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Finding Missing Objects- Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is a branch of Astrology that responds very specific inquiries the moment a question is asked. One’s birth chart is not needed. Instead, a chart is calculated the moment the question is asked. “Will I get the job at ABC?” “Will Pat and I break up?” are classic horary types of questions. This chapter of Astrology is ideal for giving a reading for clients without an accurate birth time. Also, “Where are is missing Ring?” falls into this department of Astrology. 

Though I had successful and unsuccessful attempts in finding missing objects, I do not classify myself as a specialist for missing objects. I much rather practice the usual long term love cycles, business, relocation, relationship analysis, setting dates and times. 

In the middle of one many moves, I misplaced my diploma. I went through every box several times. Foolishly I looked in places out of frustration. After giving up, I then decided to calculate a Horary Chart. The answer suggested inside a closet, around the colors red and green. When I opened the door, happily I found the diploma. However, it wasn’t the diploma I was looking for! I gave up and decided to order an official duplicate. Also, this is when I developed my philosophy for missing objects. 

Though a horary chart is valid for finding missing objects, I believe its more important to view if the object will be found versus finding it. Determining if one will find a missing object is much easier to answer then where it actually can be hiding. After all, one can ask “Where is it?” What if it describes some recycle bin in the middle of nowhere? 

The technical rule of thumb is that missing objects are ruled by the Second House of the Horary chart drawn to represent the question. The chart is calculated the moment the Astrologer receives the question in live format. Also, it is drawn in the location for Astrologer answering the question. 

Some Examples in Analyzing the Chart

a) Ruler of the 2nd is in the 6th house – The missing object may be at work.
b) Ruler of the 2nd in the 3rd house – The missing object may be in a car. 
c) Ruler of the 2nd in the 11th house – A friend may have it. 

If the ruler of the 2nd house is retrograde, the missing object will be returned. 

The chart can be divided into North / South / East / West. Planets in their respective zodiacal signs have color attributes. 

Though the above basics are standard, this is the one area of Horary Astrology that many of my colleagues often do not like to attempt. I do use Horary for non missing object questions that give concrete, accurate answers. Together coupled with a natal chart, tons of detail is readily made available. However, missing objects, is a nebulous topic. What if the object is found 20 years after one has ordered a duplicate or has completely given up? As most people, I to prefer having solid tangibles for now and the immediate 2- 3 year time frame.

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