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Love in the Hands – Palmistry

There are a few indicators that need to be considered when looking at the dominant hand palm print for insights on love in Palmistry. Below are some very general things to look for. To cover all of Palmistry in this article would not be possible nor would it do it any justice. There are a few general things to look for.

The size hand is vital, as well as the shape of the hand. The type of hand is classified into 4 categories: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Notice that this classification is also used in Astrology. In Palmistry it carries a similar meaning. A person may be born under a fire sign and their hand may fall into a different category.

Fire hands are usually long palms; these natives take action in relationships. Earth hands are short; these natives are dependable and practical. Water hands tend to have long fingers; these natives carry a lot of empathy and emotion in their hands. Finally, Air hands are thin and square; these natives seek a mental connection.

The Venus mount by the thumb is an important area to inspect. In this mount, we can see the family, desire, love in one’s life, and romance. Markings on the palm such as crosses, islands, lines, stars, and other points along with timing give an idea of what love will be like.

Another area to inspect for love is the Girdle of Venus. It is located under the ring and middle finger. It makes a smile. It is a line of creativity as well. Some old textbooks give this line a bum rap stating it is insatiable and promiscuous. Yet not everyone has a prominent Girdle of Venus and yet still has a prominent and functional love life. Another factor to consider is the type of the lines and marks associated will give more insight to love life.

Some say that this marking can make the native highly strung with and nervous temperament. The native is super sensitive and may get easily upset, restless, and susceptible to mood swings. Charles Manson had a robust Girdle of Venus, yet we need to factor in the entire person. Not everyone that has this type of prominence is like Charles Manson!

The Marriage Line in Palmistry indicates the married life of the person. Typically it is found under the index finger. A gypsy myth spread, stating that the number of Marriage Lines would determine how many times a person would get married. However, this is not the case. Not everyone has a marriage line and still gets married. It is essential to see how this line (like any line) connects to the other lines which determine the fate and the characters attracted.

Some general guidelines:

a) The shorter the length of the middle finger, the shorter the commitment terms for the native

b) Curved Heart Line ending directly under the index finger usually has high standards.

c) Sloping lines under the heart indicate disappointments in love

d) Crosses under the index finger indicate a happy union.

It is also important to note that there is an Eastern and Western schools of thought when it comes to Palmistry. Sometimes the Westerners borrow from the East.

In the next few articles, I will cover finances in the palm.

In the next few articles, I will cover finances in the palm.

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