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Progressed Lunation Cycle-Timing

The Progressed Lunation Cycle

Timing cycles are part of 28-year phases. There are around 2-3 in a lifetime. Each individual will experience a secondary progressed New Moon at some point in their life. This is estimated from the Progressed Sun to the Progressed Moon and becomes a highly individualized measurement that is divided into eight sections. The progressed Moon moves approximately 1 degree per month. Potent seeds for producing your life. Understanding what phase you are in now gives rise to understanding your full 28-year cycle ahead.

Similar to a monthly Moon cycle that farmers use to plant (Farmers Almanac,) the Moon cycle in a 28 year period can demonstrate the vibration you are on in terms of your career, financial, and relationship potentials.

The natal chart is stable.  The modifications are represented by the progressed chart.  Your chart grows, just like you.  In the progressed chart, the Moon is the quickest moving body. 

The Moon starts a waxing phase from a New to a Full Moon approximately every 27 – 28 days.  In progressions, each day equals 1 year.  The eight phases of the Moon are also applied in 27-28 year increments in your progressed chart as: New Moon, Crescent Moon, First Quarter, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, Last Quarter, and Balsamic Moon.  Note: this special cycle is Progressed to Progressed aspects; and they add precision to timing techniques like a charm.

The Progressed Lunation Cycle

New Moon: 0° – 44° ahead of the Sun.  Active period.  Sowing seeds.  Beginning over again.  Re-learning life. There may be a period of disorientation, confusion, or a sense of being in the dark. You may feel vulnerable, revived, eager, and enthusiastic.  You may start a new job, move, wed, divorce, or become a parent.  This positions the path for the next 28 years.  Keywords:  Emergence, beginnings, birth, potential. 

Crescent Moon: 45° – 89 ° ahead of the Sun.  Passive period.  Endeavors initiated on the New Moon grow.  The strong desire to thrust forward and expand is non-stop.  Situations may propel you out of your convenience spot.  The trail ahead may not be apparent, but there’s a sense that you must get rolling.  You may be trying out your plan, purifying it, and placing stronger foundations in place while gaining a more precise idea of where you are going.  Keywords:  Assertion, bravery, testing the waters.

First Quarter Moon 90° – 134° ahead of the Sun.  Active period. The first push towards victory.  This is a sweet spot.  There is often more money and opportunity as the Moon increases in light.  The square produces tension.  A crisis will result in action. Placing the support in place is crucial.  Keywords: Action, commitment, ordeals, crisis, outsource to get some help.  

Gibbous Moon 135° – 179° ahead of the Sun.  Passive period.  Gains, polishing, striving, and access to resources.  A sense of security is in the atmosphere.  You are starting to see how your efforts are producing.  If there was a loss in the first quarter, this phase may be marked by over-reaction or strain.  There’s haste to relieve distress, to try to force fruition.  If things went well at the quarter Moon, you may now be excited to see the results of your labors.  This can bubble over into impatience, drama, or overstretching.  Keywords: Expression, over-reaction, adjustment, adapting 

Full Moon Moon 180° – 134° ahead of the Sun.  Active period. Exposure, rise to the top.  You are in the spotlight.  Actions reach culmination.  Similar to the Full Moon in the monthly cycle, this represents a climax.  Feelings are intensified. Relationships with others may be pivotal.  You realize your goals or realize the idealism behind them. If this time is met with disappointment, this phase enables strategizing.  Keywords: Fruition, fulfillment, transparency, motivation, materialization, revelations.

Disseminating Moon 135° – 89° behind the Sun.  Passive period. Sharing, teaching, and giving back.  You acknowledge that you have changed and developed.  You put your talents to work, exhibit what you know, expend your privileges, and transfer your knowledge.  Experiences during this stage may question you to examine your knowledge of life to distill what you believe.  The Moon starts to wane (decrease in light).  Keywords:  Synthesis, demonstration, evaluation, sharing, productivity, allocation, integration, assimilation.

Last Quarter Moon 90° – 46° behind the Sun.  Active Period. There is a feeling of urgency to complete tasks as the Moon is decreasing in light.  A crossroad ahead where a predicament of consciousness may be reached.  You have gained maturity.  The challenge is whether to resume or start a process of releasing those things which no longer inspire you.  This phase needs confronting the truth and admitting when things have outgrown their effectiveness.  This duration of stress may require separating or restructuring.  It may feel like a final opportunity to make what you want in this revolution.  As the progressed Moon moves towards darkness, you may encounter a sense of void.  The void within buzzes you to recognize what must be removed to make room for new development in the end.  Keywords:  Re-orientation, adulthood, truth, restructuring, overindulgence.

Balsamic Moon is 45° – 1° behind the Sun.  Passive period.  Moving towards the darkness of the next New Moon.  You enter a time of liberation.  This phase is characterized by a feeling of winding down.  Now it’s time to let go and surrender to the next chapter of life. In the final part of this stage.  Periods of reflection and withdrawal will become a necessary process to allow you to release what needs clearance so that you are reborn.  You will find yourself thinking about the past, grieving, and healing.  This is a transition phase.  Keywords:  Release, endings, surrender, withdrawal, retirement, detachment, call inward, deepening studies, inner work, rest, solitude. 

Soon, you will be entering the New Moon phase and will re-embark on a new 28-year journey.  It is helpful to understand the phase of the Moon you were born in.  Some people that are more of a balsamic type may feel uncomfortable during a full moon period as they are more introverted.  Too much exposure for a person that desires privacy may become uncomfortable. Similarly, a person born when the Moon was waxing may feel unfamiliar during introverted periods. 

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