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Donald and Marla Relationship Compatibility

Donald and Marla

Donald and Marla Astrology

Even if a connection is bland, it needs some form of 7th-house connection for binding. In the case of Donald and Marla, Marla’s Moon joins to Donald’s 7th house. The 7th house is the house of partnership. The qualities of the Moon supply help and nurturance. So Marla provided some form of nurturance and support by courting him. She respected and understood his needs and tried to provide emotional support.

Her Venus Quincunx his Uranus: The issues these 2 in combination bring are: demands, control, freedom versus attachment, and ongoing adapting and adjusting. It’s a never-ending failed compromise.

Marla may have disliked being in the public eye with Donald. Whereas Donald’s relationship with Ivana had a trine aspect making it harmonious when it came to enjoyment of the spotlight.

Marla’s Mars square Donald’s Mars/Ascendant aspect: This can bring clashes of the will, ongoing arguments, and frustrations.

He was missing 7th house planets for Marla. Donald didn’t have any of his planets in Marla’s 7th house, so there is a clear lack of fulfillment. Worse, Donald’s planets didn’t reach Marla’s 5th house of romance.

In reviewing Marla’s chart, she is very ambitious and career-oriented. The ruler of her 7th is in the 2nd, so she needs a mate that can provide financial support as well as support her worth and talent. Though Donald may have been able to provide her with financial abundance, there were issues with this connection having a special spark.

When I review their Composite Chart, there are additional pieces of confirmation that indicate this relationship never had luster. First, the composite Saturn is in the 7th house. This configuration suggests hard work and dimmed sparks in the relationship. Then the ruler of the 7th, Venus, is in the fall sign of Virgo. Furthermore, the Composite Chart Moon is in Capricorn in harsh aspects, making the emotional life non-existent. The Moon in Capricorn can be all business and construed as cold.

I’m sure Donald involved himself with Marla to have a relationship with less emotional volatility. His relationship with Ivana had too much drama. So having something more emotionally detached was something he was yearning for. However, he got too much friendship instead of a mate.

This combination is better suited for friends, co-workers, and neighbors, or business partners. Indeed, this duo combination not recommended for one for love partners.
I can conclude that Donald’s relationship with Ivana may have been stronger and more emotionally intimate than it was with Marla.

Some sharp critical opinions would write this relationship off as a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy. However, Astrology does not judge, nor does it write anything off. It only describes where the potentials best lie and the full energies associated.

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