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Part 2 Psychic Testing Done Wrong Versus Right

PsychicsThe psychics undergoing our test process was shared in the previous article.  testing process we shared one of our evaluators experience in testing our psychic applicants.  In this issue, we share another evaluator whom we shall call “evaluator #2.”  There are some similarities to “evaluator 1.

From Coordinator 2:  My testing style on Psychics

When I perform test reading evaluations on the APN, accuracy in the present or past circumstances are very important for me.  At the same time, I like directions being followed. To me, what an applicant says on the phone word for word is magnified even more if it were a client.  So I treat every nuance with the utmost care.

Prior to working in the HR department on APN, I worked in HR for a well known governmental agency.  So screening for skill and authenticity has always been my forte. Surely, I’ve had instances where applicants do not live up to standards. Example:  I’ve had an instance where an applicant was reading from a book.  My “testing muscles” have been exercised so many times that I can immediately tell.  With great amusement, I know what to say to as a trigger to throw them off track as this is what I was trained to do working prior to APN.

For the most part, psychic skills always shine through instantly.  I keep an open mind to the fact that not everyone is going to connect with me on a level that may seem perfect.  The reason for that is because chemistry between 2 people always dictates.  In those circumstances, a second test may be more appropriate with another evaluator.  I have 3 choices: yes, no, maybe.  The maybe choice is only if the reading was just ok.  That is when another evaluator will conduct another evaluation and have my notes on why it was a maybe.  Sometimes it can be an easy pass for the 2nd evaluator.  Perhaps it was due to the time of the day, the chemistry with a different evaluator, or more confidence set in.

Finally, I am the first to admit that I am not the easiest to read.  To some I may come across as too “by the rules.”  However, if one can do a reading for me, then the toughest client will be a breeze to read.

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