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Puttin’ Putin’s Pluto Precisely-Putin’s Astrology Chart


What do Harvey Weinstein and Vladimir Putin have in familiarity? Both men were born in 1952 and they have Scorpio rising, and the chart ruler, Pluto, conjuncts the Midheaven. These powerful figures used violent means of gaining and keeping power. When power is manipulated, a fall from dignity is expected as we saw with Harvey Weinstein.

Before examining future trends, a natal interpretation is required.  The natal promise is crucial because triggers to natal key points in one chart will not work out the same in another’s chart.  For brevity, this will be watered down drastically otherwise we can spend hours analyzing every point. 

In Putin’s natal chart, he is striving to attach to power and control in worldwide endeavors.  There is a hidden agenda disguised with softness, but in reality, there is secrecy and privacy.

The way this is carried out is through non-conformity.  The outcome is alienation.  This is a mixture of being alone on an island and feeling powerful but shunned by society.  The need for balance and encounters with others is needed, but feeling misunderstood and/or misunderstanding circumstances.  This is a blend of the Ascendant, planets in the 1st house, ruler placement, Sun, and MC ruler ala Wolfgang Doeberiener Munich Rhythms

Natal Pluto is the chart ruler and the focal point of a T square which can impel an individual to attack life with ferociousness.  A one-track mind is attempting to balance indulgences and social ability.  The usage of brutal force, control, psychological tactics, and manipulation, is used to overcome being thrown off the power.  Sometimes, this can be done via a hidden agenda disguised as charm and generosity. 

Many upcoming cycles raise concerns for Putin.  The following seven cycles barely scratch the surface.  One can write a book on each of the following cycles. It seems that Putin’s power may be transformed and possibly extinguished. 

Putin Forecast


First, by Solar Arc direction, Solar Arc Pluto is currently conjunct with his natal Ascendant.  Changes to the identity, physical body, and outlook in life undergo a radical transformation.  A rise or fall from power is a classic of this energy.  This is dependent on how the native has behaved.   Pluto’s theme around death and rebirth is strong.  I never forecast death because of ethical reasons.  A chart lives forever as one can measure cycles around it.  

These next eight weeks are pivotal for him as this cycle is nearing the exact pinnacle.  It has been in effect these last six months and will be in effect for another six months.

Next, the solar eclipse taking place during the third week of October is an aspect with his Ascendant exactly.  When forecasting Solar Eclipses, it is important to determine the type of eclipse.  Is the solar eclipse conjunction with the North Node or the South Node?    The North Node eclipse is more favorable.  South Node indicates a possible loss and dealing with issues from the past.  A South Node solar eclipse emphasizes the Sun more than the Moon, whereas, with the North Node conjunction, the emphasis is more on the Sun.

Lunations and eclipses are standalone in their own right.  In the first house, there is possible endangerment to health and the physical body because wherever the south node transits, it signifies possible loss.  The eclipse illuminates that as well.  Yet, all lunations and eclipses activate Progressions, Solar Arcs, and other Transits.  Here we have a confirmation to the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Ascendant.

Third, Putin was born with a Mars and Moon that were both out-of-bounds.  Mars is about to turn out-of-bounds.  The station of transiting Mars turning retrograde forming an opposition over his natal Mars wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it were the standard 3-day Mars cycle.  The general rule of thumb is that the longer the duration of a cycle, the more impact it has. With a station retrograde that has a similar flair to his natal position; this is significant and will last for 3 weeks.  This leads to increased violent, warlike, destructive, impulsive, and dangerous behavior that will be met with opposition.  Oppositions require balance and compromise.


Forth, the progressed lunation cycle Putin is on is a balsamic phase.  During this phase, the Moon is moving toward the darkness of the next New Moon.  One enters a time of liberation.  This phase is characterized by a feeling of winding down.  It’s time to surrender to the next chapter of life. In the final part of this stage, periods of reflection and withdrawal become a necessary process to allow the release of what needs clearance for rebirth.  Typically, one may think about the past, grieve, and heal.

The keywords for this transition phase are release, endings, surrender, withdrawal, retirement, detachment, call inward, deepening studies, inner work, rest, and solitude.

Fifth progressed Mars square Jupiter is a dangerous aspect that can result in war, fire, accidents, and injury if one behaves recklessly. It is triggering a fixed grand cross to Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto.  The natal T square previously mentioned becomes a grand cross while this configuration becomes active. Power struggles will require surrender.  This burdensome aspect can result in becoming trapped by circumstances, stubbornness, conflicts, stress, tension, disharmony, pressure, and strain. 

Sixth, Progressed Mars is Quincunx Uranus, impulsive actions lead to compromise, surrendering, adjusting, adapting, and sacrificing.  The Lunar Eclipse in November will accentuate this as well whereby reversals and surprises occur with possibly devastating consequences. 

Finally, whenever the progressed Moon conjuncts the Progressed Ascendant, an emotionally intensive milestone is reached leaving one feeling either supported or unsupported depending on the behavior leading to that moment.

This is a vulnerable period for Putin that may result in serious consequences, personal safety, and a fall from power.

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