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Myths Psychic Lotto Numbers! LOL

Psychic Lucky Numbers!In my early days of doing readings via the telephone in the early ’90s, I had callers asking for “Lucky Lotto numbers.”  Immediately I grinned.  My immediate response was, “If I could do that, do you think I’d be talking to you right now?!”  This lucky numbers myth is also shared in newspaper horoscopes, fortune cookies, and other types of materials.
A reader cannot forecast winning numbers.  I do believe there are more favorable periods once can come into abundance.  That is something I can extract down to with precise dates.

In my professional opinion, I believe that if one is destined to win, they will do so regardless of the specific numbers chosen.  In fact, with “quick pick” available on most lottery systems, I recommend playing that option instead of under financial abundance cycles.  When those times arrive, I also advise playing in moderation.  I have to be very practical about this matter.  Being lucky in this type of speculation must be tied into one’s destiny.

Even during my most favorable and lucky periods, I walked away, breaking even or winning a few dollars.

While I was driving 2 weeks ago,  cash was flying all over the street.  Naturally, I stopped my car and collected $1 bills.  My total accumulation was $13!  However, technically, it was lucky.

I have a relative who is middle class and had a reasonable paying job.  He had occasional lucky spurts of winning $3000 here and there.  I have seen him win at the horse track too.  However, he never won anything severe.

Technically speaking, the winners of millions are rare.  In their energy, there are drastic financial changes on the horizon.  Now in a reading, I am careful with interpreting it as lottery winnings.  Financial abundance can come thru so many ways.
For some people, a significant financial windfall may not occur for years or decades.  Though it’s great to know such periods for potentials can be maximized to the fullest, I am too realistic to give into lofty lottery notions.

Lucky numbers are one of those things that are over-commercialized to gain attention.  I would even reason that if one continues to play the same numbers over and over, there could be odds at winning.  But then again, I think the more realistic approach to this is destiny and timing, not specific numbers.

I play a $1 scratch-off card about 4 times a year.  Usually, I win another free ticket or my $1 back.  Technically, it is luck.  However, when I tie it back to my own energy, I know that financial windfalls won’t come through the lottery. Bummer!
I hope this clears up this amusing notion.  Play safe!

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