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Tarot Decks and More


 For some practitioners, the fancy images displayed in the many variations of tarot decks available now-a-days seem to detract from the basic messages. For such readers, a back to basics method that has been used throughout the years by gypsies includes something most people have in their homes. It is a deck of ordinary playing cards, which can be used to perform something akin to tarot readings, but not exactly the same. 

Now, wait a minute, a tarot deck has 78 cards, and playing decks have only 52 cards. The major difference is that the reading will occur without most of the major arcana, except for the joker, where he signifies the fool. The cards themselves are mostly relational in their meaning, which is similar to tarot readings.

One reason readers may prefer playing cards is for those who have to live in some degree of obscurity, who want to hide their art in plain sight. After all, most people might just as well assume that anyone with a playing deck is just setting up a game of solitaire, or maybe that they like black jack or poker. For many, though, it is not that they want to necessarily cloak their practice, but rather deflect the energy of people who seem to suddenly be attracted to the reader, as in inviting in disruptions to a reading. So, this method also allows for some degree of peace and quiet, because the energy somehow maintains more obscurity for the reader, because it is less likely to pique people’s curiosity.

The last thing anyone needs during a reading are interruptions. The idea is to forget about the body, and enter the spiritual realm through the tools of divinity that allow the clearest channel of information. For some professionals, it is a traditional Rider-Waite deck, and for other professionals, holding their favorite gemstone gets them in the flow. As with the tarot decks, the minor arcana suits are as follow, with the pentacles being signified by diamonds; the wands depicted by the clubs; the cups shown through the hearts; and the swords signified through the spades. The jacks play a two-fold role of both the knight and the page.

For the same reason it may actually be a great way for new readers to get a “feel” for the meaning of each card as well. The reason is that there are no standard pictures that show images of what each card may mean. Some readers actually prefer a regular playing deck for this reason. Many are channeling as they throw down a spread, and simply having the card and its energy is sufficient, without really seeing what plays out based on what appears on the card.

Add to this that they have the relationship between the card’s number and their positional meaning, combined with the suit, put together in a spread, and it tells the whole story. It makes an image that the reader may receive intuitively or through their channel come alive fully.

Lets see what the cards have in store for you!

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Tarot Readings


 Tarot cards and tarot readings often summon up Hollywood movie images of gypsy fortunetellers that are both enigmatic and a little scary. I hope to demystify the tarot by conveying my thoughts about what the tarot is and how it is used in a real psychic reading. So if you are a bit skeptical about the use of tarot cards in your reading, you can relax and know that it is just a means of concentrating the reader’s already present psychic capabilities. 

The traditional, 78-card, tarot deck has been around for centuries and has roots in Astrology, Kabbalah, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, and ancient Egypt. It is divided into both major and minor arcana. The major arcana are the 22 cards that are numbered with Roman numerals. They usually have a longer or greater significance in a reading. The minor arcana are the remaining 56 cards that are divided by the suits of pentacles, wands, cups, and swords. Each suit relates to an element: earth, fire, water, and air, respectively. There are 10 cards in each suit. Minor arcana cards tend to have shorter or lesser significance in a reading, in general. As for now, this is the most technical I will get in terms of history and symbolism.

I will cover the literal meanings of the tarot in the next few articles. Today I will discuss the first thirteen major arcana cards. I will include the upright meanings which are the more positive interpretations in a reading. I will also include the reversed meanings which are often either more negative than or just not as positive as the upright meanings. For example, the Sun card is usually a very positive, happy card. The reversed meaning doesn’t necessarily that it is a bad influence. It could mean that client is not seeing the bright side of his or her own situation and needs to do so to be proactive in creating a positive outcome. The interpretations are all very different depending on the client’s individual reading. The other cards in the tarot spread and the vibes that the reader gets make all difference in the interpretation. So one must have psychic abilities to do a good tarot reading.

This leads me to my next point about tarot cards. The tarot deck is simply a visual representation of energy. This is the energy that the reader picks up from the client. In my own experience, I use the cards as a springboard for my own clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairsentience (psychic feeling), clairaudience (psychic hearing) and claircognizance (psychic knowing). I really don’t need the cards, but they are helpful in organizing a reading and getting it started. Because I am a tactile person, I also enjoy the process of shuffling and laying down the cards. In addition to meditation and other psychic development tools, the tarot was one of the main tools I used in honing my own psychic abilities several years ago. I enjoy the cards. They are fun. So I continue to use them in many of my readings.

I took one formal class in reading the tarot cards in 1996. The teacher, a successful, seasoned psychic took us through the entire literal meaning of the deck. As a studious, eager newbie, I took diligent notes. Then as soon as she was done she said, “Okay, now you can just forget about all of that because, in a real reading, it’s always going to be different for each person.” The logical part of my brain panicked. Then she said we were going to practice reading each other. I was petrified. But after the teacher coaxed me to breathe and relax, I did great readings on the other students who were total strangers to me.

I was able to see more than I could ever see if I stayed boxed in with the literal meanings. This was my first time doing readings! I was already learning to trust my own impressions.
For example, a client may have the High Priestess in their tarot reading. I could interpret that as the client has latent psychic abilities themselves. In addition to that, perhaps the blue in the card will stimulate a vision of the client painting a picture. I will get a strong feeling that the client could use their artistic ability as one means to develop their clairvoyance. This is how easy it is to go beyond the literal meaning. Your own senses are the key.

So to begin to satisfy the logical, left side of your brain, I will introduce the first 13 cards of the major arcana of the tarot deck. If the tarot interests you as an intuitive art form, then study to your heart’s content. I encourage you to read up to get your individual, scholarly satisfaction. This is important, especially at the beginning. But then at some point, you can practice with a real person and just let go and flow with of whatever visions, words, sounds, impressions, feelings, sensations and even smells come to you. This is the right side of your brain that is opening up. This is your artistic, intuitive guidance that is in touch with the divine. Your angels and spirit guides will use whatever means they can to talk to you. Tarot is one way of many to open up to the spiritual, psychic realm. Practice, play and enjoy.

I will cover the cards for you in the weeks to come… Stay tuned.

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Wands in Tarot


The Wands in Tarot:

Ace of Wands: Upright – Fresh beginnings, motivation, intuition, power, passion, sexuality, imagination, pure prospect, enthusiasm, bold action, courage, confidence, vitality, kundalini – Reversed: delays, lack of motivation, lack of provocation, not following intuition

2 of Wands: Upright – Planning for the future, progress, weighing options, choices, discovery, personal power, seeing the big picture, beginning stages of a new project – Reversed – Fear of the unknown, lack of planning, not seeing the possible options or big picture, indecisive

3 of Wands: Upright – Exploring the unknown, expanding horizons, leadership, optimism, having foresight, preparation, goals and plans starting to be realized, enterprise, expanding business ventures, waiting for one’s ship to come in – Reversed – Lack of foresight, delays, obstacles to long-term goals, missing or dismissing opportunities

4 of Wands: Upright – Celebration, marriage, harmony, home, supportive community, abundance, parties, festivals, happy times, completion of the foundation of a project – Reversed – incomplete projects, disharmony in the community or festivities, celebrations delayed

5 of Wands: Upright – Competition, disorganization or awkwardness at the beginning of a project, creative conflicts (sometimes beneficial for growth), disagreements, tension, sloppy efforts, projects confused by too many people or ideas – Reversed – Strife, aggression, serious conflicts, sabotage, discord, hidden agendas, losing sight of the greater good for all

6 of Wands: Upright – Victory, triumph, achieving public recognition, accolades, success, feeling pride in one’s accomplishments, self-confidence, rewards and awards – Reversed – Egotism, bad reputation, infamy, lack of confidence, incomplete success, sitting on one’s laurels of past accomplishments, need for new achievements

7 of Wands: Upright – Facing challenges, standing up to naysayers, strong convictions, tough competition, combating criticism, following one’s path despite obstacles and opposition, going for it, courageous acts, heroism – Reversed – Being defeated, overwhelmed by opposition, overly defensive, aggressive, backing down from opposition

8 of Wands: Upright – Jumping into action, speed, movement, travel (esp. air travel), swift change, passionate encounters, fresh and vital energy enlivening a situation or endeavor – Reversed – Delays, procrastination, frustrated efforts, ineffectiveness, waiting for the right moment, holding off, lackluster

9 of Wands: Upright – Strength despite challenges, persistence, resolute, fortitude, long-standing courage, resilience, perseverance will pay off – Reversed – Defensive, paranoid, fearful, physically and/or emotionally worn-out, hesitant, need for rest and rejuvenation before continuing

10 of Wands: Upright – Hard work about to pay off, burden, responsibility, stress, achievements from persistence – Reversed – Joyless, hard work, futility, too much work affecting one’s health, efforts not coming to fruition

Page of Wands: Upright – Enthusiasm or enthusiastic youth, free spirit, discovery, exploration, good news, positive messages – Reversed – Setbacks to plans, pessimism, naivety, lack of direction, immature person

Knight of Wands: Upright – Courageous, enterprising person, energy, passion, lust, taking action, on the move, impulsiveness, spontaneity, adventure – Reversed – Flighty person, scattered energy, delays, frustrations, getting lost

Queen of Wands: Upright – Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius woman, exuberant, creative, regal, warm, generous, passionate, loyal, determined, assertive, confident, sensual, beautiful – Reversed – Aggressive, vain, vindictive, jealous, domineering, femme fatale

King of Wands: Upright – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius man, natural-born leader, inspiring person, visionary, entrepreneur, loyal, warm, generous, brave, optimistic – Reversed – Arrogant, cocky, hot-headed, impulsive, philandering, macho, aggressive

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Cups in Tarot

Tarot Reading

Cups in Tarot

ACE OF CUPS – Upright- New attractive beginnings, flooding of love, the offer of marriage, any new relationship or circumstances that is pleasant and loving, fertility, a baby born, love for a career or project, alignment with the higher self, peace, compassion, kindness, spiritual bliss, pleasure in life, a positive phase in life, divine love, gift from God, a miracle, a new home – Reversed – Too much emotion, codependency, muddied emotions, a connection out of balance, repressing love and emotion, a need to express love, fear stopping emotional expression, ask for divine support

2 OF CUPS – Upright – Positive, romantic or creative union, true-blue friendship, harmonious business partnership, mutual feelings of love, romantic/ sexual union, marriage, one-to-one relationships are pleasantly highlighted at this time, positive resolutions, soul mates, twin flames, reconciliation – Reversed – Unfulfilling relationship or project, relationship isn’t what it appears to be, minor problems can be solved in partnership with some effort, romantic opportunity missed, breakup or potential breakup, disharmony, imbalance of giving and receiving, unrequited love

3 OF CUPS – Upright – Celebrations, parties, holiday joy, good times, fun, positive feelings flowing between people, uplifting community, artistic/ creative collaboration, abundance, dancing and music, good fortune, happy outcomes, celebrating good news and victories – Reversed – Partying too much, three’s a crowd, gossip, jealousy, extreme sexuality, overindulgence in any area, possible affair, competition, creative block, hedonism

4 OF CUPS – Upright – Meditation, taking time to ponder the big picture, melancholy, introspection, regrouping, re-evaluation, reflection, evaluating an offer – Reversed – Discontentment, laziness, apathy, self-pitying, aloof, possible solution right in front of your eyes, need to see the opportunity or gift given, rejecting love or emotional experience, need for gratitude for all that one has

5 OF CUPS – Upright – Disappointment, rejection, “crying over spilled milk”, loss of any kind, end of a relationship, job loss, grieving process, despair, taking time to feel in order to heal – Reversed – Need to count one’s blessings, rise above disappointments, things aren’t as bad as they seem, stuck in past disappointments and pain, accepting loss, moving forward, forgiveness

6 OF CUPS – Upright – Pleasant memories, nostalgia, reunion with childhood friends, innocence of childhood, past relationships and situations highlighted, old flame returning in one’s life, a return to innocence and simpler times, kindness and courtesy, gifts, old-fashioned courtship, new relationships with past-life connections – Reversed – Need to let go of the past and move forward, unpleasant memories, old relationships causing pain, mercury retrograde causing confusion, naive expectations or mindset, ex-lovers who need to stay ex-lovers, need for more innocence, peace and generosity

7 OF CUPS – Upright – Daydreams, imagination, options need to be researched before taking action, possibilities entertained, romantic fantasies, sexual fantasies, creative visualization to create desired reality, wishes, hopes, fears, watching movies – Reversed – Lost in illusions and fantasies, art and life imitating each other, the truth is stranger than fiction, fears and phobias, subterfuge, delusions of grandeur, addictions, unrealistic expectations, too many options causing confusion, time to act on making dreams come true

8 OF CUPS – Upright – Leaving an outworn or unpleasant relationship or situation, loss of interest in a relationship or situation, time to move on, leaving the past behind, following a higher calling, honoring and relying on the self, inner guidance is heeded, spiritual calling, soul-searching, calmly walking away from what no longer serves you, positive changes are possible as you follow your instincts, new opportunities ahead, possible relocation, seeking the truth – Reversed – Staying when you should leave, not perceiving the bright future just ahead, lost is the fog of emotions and strife, lack of direction, loneliness, emotional void needs to be filled with healthy relationships and spiritual nourishment, strong need to leave.

9 OF CUPS – Upright – Wishes can or are coming true, happiness, beauty, contentment, peace, self-confidence, generosity, financial gain, luxurious surroundings, satiation, pleasures of life can now be enjoyed, card signifies you should make a wish, good fortune manifests in many areas of life – Reversed – Unfulfilled wishes still need cultivation, need to reassess wishes/ desires, arrogance, gluttony, greed, keeping one’s cards close to one’s chest, cockiness

10 OF CUPS – Upright – Love, peace, happiness, harmony and abundance in all areas of life, happy romantic relationship, marital bliss (often with children), happy family, happy relationships, career fulfillment, spiritual fulfillment, getting the “whole enchilada” in life, heaven on earth – Reversed – Happiness not quite complete yet, happiness farther off in future, need to balance out some areas of life before complete happiness, marital discord, possible break-up/ divorce

PAGE OF CUPS – Upright – Message or messenger of love, love letter, romantic, charming, intuitive, artistic young person, possible new friend or lover, poet or poetry, a beloved child or pet, muse, psychic abilities increased at this time, artistic endeavors highlighted – Reversed – Daydreamer, emotionally immature person, impractical person, unrealized creative energy, need for love and compassion

KNIGHT OF CUPS – Upright – Lover highlighted or to be revealed, romantic opportunity, love offering, marriage proposal, loyal and generous person, artist, creative opportunity, emotionally available person, someone deeply driven by love, beauty, and art, deep love connection with someone (possibly stemming from a past life), soul mate relationship, passionate relationship or person, falling in love – Reversed – Lover not genuine, overly emotional, erratic person, flaky person or behavior, jealousy, moodiness, unrealistic expectations, falling in love with love, need to balance emotions with reason

QUEEN OF CUPS – Upright – Woman with tendency to be loyal, loving, wise, gentle, mature, patient, kind, artistic, intuitive, sensual, a good wife/ lover, generous, caring, a good mother, motherly, compassionate, calm, emotionally balanced with a love for family and home –Reversed – Woman with tendency to be secretive, co-dependent, emotionally imbalanced, jealous, insecure, anxious, clingy, stuck in the past, unforgiving

KING OF CUPS – Upright – Man with tendency to be loving, loyal, wise, mature, intuitive, creative, caring, gentle, generous, emotionally balanced, a good father, a good husband and nurturing to family, friends and employees – Reversed – Man with tendency to be selfish, closed-off, emotionally imbalanced, disloyal, fearful, discontented, volatile, sullen

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Momma Trump Dearest Part 2

In the previous few weeks, we’ve examined Donald’s past affinities. I think the most important association that needs to be comprehended is the connection with his mother, Maryanne. Be sure to check part 1 of Momma Trump Dearest and the video

Maryanne’s chart is placed around Donald’s to the right.

His relationship with his mother was volatile.  As mentioned in a previous article, there are many Moon problems in his chart.  This presents a problem because at the root level.  The Moon in the chart indicates the early childhood, emotional responses to life, relationship with women, emotional needs, and above all, the early conditioning that impacts a person in their adult life.

In actuality, analyzing only Donald’s chart was enough for me to conclude that his relationship with his mother was brutal.  But, when I factor in her chart into the equation, it confirms it by 200%!

The effects of growing up with such animosity may result in emotional wellness issues.  I am an advocate and ally of Mental Health, but it is not my professional expertise.  I assert that as a result of growing up with so much aggression can result in personality challenges.  More importantly, his mother may have had mental health issues herself.  Why?  Donald was born with the Moon Conjunct the South Node. I have yet to meet a native with this aspect that doesn’t have an over the top problematic mother .  Also, the mother is born with the Moon Square Saturn and a prominent 12th house.  When I factor in those two elements, I can make a professional opinion based on it being universal.

Now when compare Maryanne’s planets to some of Donald’s planets, more details appear.

The effects of growing up with such animosity may result in emotional wellness issues.  I am an advocate and ally of Mental Health, but it is not my professional expertise.  I assert that as a result of growing up with so much aggression can result in personality challenges.  More importantly, his mother may have had mental health issues herself.  Why?  Donald was born with the Moon Conjunct the South Node. I have yet to meet a native with this aspect that doesn’t have an over the top problematic mother.  Also, the mother is born with the Moon Square Saturn and a prominent 12th house.  When I factor in those two elements, I can make a professional opinion based on it being universal.

Now when compare Maryanne’s planets to some of Donald’s planets, more details appear.

Maryanne’s Saturn conjunct Donald’s MC:  This can be a strict parent that may demand perfection and the world from the child.  This parent may insist the child become just like the father, please the father, and influence the child that the only way to success is to mirror the father.  The father in the chart is often the MC.  The mother is the opposite point, the IC.  Usually, the mother may demand this type of achievement based on her own fears and insecurities.  His mother may have worried that if her children wouldn’t conform, her husband would leave her.  She grew up in poverty and was very financially driven.  The fear of being abandoned and stuck with a houseful of children may have resulted in paranoia. 

Maryanne’s Saturn quincunx Donald’s Moon:   This aspect is significant because Donald has this in his chart.  The mother may never give approval, credit, or validation for any success.  This can create an ongoing nagging that there is never enough time to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor or success.  Maryanne’s Saturn is in Taurus, which will make her financially driven.  She may place the worth of a person based on financial success.  Communication is stalled.  This is a vast problem aspect because it creates a communication barrier for the child with the parent,

Maryanne’s Saturn Square Donald’s Mars:   This combination is subjected to many frustrations, physical assaults, outbursts, and breakdown.  The mother will continuously demand more as she can never succumb to satisfaction.

Maryanne’s Mars Quincunx Donald’s Moon:   This is a problem with emotional bonding, empathy, and the ability to develop intimacy.  Maryanne may come across as aggressive, dominant, and always stressed, or she cannot be bothered. 

Maryanne’s Neptune Quincunx Donald’s Moon:  Over idealization of a dream for perfection is a life mission with this combination.  The barometer may be set through the ceiling whereby over achievement is considered normal.

Next time we ill review the Composite Chart with Maryanne.

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Tarot Decks -Major Arcana

Tarot Readings

Tarot Decks are made up of 22 cards, which are the Major Arcana and 56 cards, which drive up the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is relatively parallel to the 52 cards in a regular deck of cards with a few exceptions. I will now list the cards of the Major Arcana: I The Magician; II The High Priestess; III The Empress; IV The Emperor; V The Hierophant; VI The Lovers; VII The Chariot; VIII Strength; IX The Hermit; X Wheel of Fortune; XI Justice; XII The hanged Man; XIII Death; XIV Temperance; XV The Devil; XVI The Tower; XVII The Star; XVIII The Moon; XIX The Sun; XX Judgement; XXI The World; 0/XXII The Fool. Sometimes the Fool is the 0 card; however, in this application, it is XXII.

Please do not jump to judgments about the importance of these tarot cards. For example, if numerology determined your card is The Hanged Man, it is not going to be negative. All the cards have positive character traits that make up a personality and a few potential weaknesses, just like real life. Everyone is good and evil, and that is why we need to know what is hidden. Always look for the most useful and never fear the worst in anyone.

Today we only have sufficient space left to describe the personality attributes of 1 card. We will start with the number I, The Magician. The person with this character is extremely progressive. He/she treads her way, thinks outside the box, is very clever in answers, and not afraid to try new ideas. This individual makes a better world for themselves and others.

They are not stuck in a rut. They do not possess supernatural power, but their accomplishments will be so brilliant they look like miracles to some observers. Even among peers, this person will be thought of as unique. Passionately motivated, this person will strive to develop their highest potential and maybe a shining success in many areas of life.

The Magician is vulnerable to loneliness and anger. They repeatedly attempt to have their ideas understood and stand-alone against conventional ideas that do not work as well as what they have envisioned. Oppression of their progressive ideas by a more mundane majority brings frustration to them. Isolation is dangerous for them. The Magician needs a supportive, non-competitive partner.

Let’s see what the cards have in store for you!

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Tarot Cards Readings & Psychic Tools History

Tarot Cards

Many Psychic readers use Tarot Cards. The first Tarot decks are thought to date around to early 15th century Italy. These earlier decks were hand-painted decks of “playing cards”. Hand-painted cards were expensive, and available for the most part, only to the affluent upper classes. It was not until the creation of the printing press that the decks became available to the masses.

In the mid 18th century these decks started to be used for divination, or fortune-telling. The decks are made up of twenty-two major arcana cards, and fifty-six suited cards, which are divided into fourteen cards each, ten numbered cards and four court cards.

The twenty-two numbered major arcana cards are, The Fool (0) The Magician (1), The High Priestess (2), The Empress (3), The Emperor (4), The Hierophant (5), The Lovers (6), The Chariot (7), Strength(8), The Hermit (9), The Wheel Of Fortune (10), Justice (11), The Hanged Man (12), Death (13), Temperance (14), The Devil (15), The Tower (16), The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19), Judgment (20) The World (21),

Tarot cards are different from oracle cards and we will get into that later. Let’s begin with an overview explanation of the major arcana cards and a more in-depth explanation of the court cards. The major arcana cards symbolize profound, deep life lessons or life stages. When a major arcana card or cards appear in a reading, it suggests more than a step in one’s life, but a meaningful life lesson.

The suited cards are divided into four categories. Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords. Cups are connected to the water element, love, relationships, and feelings/emotions. Wands are connected to the fire element, creativity, drive, passion, innovation, and motivation. Pentacles are connected to the Earth element, money, abundance, success, work, responsibilities, business, daily activities in the outside world. Swords are connected to the Air element, the mind, intellect, thought, worry, mental analysis, and ideas.

There are four court cards for each suit. Kings, queens, knights, and pages. The king of cups represents a male or masculine person, who is emotional, artistic or musical, secretive, and who tends to be in touch with their emotions. The queen of cups represents a female or feminine person who is emotional, intuitive, sexual, artistic or musical, secretive, and deeply feeling. The Knight of cups represents an overall feeling of romance, drive for a romantic relationship, and feelings of being in love with life, romance, arts, and music. The page of cups represents the initial twinge of romance or an open heart and willingness to love or find romance.

The king of wands represents a male or masculine person who is passionate, optimistic, warm, enthusiastic, trustworthy, loyal, impulsive, supportive, and motivated warmly and attractively. The queen of wands represents a female or feminine person who is warm, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, honest, faithful, loving, excited, enthusiastic, and motivated. The Knight of wands represents travel, movement, excitement for a creative project, progress towards a plan. The page of wands represents the initial concept of an original idea or project.

The King of Pentacles represents a male or masculine person who is financially secure or wealthy, good at business, good with worldly affairs, owns property or businesses. He is a good provider, family-oriented, nurturing and kind, loves food and gardens. The queen of pentacles represents a female or feminine person who has good self-esteem, self-appreciation, dignity, integrity, is nurturing. She loves to cook or creates a comfortable home environment. The Knight of Pentacles represents the energy to do daily tasks with joy and a sense of value. The Knight of pentacles represents a work ethic and a job well done, with care and pride, or movement towards these things. The Page of pentacles represents the initial start or new beginning of a work or material world project.

The King of swords represents a male or masculine person who is identified in their mind and with intellect. This person would be educated or well-read. Fair-minded, and motivated by judgment and rational thought. The Queen of swords represents a female or feminine person who is not driven by emotion but motivated by rational thought, fairness, justice, humanitarian concerns and how to implement an ideology. The king and queen of swords hold our highest ideals, and see the world not as it is, but as it could be. The Knight of Swords represents mental restlessness, a desire to move forward, impatience, frustration, and a feeling of being held back. The page of swords describes the very first seeds of a new way of thinking, or new ideas and attitudes.

The numbered cards correspond to their element, their number, and their meanings are unique to each card. We will explore the numbered cards in the next article. This is just the beginning as we journey deeper into our understanding of the Tarot.

You will find that most psychic advisors enjoy the Tarot for its’ rich imagery.

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Caution On Venus

Psychic Readers

During this time, you may need to review the basis of your happiness. It can be a course where you will take measures to recover or reinforce it. You can usually come to terms with its lack through situations that can make it very obvious where life lacks the gratification desired. Choices made may require obligations. During this period, relationships may tend to dry up. You will need to be aware of relationship problems and find a pro-active way of working matters out.

Venus is about to turn retrograde on the 4th of March.  Currently, Venus is traveling at a slower speed;  so it eventually comes to a halt and shifts into retrograde motion. It remains retrograde until April 16.

Financial responsibilities can emerge.   It is a time of monetary contraction, so plan accordingly. Agreements need to be examined thoroughly.

On a positive note, the week can have a substantial artistic endeavor for those in the creative and performing arts as Saturn can structure and form the artistry in Venus.

It is advised not to start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time because you might end up paying more than bargained.  In your horoscope, the planet Venus rules beauty, art, social relationships, partnerships, romance, love, values, money, and financial security.  In the case of Venus retrograde, slow down and reassess what and who you value and why.

Venus retrograde has advantages.  Typically it is a period where you can get an excellent deal on antiques, second-hand goods, and flea market/thrift store items.  I have observed some individuals born under a Venus retrograde that are collectors of such things.  Some of them own these types of outlets.  Though a good deal can be obtained, I would encourage placing a price cap on items you are willing to purchase before the retrograde.

During Venus Retrograde we might feel like retreating from socializing or forming a relationship.  It is a valuable time to go inward to reflect and revise our loving nature.  We may review our past needs, desires, tastes, and pursuit of relationships.

Sometimes unresolved issues in a relationship can be magnified.  It is not time to make a decision.  However, it is an ideal time to analyze your thoughts and slowly make the necessary modifications.

On a lighter note, it is not the time to “beautify” yourself.  Venus rules beauty and esthetics. During the retrograde, there is a lack of clarity around your efforts.  Therefore, the retrograde period is not an ideal time to change your appearance.  So, don’t begin any procedures or surgeries to enhance your beauty, such as plastic surgery. This is the wrong time to change your hairstyle, hair color, do a makeover, or purchase a new wardrobe because you may not like the results after the retrograde is complete.   A client of mine went in for a nasal procedure under a retrograde period.  Though the results were “ok” as she put it, she felt the doctor was too minimal and wanted more results.  So we went in for a 2nd time at the same procedure with a different doctor is got what she wanted.

In essence, any new major venture started on a retrograde Venus will require re-doing them afterward.  In part 2, we will go into more detail.

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