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Cups in Tarot

Tarot Reading

Cups in Tarot

ACE OF CUPS – Upright- New attractive beginnings, flooding of love, the offer of marriage, any new relationship or circumstances that is pleasant and loving, fertility, a baby born, love for a career or project, alignment with the higher self, peace, compassion, kindness, spiritual bliss, pleasure in life, a positive phase in life, divine love, gift from God, a miracle, a new home – Reversed – Too much emotion, codependency, muddied emotions, a connection out of balance, repressing love and emotion, a need to express love, fear stopping emotional expression, ask for divine support

2 OF CUPS – Upright – Positive, romantic or creative union, true-blue friendship, harmonious business partnership, mutual feelings of love, romantic/ sexual union, marriage, one-to-one relationships are pleasantly highlighted at this time, positive resolutions, soul mates, twin flames, reconciliation – Reversed – Unfulfilling relationship or project, relationship isn’t what it appears to be, minor problems can be solved in partnership with some effort, romantic opportunity missed, breakup or potential breakup, disharmony, imbalance of giving and receiving, unrequited love

3 OF CUPS – Upright – Celebrations, parties, holiday joy, good times, fun, positive feelings flowing between people, uplifting community, artistic/ creative collaboration, abundance, dancing and music, good fortune, happy outcomes, celebrating good news and victories – Reversed – Partying too much, three’s a crowd, gossip, jealousy, extreme sexuality, overindulgence in any area, possible affair, competition, creative block, hedonism

4 OF CUPS – Upright – Meditation, taking time to ponder the big picture, melancholy, introspection, regrouping, re-evaluation, reflection, evaluating an offer – Reversed – Discontentment, laziness, apathy, self-pitying, aloof, possible solution right in front of your eyes, need to see the opportunity or gift given, rejecting love or emotional experience, need for gratitude for all that one has

5 OF CUPS – Upright – Disappointment, rejection, “crying over spilled milk”, loss of any kind, end of a relationship, job loss, grieving process, despair, taking time to feel in order to heal – Reversed – Need to count one’s blessings, rise above disappointments, things aren’t as bad as they seem, stuck in past disappointments and pain, accepting loss, moving forward, forgiveness

6 OF CUPS – Upright – Pleasant memories, nostalgia, reunion with childhood friends, innocence of childhood, past relationships and situations highlighted, old flame returning in one’s life, a return to innocence and simpler times, kindness and courtesy, gifts, old-fashioned courtship, new relationships with past-life connections – Reversed – Need to let go of the past and move forward, unpleasant memories, old relationships causing pain, mercury retrograde causing confusion, naive expectations or mindset, ex-lovers who need to stay ex-lovers, need for more innocence, peace and generosity

7 OF CUPS – Upright – Daydreams, imagination, options need to be researched before taking action, possibilities entertained, romantic fantasies, sexual fantasies, creative visualization to create desired reality, wishes, hopes, fears, watching movies – Reversed – Lost in illusions and fantasies, art and life imitating each other, the truth is stranger than fiction, fears and phobias, subterfuge, delusions of grandeur, addictions, unrealistic expectations, too many options causing confusion, time to act on making dreams come true

8 OF CUPS – Upright – Leaving an outworn or unpleasant relationship or situation, loss of interest in a relationship or situation, time to move on, leaving the past behind, following a higher calling, honoring and relying on the self, inner guidance is heeded, spiritual calling, soul-searching, calmly walking away from what no longer serves you, positive changes are possible as you follow your instincts, new opportunities ahead, possible relocation, seeking the truth – Reversed – Staying when you should leave, not perceiving the bright future just ahead, lost is the fog of emotions and strife, lack of direction, loneliness, emotional void needs to be filled with healthy relationships and spiritual nourishment, strong need to leave.

9 OF CUPS – Upright – Wishes can or are coming true, happiness, beauty, contentment, peace, self-confidence, generosity, financial gain, luxurious surroundings, satiation, pleasures of life can now be enjoyed, card signifies you should make a wish, good fortune manifests in many areas of life – Reversed – Unfulfilled wishes still need cultivation, need to reassess wishes/ desires, arrogance, gluttony, greed, keeping one’s cards close to one’s chest, cockiness

10 OF CUPS – Upright – Love, peace, happiness, harmony and abundance in all areas of life, happy romantic relationship, marital bliss (often with children), happy family, happy relationships, career fulfillment, spiritual fulfillment, getting the “whole enchilada” in life, heaven on earth – Reversed – Happiness not quite complete yet, happiness farther off in future, need to balance out some areas of life before complete happiness, marital discord, possible break-up/ divorce

PAGE OF CUPS – Upright – Message or messenger of love, love letter, romantic, charming, intuitive, artistic young person, possible new friend or lover, poet or poetry, a beloved child or pet, muse, psychic abilities increased at this time, artistic endeavors highlighted – Reversed – Daydreamer, emotionally immature person, impractical person, unrealized creative energy, need for love and compassion

KNIGHT OF CUPS – Upright – Lover highlighted or to be revealed, romantic opportunity, love offering, marriage proposal, loyal and generous person, artist, creative opportunity, emotionally available person, someone deeply driven by love, beauty, and art, deep love connection with someone (possibly stemming from a past life), soul mate relationship, passionate relationship or person, falling in love – Reversed – Lover not genuine, overly emotional, erratic person, flaky person or behavior, jealousy, moodiness, unrealistic expectations, falling in love with love, need to balance emotions with reason

QUEEN OF CUPS – Upright – Woman with tendency to be loyal, loving, wise, gentle, mature, patient, kind, artistic, intuitive, sensual, a good wife/ lover, generous, caring, a good mother, motherly, compassionate, calm, emotionally balanced with a love for family and home –Reversed – Woman with tendency to be secretive, co-dependent, emotionally imbalanced, jealous, insecure, anxious, clingy, stuck in the past, unforgiving

KING OF CUPS – Upright – Man with tendency to be loving, loyal, wise, mature, intuitive, creative, caring, gentle, generous, emotionally balanced, a good father, a good husband and nurturing to family, friends and employees – Reversed – Man with tendency to be selfish, closed-off, emotionally imbalanced, disloyal, fearful, discontented, volatile, sullen

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