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Wands in Tarot

The Wands in Tarot:

Ace of Wands: Upright – New beginnings, inspiration, intuition, power, passion, sexuality, creativity, pure potential, enthusiasm, bold action, courage, confidence, vitality, kundalini – Reversed: delays, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, not following intuition

2 of Wands: Upright – Planning for the future, progress, weighing options, choices, discovery, personal power, seeing the big picture, beginning stages of a new project – Reversed – Fear of the unknown, lack of planning, not seeing the possible options or big picture, indecisive

3 of Wands: Upright – Exploring the unknown, expanding horizons, leadership, optimism, having foresight, preparation, goals and plans starting to be realized, enterprise, expanding business ventures, waiting for one’s ship to come in – Reversed – Lack of foresight, delays, obstacles to long-term goals, missing or dismissing opportunities

4 of Wands: Upright – Celebration, marriage, harmony, home, supportive community, abundance, parties, festivals, happy times, completion of the foundation of a project – Reversed – incomplete projects, disharmony in the community or festivities, celebrations delayed

5 of Wands: Upright – Competition, disorganization or awkwardness at the beginning of a project, creative conflicts (sometimes beneficial for growth), disagreements, tension, sloppy efforts, projects confused by too many people or ideas – Reversed – Strife, aggression, serious conflicts, sabotage, discord, hidden agendas, losing sight of the greater good for all

6 of Wands: Upright – Victory, triumph, achieving public recognition, accolades, success, feeling pride in one’s accomplishments, self-confidence, rewards and awards – Reversed – Egotism, bad reputation, infamy, lack of confidence, incomplete success, sitting on one’s laurels of past accomplishments, need for new achievements

7 of Wands: Upright – Facing challenges, standing up to naysayers, strong convictions, tough competition, combating criticism, following one’s path despite obstacles and opposition, going for it, courageous acts, heroism – Reversed – Being defeated, overwhelmed by opposition, overly defensive, aggressive, backing down from opposition

8 of Wands: Upright – Jumping into action, speed, movement, travel (esp. air travel), swift change, passionate encounters, fresh and vital energy enlivening a situation or endeavor – Reversed – Delays, procrastination, frustrated efforts, ineffectiveness, waiting for the right moment, holding off, lackluster

9 of Wands: Upright – Strength despite challenges, persistence, resolute, fortitude, long-standing courage, resilience, perseverance will pay off – Reversed – Defensive, paranoid, fearful, physically and/or emotionally worn-out, hesitant, need for rest and rejuvenation before continuing

10 of Wands: Upright – Hard work about to pay off, burden, responsibility, stress, achievements from persistence – Reversed – Joyless, hard work, futility, too much work affecting one’s health, efforts not coming to fruition

Page of Wands: Upright – Enthusiasm or enthusiastic youth, free spirit, discovery, exploration, good news, positive messages – Reversed – Setbacks to plans, pessimism, naivety, lack of direction, immature person

Knight of Wands: Upright – Courageous, enterprising person, energy, passion, lust, taking action, on the move, impulsiveness, spontaneity, adventure – Reversed – Flighty person, scattered energy, delays, frustrations, getting lost

Queen of Wands: Upright – Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius woman, exuberant, creative, regal, warm, generous, passionate, loyal, determined, assertive, confident, sensual, beautiful – Reversed – Aggressive, vain, vindictive, jealous, domineering, femme fatale

King of Wands: Upright – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius man, natural-born leader, inspiring person, visionary, entrepreneur, loyal, warm, generous, brave, optimistic – Reversed – Arrogant, cocky, hot-headed, impulsive, philandering, macho, aggressive

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