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The Truth: Donald and Ivana Relationship Compatibility


Love Astrology: When examining inter-aspects between 2 Astrological charts, we need to inspect every planetary and point position from one chart to the other person’s planets.

Some combinations are not recommended. Also, some aspects immediately leap out as most consequential. In the case of Donald and Ivana Trump, each of their Suns land in each other’s 7th house. This is a powerful combination and can drive for a long-lasting relationship or result in a permanent bond. It is also a secure placement for being public in the relationship. Even though Donald and Ivana divorced, they have remained friends.

We should factor in the needs of each other from the 7th house, as demonstrated last week.  Ivana has Taurus on the 7th house; she needs stability, consistency, and communication.  Her problem is that the power struggles, control, domination, and issues beyond her control are intense as Pluto opposes Venus.  The significant conflict is that Donald’s Pluto is very close to her Pluto as it would be for anyone slightly younger/older than her.  This will trigger this aspect even more.  So their relationship faced many problems over domination.

Ivana’s Jupiter to Donald’s Venus/Saturn aspects can bring healing to those wounds, but they also expand those themes because Jupiter enlarges anything it touches.  The reason for healing is because it can bring an understanding of an underlying issue.  More importantly, for a relationship to glue, it needs Saturn.  If it weren’t for this aspect, it would be hard for her to pin down Donald.

One of the most harmonious aspects of this combination is her Venus trine to his Sun/Uranus conjunction.  This is an immediate attraction where each is captivated by the other. I’m sure Donald felt, “Love at first sight.”  Venus’ beauty, appeal, and magnetic quality can bring two people together.

Ivana’s Ascendant is precisely conjunct with his 4th house.  This appears to have a strong connection or resemblance to his mother.  Like the mother, his ex-wife has heightened emotional life as her Moon makes two squares in her chart.  These squares are an issue because they indicate problems with jumping too quickly into situations without considering consequences as well as making decisions that are problematic to her wishes.  Since it squares a planet in Pisces, it will force having to make sacrifices to her dreams, desires, and hopes.

I bring up the Moon because it squares Donald’s Ascendant.  They are different signs, but they are out of sign squares, which will magnify Donald’s Leo rising as overly dramatic and critical versus Ivana’s outspoken and intensive nature.  This relationship has much emotional volatility.  Aside from the fact that Donald had an affair with Marla Maples, they outgrew each other years prior and held on to the relationship to keep face in public.  Surely, Astrology can demonstrate how and why two people outgrow each other.  The technique behind that is in secondary progressions in comparison to the other person.  Also, there is a technique in progressing the Composite Chart.

In the derived house system, the 7th house indicates the first spouse.  The 9th house indicates the 2nd spouse.  The 11th house indicates the 3rd spouse.  It keeps jumping two houses each time a person is married or resides with a mate.

Surely the 7th house is the main house for the relationship.  The derived house system will show what the native is searching for in a new mate.  It will also give details about that mate.

Though the above may seem technical, it is rich with details in analyzing a relationship.  I deliberately went in reverse order because many enjoy jumping to just the relationship chart.  Understanding each person’s needs, fate, and character is more vital to understand the inter aspects as that will demonstrate the true compatibility.  The Composite Chart, in my opinion, is like an excellent polish that is best saved for last as an option, it is not a requirement.  However, it should not become a substitute for an examination of more significant comparisons.

Earlier I stated that there might be times where a Composite Chart may show difficulties that may not stand out with inter-aspects.  When this happens, it is because there is a natal aspect in a person’s chart that needs attention and it is reflected in most relationships.

Next time we will explore Donald’s inter-aspects with Marla Maples.

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