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Numerology: Born on the 17th


Numerology:  In nature you are an 8: the number of power, of the octave and a higher embodiment. In reality you are a 1 & 7: your base number is 8, which is karmic so you have a good understanding of cause and effect. You are a great experimenter and investigator. You love delving into drawing, mind-teasing mysteries. You are high-minded and yet surprisingly conventional at times. You are genuine with a high desire to reveal the truth. You have a particular skill in looking well below the obvious and pursing hidden knowledge. You have a keen appreciation of music and hear the music of the spheres within yourself. Once you make up your mind, you rarely shift it.

Your Traits 

  • Determination
  • Dynamic mind
  • Intellectually rigorous
  • Fair judgment
  • Personal ambition
  • Resourceful
  • Impartial mind
  • Honest

Your Strengths

You are highly ambitious, and blessed with excellent business and financial instincts. Your approach to business is original, creative and daring. You are highly independent.

You are self-confident and have high expectations of yourself. Interestingly, the expectations of others stimulate you, especially if they doubt you can pull off what you intend to do. You tend to be dramatic, especially with money. You have a need for status and may show off the fruits of your labor with an impressive car or house.

Your Challenges

Your challenge is to avoid becoming obsessed with your own judgment and power to the point that you refuse to delegate authority or responsibility to others. You can easily slip into the role of dictator — benevolent or otherwise — feeling that you and only you have sufficiently sound judgment to guide the way forward. Whether it is business or socially oriented, your ambitions spread out far and wide and you will not rest until you have placed your mark on the world. Avoid becoming domineering or possessive of your enterprise. Share the fruits of your labors with others, which will multiply your pleasure greatly.

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