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COVID Predictions Mars Retrograde

Covid on Mars Retrograde

There has been quite a bit of scope regarding trials entering phase 3 for COVID vaccines. My concern is that there may be a rush to mass-produce vaccines that may require more term for development. A word of alert: hold off on any possible vaccine until after November 13. 

Mars is in Aries usually operates effectively. The retrograde can either slow down productivity or bring an impulsive delivery. Aries nature is “Me first!”  Also, Aries is known for jumping into situations without due diligence.  The concern is that some manufacturers may be trying to claim their name as the first one to deliver a vaccine.

Between Venus and Jupiter, Mars resides. It rules the will force, physical energy, efforts, impulse, courage, driving force towards a goal, assertion, and sexual libido. Depending on Mars’ zodiacal position at birth, it describes your will and passion. From September 8 – November 9 2020 Mars will be retrograde in the sign of Aries.

Retrograde Mars occurs every 26 months for 70 to 80 days. Projects will stall or develop slowly. Our energy level will be lower. Accidents and arguments from impulsive actions and unrecognized anger will flare. Sexual activity is often unsatisfactory.

The textbooks indicate that suppressed frustrations result in a volcano-like eruption. Individuals may explode with frustration and decide poorly and respond with violence and anger instead of patience and dialogue. A retrograde can force one to go deep within and make groundbreaking changes in terms of the nature of the planet and the nature of the sign. 

This retrograde can result in procrastination. Assertive patterns are more introspective. Many will encounter passive individuals that may lack drive. Steer away from starting a new business under a retrograde.

The birth of a business during a Mars Retrograde will result in constant problems with having action asserted at a quality and effective pace. No matter how hard you try to push, nothing will happen. Everything is in a sluggish state.

More importantly, steer away from major repairs and surgery. Since Mars governs destructions, deconstruction may become more understood after Mars turns direct. If an electronic gadget breaks down on a Mars Retrograde, a repair job will not cure the fix. A repair job on a Mars retrograde may result in having another repair take place. However, after the retrograde has turned direct, the problem can be more understood. Repair jobs include surgery. Avoid surgery under a time frame if possible.

However, being born with a Mars retrograde is much different than experiencing one during the cycle. A well aspected Mars retrograde in an individual’s birth chart can produce a lot of success. Since energy and initiative are internalized (retrograde) usually the individual competes with himself. Many athletes are born with a well-aspected Mars Retrograde. However, when Mars is aspected with challenging aspects, individuals may act hastily and often need to retrace and redo his steps

There could be difficulties, arguments, disagreements with legal, religious, travel, and matters with someone that may be very philosophical and/or have a very strong opinion. So during this time, it would be wise to frame your intentions as a visionary. Keep the bigger picture in mind especially when asserting your own opinion as dogma.

One’s sexual drive during a Mars retrograde can change a lot. It has been stated that the level of satisfaction during a Mars retrograde can be difficult to satisfy. In the sign of Aries, it could be the opposite of nature: stagnant and procrastinating.

Aries rules the head and battles. During this cycle, there are going to be some upheavals. More than likely some scandalous battles will result between presidential candidates. This is a strong placement for assault (verbal, physical, emotional, etc.)

I will cover some of the aspects Mars will form in the next edition. Stay tuned!

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Nailed it! Covid Vaccine predicted 7/17/20

Nailed it! Covid Vaccine predicted 7/17/2020

Our wonderful reader, Albert ext 3030, for the gazillionth time amazes us! He predicted to a T the information on Covid Vaccines release dates with such accuracy a few weeks ago. This has been on the news all week but mostly in the last 36 hours. Below is that same piece, re-circulated. There will be a part 2 in the days to come.

Check paragraph #4! https://psychic.absolutelypsychic.com/prosperous-astrological-periods/

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Corona Virus Breakthrough-Health Astrology

Corona Virus

Be sure to check part 1 video.

When is Corona Virus going to improve? These questions are just the basics being asked.

2 aspects in January 2020 brought problems with this:  Saturn conjunct Pluto and the Uranus Semi-Square Neptune.

The issue is that Uranus can disrupt shock, split, and break matters. Uranus is about individualism. Neptune rules medicine, infections, and clarity. All the hysteria, anxiety, and nervous tension layered Neptune’s disorder brings us to where we are right now. This cycle has been in effect since January 18. The cycle completes on April 7. Blend these 2 planets, they will bring odd illnesses.

When we blend in the zodiac positions these planets occupy, Uranus is in Taurus which will bring about hoarding, greed, safety worries, money anxieties, food.  Uranus in Taurus is a problem for true freedom.  Neptune is in the strongest position, Pisces.

This will require permeating the invisible fog that may require more intuition than logic. 

Saturn was conjunct Pluto in January which can bring losses and torturous situations.  Though that was in effect from January 11 and lasted for 2.5 weeks, the problem is that finding clear and tangible solutions filtered by the Uranus/Neptune made it unclear.   Fortunately, the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto will not return.

Only a 1-degree orb is used in event charts.  The orb must be this tight for a precise measure of timing.  There is a lot of misinformation that these 2 planets will be conjunct again at the end of the year. That is false. 

Some Astrologers classify the Semi-Square and Sesiqudrate as just “minor “aspects.  Technically, these aspects are considered “hard aspects” when forecasting.  They are the division of a square aspect that brings crisis.  More importantly, the nature of the planets such as Uranus and Neptune will bring about a revolution in medicine and health care.  Uranus will force change and abandonment of old traditions in finances and medicine.  This is certainly a wakeup call for health care. 

So there is a silver lining after all is done.

Between now and April 7th we have many events taking place in the sky.  Saturn is changing positions as well as it is moving into Aquarius.

Newer energies form.  Though the inner planets do not bring a drastic change, they will be shifting too and therefore adding additional layers of incremental changes between now and then.

Without getting too technical, I use a 90-degree dial for advanced work.  Though the traditional chart is only needed, the 90-degree dial helps magnify by inspecting details that can easily be missed.  The 90-degree dial taught me to spot Semi-Squares and Sesiquadrates instantly. 

In using a dial, some planetary pictures and midpoints also confirm the current Astrological weather. I will cover this type of Astrology known as Uranian Astrology at a later date.

However, the effect of those planetary pictures and midpoints will also be fading by April 7. 

This doesn’t mean there is a cure for Corona by April 7; however, this will become a lot more manageable.  The current emotional state of panic will be gone. The current cycle will be fully released by then.  Some progressive solutions will be found and newer action plans will take place.  

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