner and see images floating before my eyes. Many times I would draw on the wall what I was seeing. One day my grandmother happened to notice my drawings and asked me what they meant. I had drawn a bird on a limb, an envelope, and a firecracker exploding. I remember shrugging my shoulders not saying anything because I thought I was in more trouble.

 She gently pressed further, telling me to look at what I had drawn and tell her what it meant. I looked back to the wall and instantly knew that the bird on the limb was my mother waiting for news from my father away in the Navy. The envelope was a letter that was coming, but when I looked at the fire cracker, all I could sense was great excitement and happy faces. 

 Low and behold there was the letter from my dad that my mom had been so anxiously waiting. It was postmarked 3 weeks earlier and taken long to get to her. Mom called to me saying that I could leave the corner and to come listen to what my father had to say in the letter. I remember the part about him missing us all and that if he could catch a “hop” to the mainland he would be able to take a short “leave.” 

 After reading the letter, my mom handed me a sponge to wash what Id drawn on the wall. She said what I had drawn was a vision that some people call Scrying. She also told me that she would give me a writing tablet to draw in instead of using the wall! So far, everything had happened as I saw, except the fire cracker.

 Later, while out on the porch, our dog started barking. I looked up and saw a man walking down our narrow tree lined driveway. Noticing the navy blue uniform he was wearing, it suddenly hit me, it was my father! I ran into the house screaming “daddy’s home, daddy’s home” at the top of my lungs. Everyone excitedly ran out to meet him. That evening while helping in the kitchen as mom prepared supper, my grandma patted me on the arm and told me that the “firecracker” I’d drawn was my dad coming home. 

 I come from a long line of Spiritually Gifted woman, and with their guidance and encouragement. I have been Scrying since I was 7 years old. Now I use a quartz ball instead of setting in the corner wall!  I’ve found that Scrying is an important tool that works well with my inner vision and I enjoy incorporating it in my readings as often as possible.

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Psychic Runes Part 2


The benefits of Runes in Viking times We’re mingled from rituals, casting lots, aiming help or influence from higher powers, telling futures of people, to even trying to impact the weather or at least forecast the weather and/or crops. Runes We’re even used as amulets for protection in battle.

The more one delves into the history of runes the more ironic the actual meaning of the name runes or runa becomes. Runa means mystery or secret thing. I say this because the rune casters or rune masters of old either did not record their discoveries of the mysteries or their recordings of the mysteries of runes We’re lost.  

 This is also why when looking into the history or origins of runes you will constantly come across the phrases it is thought or many believe, when talking about runes.

 Each rune has an association to gemstones, the elements, have a polarity (male/female), a tree, a plant, deity, an astrological correspondence and yes, even a tarot correspondence.

In part one of Trilogy of Runes we delved briefly into the first of the three families or aettirs of runes. The first family or aettir is Freyrs family. The second family is Hagals family. The third family is Tyrs family. Within the structures of these families are the runes sectioned out belonging to one of the three families. I like to think of them as all those aunts, uncles, and cousins under our various family trees as they branch out indefinitely.

Here is a look at these three families and the runes within each of the families:

Freyrs Family: Fehu, Uruz, Thursiaz, Anuz, Raidho, Kenaz, Gebo, Wunjo
Hagals Family: Hagalaz, Naudhiz, Isa, Jera, Eihwaz, Perthro, Elhaz, and Sowilo
Tyrs Family: Tiwaz, Berkano, Ehwaz, Mannaz, Laguz, Ingwaz, Dagaz, Othaia

Each of these family members has their own traits, personalities, strengths and weaknesses (although some will never admit to it, nor will I out of respect for my ancestors/family ever insist on their admission to a weakness). Runes are tied strongly to the Norse Gods of Scandinavian folklore waiting to connect to give advice and guidance for the path you walk.

When I consult my runes to point me in the right direction for your questions or concerns, I feel the hum and vibration of each of these wonderful symbols as soon as I lift up my bag. There is such a warm welcoming feel as my hand reaches in among the stones inscribed by these mysterious runic symbols and the welcoming warm vibrational hum as the stone containing the runic inscription from one of these three families connects to my physical touch and psychic view.

Your future is not written in stone, however your present and past are. These runic symbols from the past coming into the present are signposts giving advice for the path that you walk.

These runes, these symbols from ancient times reach out from the past serving as guiding points of light. It is the job of your psychic to connect and bring to you what is relevant to your circumstances or path.

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