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Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship Analysis #2 Davison Composite Chart

The 2nd type of Composite chart, the Davison Composite Chart (DCC), is not as famous as the Midpoint Composite Chart (MCC). I like to use it because it lives in date, time, and space. It averages both dates and comes up with a new one that mirrors the relationship. If there is an age difference between the couple, the date will appear before one party in the relationship. Abundant details are visible In Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s Relationship analysis.

As always, each individual natal chart must be analyzed in terms of the natal promise for each party in the relationship. Please refer back to Will’s natal chart, Jada’s natal chart, and the inter-aspects .

This type of composite chart is for determining what is outside the relationship (children, relatives, finances, etc.) The zodiac signs can be used.  I like to use this chart to look at other strong aspects such as Out of Bounds and Declinations.  A factor that is not possible in the Midpoint Composite Chart instantly shows up with this couple.  Jada and Will both have Venus in Libra natally.  Each has a loving nature that revolves around tact, diplomacy, fairness, equality, harmony, and kindness.  In the MCC, the couple’s Venus would show up in Libra.  However, in the DCC, the couple’s Venus shows up in Aries which may show up as impatient, tactless, jumping into situations before thinking, and more importantly, self vested interests.  Each may view the relationship in terms of what it is in it for “me” instead of us. 

Will has Venus opposite Saturn bringing discomfort and hard work when it comes to love.  Also, in his natal chart, he has the ruler of the 7th in fall position quincunx Saturn in Aries.  The discomfort of this relationship heightens Will’s fears more than Jada’s.  Saturn in Aries has learning lessons around sharing. Briefly, I cover only the top 4 DCC aspects for Will and Jada Smith. Each of these aspects deserves a chapter. This will be a watered-down rendition. For the sake of brevity, many other aspects are not covered as it would become a book.

If we go back to the MCC, we notice there was a stellium in the 8th house.  Take a look at the chart ruler for the DCC is in the 8th house. This once again highlights the previously mentioned 8th house themes. 

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship

We then see Plutonian themes resurface with Pluto paralleling the Midheaven in the DCC.   This relationship is labeled the power couple.  Yet, much of this is twisted for the media.  Power struggles and tight control impacts this relationship.  This relationship can feel like an actual routine and monotonous job in itself. 

Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct the Midheaven opposite Jupiter will generate deep ambitions, hard work, and heightened sexuality.  Since this relationship is about media and public image, there are issues connecting with each other harmoniously. This relationship takes time and hard work as promised by Saturn. They will elevate each other career-wise and prioritize career over any other area of life.  This can be extremely difficult with timing as Saturn is about the clock. When one partner is busy, the other is available and vice-versa.  Interestingly enough, when we examine Jada’s Mars, it is on Will’s Midheaven. I believe this theme is brought on more by Jada than Will.

Saturn/Mars combinations can bring about a very committed relationship that may be fueled by “all or nothing” narrow-mindedness Jupiter in Scorpio opposition as an omen.  Yet, it brings balance and opportunity to make this work.  Career pursuits impact the amount of time spent together.  Balance is the key to getting this to work as this relationship may find itself on one end of the spectrum and then on the opposite end of the spectrum at other times.  Bickering and disagreeing are common with this combination. 

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith Relationship Aspects

Sun quincunx Jupiter can have issues with sexuality.  These issues can come in the form of repetition, delays, and minimal satisfaction.  The technical pairing can have difficulty with growth, literally or figuratively.  By no means does this mean there are issues for erectile dysfunction, however, the potential is there, especially since the Sun is placed in the 8th house. This is further themed with Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde.  Themes around master/slave and domination may become themes in their sex lives.

Mercury quincunx Jupiter has communication barriers in terms of being understood and valued. One may feel minimized or unheard.  Agreeing, compromising, and negotiating are major obstacles requiring adjusting and adapting to each other.  Currently, Uranus is on the MC of this chart and the media is having a field day regarding the couple.  This continues for a while especially with the upcoming eclipse in May 2022. So for the next 5-6 months, there is more media and press regarding the couple.

A first look at Will’s and Jada’s natal forecasting needs to be evaluated. Then we can layer the following forecasting aspects to the DCC.

Currently, Uranus is on the MC of this chart and the media is having a field day regarding the couple.  This continues for a while especially with the upcoming eclipse in May 2022.  So for the next 5-6 months, there is more media and press regarding the couple.

Transiting Saturn is in the 7th house brings more hard work in the marriage.  Yet, I think the one that may have more difficulty with this is Jada because she was born with Saturn in the 7th.  There may be difficulties in the relationship where there are changes and adjustments to finances.  However, there may be concerns over privacy and a change in the home may be required as an invasion of privacy is likely.  This can be a move or adding a major security system within the home, or both.  I would caution this couple in the event they have any private video footage to guard as there is potential for exposure.

In summary, many repeated themes show up in Jada’s chart, Will’s chart, the inter-aspects between both, and the composite chart that illustrate significant communication roadblocks.  This obstacle will need reparation for this relationship to last.  The worst thing one can ever do in this relationship is to give up communicating to prevent further heated disagreements.  Relearning how to communicate with each other is a major step toward improving this relationship.

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