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Taurus Sun Virgo Moon

 Taurus Sun Virgo Moon -The Detailed Materializer – The Sun in Taurus Moon in Virgo combination suggests a personality that is financially detailed and ambitious enough to put in the extra work to manifest those long-term and short-term goals. This combination is strong for financial day-to-day routines and re-adjustments. 

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Tarot Card Superstitions

Tarot Card Readings

Tere are many superstitions and traditions surrounding the practice of reading the Tarot.  These are the views of a longtime Tarot Reader, and may not be shared by all Tarot Readers.

The first practice starts with getting the deck, itself. It is customary for the Tarot Cards to be given as a gift. Buying a deck for myself will give me pretty cards, but without influences. My first deck was the traditional Rider-Waite deck, given to me by my boyfriend’s mother. The cards came in a container with a little book full of definitions and spreads. This is still the deck I use to this day, and get the best results with. I have been given other decks, and I have purchased some.

The one I purchased was gorgeous, colorful and well thought out.  However, using them for readings did not work for me.  Most Tarot Readers readily give decks to others.  I have given that colorful deck away and many more Tarot decks over the years.  This spirit of giving and sharing gives good energy to the cards.

The next tradition is card protection.  The Tarot cards are very absorbent of surrounding energies.  Many superstitions and methods surround protecting the deck from interfering vibes.  One method is wrapping the cards in a silk cloth when not in use.  Another is keeping decks away from electronic devices to avoid EMF exposure.  And lastly, guarding against negative people and their energies around the cards. 

The third tradition is cleansing the deck.  Many times after a reading the cards may feel unclean, as if the energies from the reading are still lingering in the deck.  A good shuffle will cleanse out those vibes.  I like to smear the cards all over the table and swish them around when they feel especially tainted.  Every month, many readers place their cards outside under the full moon.  Along with charging crystals, the full moon energy charges the cards with purifying energy.  Another method popular with readers is using smoke to clean the cards.  I will light some incense, and hover the deck over the smoke, shuffling them slightly.  The smoke will purify and energize the deck.

Every Tarot Reader adapts their traditions and superstitions, which are just as unique as they are.  It takes several years to develop skills in reading, plus an innate gift of powerful intuition to understand the messages in the cards.

Lotus Tarot Card Reading

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