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Clues to Relationship Breaking Ups

Relationships? Deciding to end a relationship can be a difficult and complex process, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, there are some common signs that may indicate that it’s time to end a relationship. Here are a few:

Lack of communication or frequent arguments: If you find that you and your partner are no longer communicating effectively or are constantly arguing, it may be a sign that the relationship is no longer healthy or fulfilling.
Different values or goals: If you and your partner have different values, beliefs, or goals, it can create significant tension and conflict in the relationship.
Loss of trust or respect: If trust or respect has been broken in the relationship, it can be difficult to rebuild, and it may be a sign that the relationship has run its course.
Feeling unhappy or unfulfilled: If you feel consistently unhappy or unfulfilled in the relationship, despite efforts to improve it, it may be a sign that it’s time to move on.
Lack of intimacy or emotional connection: If you and your partner have lost the emotional or physical intimacy that once existed in the relationship, it may be a sign that you have grown apart and it’s time to end the relationship.

It’s important to remember that ending a relationship is a personal decision, and you should consider your own feelings and circumstances before making any decisions. It may also be helpful to seek the advice and support of a trusted friend during this process.

Relationship Astrology Charts

Several elements in Astrology can define love compatibility between two people. The inter aspects one chart causes to another person’s planets are the most important tool to use.

There is another tool that can supply more facts on the relationship. The Composite Chart averages both charts into one, hence a relationship chart.


Sometimes added guarantees might contain surplus information by looking at just the inter-aspects. I have seen where it has provided detail that could have been neglected when investigating the inter-aspects.

Other times the Composite Chart may magnify a critical aspect that may be very dominant in one party’s chart that severely impacts the relationship.

For example, I have seen compatibility between two people that seemed just okay. Yet, the Composite Chart seemed very promising. In this case, it helped provide detail on where they can improve their relationship. I have seen the reverse, where compatibility was incredibly harmonious. However, the Composite Chart was bland, indicating where challenges needed attention.

The best part of the Composite Chart is for timing. I have seen Composite Charts indicate altering events the relationship such as pregnancy, divorce, and another significant impact. The timing was on-point.

In my opinion, Composite Charts should only be used when a time of birth is available for both parties.

The Composite Chart for Donald Trump’s first two marriages show enriching details. 

Relationship Astrology
Donald and Ivana Trump


Donald’s relationship with Ivana seemed more like a very compulsive relationship. Power struggles, domination, manipulation, arguments, heated disagreements over money, sex was daily. The divorce came through when Uranus and Neptune where square the composite Ascendant in March 1992. Many of these themes come from Ivana’s side, where she was born with Venus opposite Pluto. Control and power are potent themes she carries in any relationship. Also, I may slightly round up another aspect most would view, the past separation quincunx Venus made to the Moon because this aspect is in Donald’s chart. This aspect will make him overly critical, emotional, and demand perfection in the relationship.

Too, I can round up the square Venus makes to Pluto because those two planets are in Ivana’s chart.  This relationship is very volatile, dramatic, and aggressive. Some would define this as abusive. When factoring Venus and Pluto, I can also factor in Venus and Saturn in the composite. This relationship may bring a lot of added responsibilities that may result in neglect for each other’s needs.  More importantly, this can also bring ongoing threats of abandonment and coercion.

The ascendant of the composite is in Libra. The ruler, Venus, is in the 7th house firmly placed in the sign of Taurus, its ruler. Some would even marvel at it being in a strong house, the 7th house, because it’s the house of partnerships and love.  On the surface, this appears as a power couple. But the big problem with this composite ruler is that there is a Quincunx to natal Jupiter. This aspect was a big problem for the couple. Feelings of dissatisfaction, instability, dishonesty, and infidelity are rampant.

Relationship Astrology
Donald Trump and Marla Maples


After having such a tumultuous relationship with Ivana, I’m sure Donald desired something more peaceful and less emotionally charged.  Hence, he settled with Marla Maples.

His relationship with Marla seemed more like a friendship. It lacked romantic sparks. Though the link had devotion and dedication, it lacked the spark that was needed to keep the relationship going. The divorce came through when Saturn was opposite the 7th Composite Chart house in June 1999. Emotionally, this relationship was a huge problem. The Moon is in the weakest point in the Composite Chart. The Moon in Marla’s chart prefers emotional detachment. Donald may have supported this, especially since his relationship with Ivana may have been overly high-strung. Donald has a complicated Moon in his chart.  Emotional bonding may seem complicated for him. The lack of emotional intimacy may seem safe. However, he will get bored immediately once it becomes routine.  

I wish I could use Melania’s chart. Hopefully, her time of birth may be available someday. Some inter-aspects can be analyzed with only her date of birth indicate several relationship problems.  

In this case, can there be a divorce for Donald? The short answer is yes. That information is from just looking at his chart.

Composite charts are excellent for providing additional detail as long as the process doesn’t skip the inter-aspects between two people; the particulars supplied by it are enriching.

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