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Mercury Retrograde 4/1-4/25

During Mercury retrograde in Aries, expect turbulence and volatility. Aries, known for its direct and forceful communication style, amplifies these traits, often leading to heated disputes fueled by emotions and obscure facts.

In such times, it’s vital to maintain composure when expressing thoughts and emotions. With Mercury retrograde in Aries, tensions can flare up rapidly, demanding a measured approach to communication to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts.

Making decisions before thinking thoroughly is classic with Mercury in Aries. But on a positive note, retrograde, the thinking process kicks in to full gear.

Practice active listening to avoid talking over others, fostering a conducive environment for meaningful dialogue. Email communication may prove advantageous, allowing for reflection before conveying thoughts.

On April 15, Mercury retrograde conjuncts Chiron offering words that heal, however, it can also hurt.

April 19 sees Mercury retrograde conjuncts Venus. This encourages heartfelt expressions despite challenges in finding the right words.

On April 25, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the North Node for the final time which facilitates a cleared assessment of future prospects.

In astrology, Mercury is associated with communication, technology, and travel.  When it goes into retrograde, communication can become more difficult, misunderstandings and delays can occur, and technology and transportation may experience more glitches and breakdowns.

Financial negotiations may be stalled.  Previous budgeting strategies may undergo re-evaluation.  You may either repurpose possessions that were sitting in a cabinet.  Technical glitches may occur or the lifespan of equipment may reach its finality.

This is not the time to apply for a loan, mortgage, credit card, etc.  Although it is an ideal period for reflecting on your financial goals and reviewing finances, save your ideas for execution until Mercury turns direct.  By then, you will have more ideas or information. 

Everyone is impacted by retrograde Mercury.  Depending on the location of where Mercury is transiting through your chart determines the area of life. This is based on your full chart which is determined by your hour of birth as well as your date and location of birth. 

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