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Harvey Weinstein + Covid19 Astrology

Harvey Weinstein + Covid19 Astrology

Harvey Weinstein was diagnosed positive for Corona-19 Virus. Transiting Uranus is moving through his 6th house, the health sector of his natal chart. Wherever one has transiting Uranus, unexpected transformations and the most unconventional events will occur. 

This doesn’t mean that everyone with Uranus going through the 6th house will acquire a positive status for Covid 19. The entire chart must be examined. Also, the natal chart must be given more priority.

Based on the pileup of planetary influences to Weinstein’s natal Uranus, it makes him more susceptible to Covid-19. When we then factor Uranus going through the 6th house, it makes sense that he tested positive.

On the flip side, if he didn’t have such heavy pileups to natal Uranus, then transiting Uranus in the 6th may only bring odd rashes, illnesses, and circumstances surrounding health.

Weinstein has more potential to have more pressing health matters in 2 years as heavier health cycles will form. This looks a bit concerning because of the aspects he is receiving from other planets to Uranus in his chart.  Like the Rob Ford prediction I made in 2015, Weinstein’s survival rate looks like a struggle if he doesn’t have better care for the next 2.5 years.

More importantly, health aspects are usually seen in quincunx aspects.  Weinstein has a major quincunx aspect via Secondary Progression. The Progressed MC in his chart is currently in a quincunx aspect to his natal Sun. The Sun is also the vitality (health.) When we blend all of the above, he is extremely candidate for Covid-19 and other health surprises.

Many worry if they will turn positive for Covid.  Health issues have to be present in the chart. More importantly, it has to also be set up in the natal chart.  Currently, Weinstein has progressed Mars the ruler of his 6th house retrograde. The retrograde weakens his health especially since his natal Mars has difficult aspects in his chart. This is a very similar setup to Tom Hanks.

As stated last week, we can expect improvements around Covid-19 by April 7th.

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