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Psychic Testing Done Wrong Versus Right

Psychic ReadersScreening Psychic Readers for hire is a process. On Absolutely Psychic we have always shared our philosophy about the test reading evaluation we conduct for Psychic applicants. We would like to detail this process as this week we heard about a testing procedure on an adviser platform which we will refer to as Sign Up.

Sign Up has been around for close to 18 years. In the beginning anyone could sign up by undergoing the same process for an email address or user account. It would take little time by filing out a few fields on a web page and uploading a profile. Presto! The sign up person would then be labeled as a Psychic.

After many years of operating, Sign Up has decided to test their already existing Psychic readers by first testing their language skills and their computer skills in their site navigation. On the one hand, I personally can appreciate any testing process.  I support quality control from time to time. Also, I will support a language test as good communication is vital. Yet, when their multiple choice tests asked the test taker (experts billed as Psychics) “the proper reflexive form of the verb” I find that to be irrelevant to Psychic ability.

I will also support operational procedure quality control. So surely if Sign Up found it necessary to test their “psychic experts” on where to click on their website for customer service, I can appreciate efficiency. However, these tests have nothing whatsoever to do with Psychic ability.

Well, it now came to my attention that they are sending multiple choice tests to quiz for Psychic ability. Though Sign Up has a right to handle their affairs however they see fit, I share my point of view on this from an industry prospective after being on the Board of  Directors for 2 prior networks since 1988. Yet the testing procedure Sign Up is conducting is useless for evaluating Psychic Ability. If I quizzed my doctor on my car, it would be absurd! I go to the doctor for my health. I go to my mechanic for my car maintenance.

Clients go to Psychic Readers because of their Psychic ability. If they know what reflexive format of a verb or pronoun,  great! Yet it is not going to make the psychic ability any better.

When we receive a psychic application on Absolutely Psychic, we will review the application to determine if we are interested in going to the next level.

If it goes into the testing process, one of our 4 testing coordinators will schedule via email a telephone appointment one on one LIVE. In my opinion that live test is the true way to determine psychic ability, professionalism, language skills, interpersonal skills, and talent.

In this series we invite some of our coordinators to chime in on the process as well as my take on what makes testing effective.

From Coordinator 1: Testing a psychic is a breeze and fun experience. I look at as auditioning a singer. Instantly the moment the singer starts to sing it’s obvious if they are talented or not. It’s that simple. When I test a psychic, I tell them straight out, I want to know what you see for me for the next few months in business and relationships. We do not provide date of births or Astrology signs. If Tarot will be used, that is fine. However, since this is a reading and not a class, I will request that we do not get bogged down with technical information. Please avoid technical lingo such as “The Queen of Cups is reversed.” Translate what that means. When I go to the doctor I need to be spoken to in plain understandable language. Save the medical-ease for the classroom and/or colleagues. Clients do not want a lesson in Tarot. They only want answers. It’s that simple. Down deep inside I know that some readers show off their technical knowledge to mask their insecurities. We need to get passed that. Sometimes there are rare exceptions.

Those first few seconds of the testing process usually tells me a lot while I’m filing out the testing form. If the Psychic accurately  described a past or present situation, feeling, energy, another person, time period, event, I am impressed. Also, reading style demonstrates a lot too. It is a multi-layered experience. It isn’t rocket science. Simply put, the moment Susan Boyle sang at her audition, in an instant her talent shined. That video is on YouTube. This is no different. Talent speaks louder than words in the doing.

It is very common that taking a test can be nerve racking. I assure all psychic applicants that we appreciate their time and this process will remain a positive experience. We are not there to critique them on their talent. Surely if they do well, we will offer constructive tips to improve their performance.

Finally, the most important idea for me while testing an applicant is how I would feel if I were a client receiving that reading. After all, this is for our clients; it must render quality. I like getting a Psychic Reading. However, I will only love a good Psychic Reading that hit points on the dot. If I equated this to eating a pastry, some pastries would be ok while others would be so delicious that I’d like to have more. The same concept applies here. This is a no-brainer simple and fun process for me.

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