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Psychic Myths#2: Reuniting Lovers (Gasp!)

Reuniting LoversI cringe when I see a description of a psychic claiming to reunite separated lovers.  I find it funny and sad.  My take is simple:   If torn lovers are destined to re-unite, they will.  Surely, there is timing that goes hand in hand with this matter too.

From a more realistic approach to this matter, relationship skills need to be cultivated.  These skills encompass communication skills, empathy, fulfilling partners emotional needs, communicating needs, being able to work on personal issues/triggers, communicating upset, knowing how to handle stress and difficulties.  These skills are life skills that are learned through trial and error.

In all honesty, if a psychic had the ability to reunite, do you think this “super powerful hero” would even bother working?  Seriously, if I possessed such power myself, I would certainly find a way to get everything I wanted, whenever, however, etc.  In fact, many Hollywood executives would have made sure certain Hollywood power couples would reunite or stay together in order to protect their investment.

Now from a more realistic point of view, I believe that thoroughly understanding the relationship chemistry, potentials, and pitfalls, one can learn with depth how to relate better to a mate.  However, without making a conscious effort to work things out, nothing is going to bind a couple.

The best example I can share that an acquaintance married a physically abusive alcoholic.  She had a “psychic witch” perform rituals to reunite her with her abusive husband. Well, technically the man contacted her after they broke up (coincidence.) In their meet up, he beat her again.  She got a restraining order thanks to the shiner he gave her left eye.  He found a new love potential too behind bars as he was had many criminal legal woes too that resulted in a 10 year prison conviction.

Now if we dissect those 2, his abusive behavior and drinking were detrimental to any relationship.  It would seem logical he would have to work on those 2 issues before being involved with anyone as it’s clear that emotionally he was not available.  So why would anyone want to get together with someone like this?  Codependence!  Does that show up in a reading?  Yes.  This too can be worked on by dissecting the roots of the person.  Though psycho therapy does this for most, a true reading can dissect core issues at hand and get to the roots of the individual.

It takes recovering from the stages of grieving, chemistry, character, destiny, willingness to change, life skills to master in order to make a sinking relationship get back on track.  Drinking silly potions, burning candles, or wearing “magical” perfumes is not going to change anything or anyone.

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