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Psychic Myths- Debunked! Only Real Psychics

Psychic Myths Debunked

Psychic readers are in demand. Like some doctors specialize in podiatry, other doctors specialize in cardiology. A dentist would never need to understand anything about gynecology, just like the gynecologist would never need to know anything about performing a root canal. The same applies to psychic readers. There are a few myths about psychics that we hope to clarify for you.

All psychics have specialties. Some will provide channeling, while others will use spirit guides. Then other psychics can use crystals, Tarot Cards, scrying, etc. to help access more information for you. Some psychics specialize more with respects to your love life, and others will specialize more with respects to your career.

This too pertains to another myth that all psychics can and should communicate with the dead! Psychic mediums can communicate with those that have crossed over. They may not be able to tell you what is ahead for you at your job or love life. At the same time, the psychic that can accurately describe your forecast for love, career, finances, family, etc.,.. may not be able to access those that have crossed over. This is fine. There is no requirement for a psychic to specialize in every tool.

Psychics are not mind-readers. Psychics look into your energy to see what you are feeling and the current state you are in. Though a psychic may not tell you what you ate for dinner the previous night and your favorite movie, a psychic can get vibes on what course provides improvements for your situation. Some people that never had a psychic reading may believe that if the psychic truly has a gift, he/she will be able to answer anything, including what they are thinking. Instead, the psychic will pick up on being tested and the person asking the question is a newbie. Though it’s not too informative or helpful in a reading, it is energy that is being accurately described.

All psychics cannot possibly specialize in answering all types of questions. Granted, we believe that psychics should be able to give a general reading. By this, we mean a “basic” reading in forecasting upcoming events love, career, finances, and more. This is just the basics of any psychic reading that our network requires.

Yet the more specialized areas such as missing people or missing objects is not something every psychic can do. Some psychics do great work with finding missing people, yet they cannot forecast what will happen in your love life. This doesn’t make either of the psychic less than. The key to getting the psychic you need is to understand what the psychic specializes in and have the clarity to your questions.

Finally, a psychic cannot give lucky lottery numbers! If that were the case, I wouldn’t be in front of this computer right now. I’d enjoy more sleep, shopping, and shoes! A psychic can forecast when finances will be increasing. If there is a period where potentials winnings can come in, if it destined for you to be so fortunate to win, you will win. Therefore a “quick pick” where a machine randomly selects the number for you will work as well.

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