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Global Forecast Part 1

Mars Retrograde

Global Forecast Forecasts are here now! There are quite a few advancements and changes in store for 2021. The most difficult portion of 2021 will be the 2nd and 3rd week of January as there are quite a few inflictions with Mars. Expect rallies and scandals to increase. Mars can bring fights, upheavals, disagreements, violence, and infections. Mental and emotional volatility will be taking place.  

January 10 thru the end of the month will be the most challenging.  There will be some shock felt too.  Unexpected shocks and devastations are anticipated with Jupiter and Uranus in aspect.  This combination can bring about rare instances, volatility, earthquakes, tsunamis, and difficult weather.  More importantly, it can bring out concealed information such as secrets or surreptitious activity.

There are shifts in energies that will be seen and felt.  In 2020 we had Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Cardinal Signs (Aries and Capricorn.)  These energies are associated with doing and starting.  The changes into fixed signs (Taurus and Aquarius) bring more resilience, determination, perseverance, and creativity to work through situations.  The unyielding energy will supply power and strength to push through. 

2021 shows more promise regarding Covid-19.  Getting through January will be important.

From February 1- March 3, Saturn will be square Uranus resulting in important financial changes.  During this time there are changes to banking, economic impacts will be felt, and there can be some downward trends.  However, this is not a bad thing.  Remember, buy low, sell high.  Moving to a more conservative portfolio before February 1 is favorable.  Wall Street is going to have volatility.  Though this improves by March, this cycle repeats later during the summer.  Also, bear in mind, that this is a global forecast.  Individual forecasts have very little to do with global.  Remember, some people thrive in times that others do not. 

With regards to Covid-19, improvements are coming in after the end of January.  March is more promising.  The cycles present at the time of Covid were what deemed “hard” aspects from Uranus and Saturn even if it was only a semi-square.  Together they bring odd illnesses.  Saturn will be in aspect to both of these planets both minor and major aspects.  On a positive note, Saturn can bring structure, order, regulation, and discipline.  We can look forward to more vaccines, vaccine distribution improvements, and more.  Yet, some of these cycles enter in January.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a glimpse into this earlier.

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