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Rabbi Robert Bleier- Daughter Yocheved Schiffer Criminal Thief!

Brooklyn, New York: Rabbi Robert Bleier’s daughter, Yocheved has accumulated over 10 hours of talk time with our advisors. Prostitution, Drugs, and Money Roll! Yocheved admitted to her husband’s hidden life. Yocheved stated that her husband has money hidden in different countries, money laundering, and other illegal practices. Yet, Samuel was a Rabbi?

Samuel Schiffer, Yocheved Belier’s husband, has a retraining order on her. Yocheved has accumulated over 10 hours of talk time with our advisors. Apparently, she was using her husband’s credit cards with Commerce Bank. The card number changed on 3 occasions on a 6 week period. Samuel threated Commerce Bank and disputed over 60 transactions at our business. As a retaliation against his wife, he is refusing her charges.

Yet these are Orthodox Jewish individuals that practice a religion falsely. They have stolen from our business. In the Orthodox faith, theft is not permitted.

For Commerce Bank to condone such practices is equally corrupt. Enclosed are the recordings to all her calls. The total is over 9 hours of audio footage.. Together they are part of Highfield Holdings, LLC 199 Community Drive, Great Neck NY owners of High Field Gardens Care Center