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Part 3 Psychic Testing Done Wrong Versus Right

Psychic Reading

Psychic Testing: In the last few weeks, we analogized our Psychic applicant testing practices to a business whom we referred to as “Sign Up.” We marked them Sign Up because anyone could sign up to be a Psychic on their website.

Recently, Sign Up has administered multiple-choice tests to their Psychic staff regardless of the number of years listed. We had to chime in and state that a multiple-choice test has disadvantages, especially when the psychic and prospective candidate is taking the test online from the comfort of his/her home.

Indeed, anyone can take a test on another’s behalf. Also, such an analysis is an open book test. Anyone can “Google” answers to questions.

More importantly, a multiple-choice test on the Tarot seems ineffective. We heard about such a test that contained questions such as: “How many cards are in a Tarot deck?” “What does a card in a reversed position of a card mean?” and “What does the Tower card represent?”

Education and knowledge are never wasted efforts. We believe there is a fine line between theory versus application of any art or science. Surely application wins out at the end of the day. .Most definitely, a talent reader will have enough desire to know the technical. A good reading is always solid. Even if a reader can answer all those multiple-choice questions correctly, it will not make the reader extraordinary.

This is why on AbsoluteyPsychic.com we schedule a 1 on 1 telephone test with the Psychic applicant. They have to provide a reading for us. We tell them, “I need information on XYZ. What do you see? ” This is very similar to a singer on American Idol. It’s a cut and dry process. If the singer sounds great, then they may win. The same concept applies to our testing. Was there skill, accuracy, and real talent in work. It is a no-brainer.

When we hear about multiple tests administered by Sign-Up, it sparks our passion for speaking up about this because a company’s procedure does not make it an industry standard.

I can go out on a limb and give my humble opinion about this. More than likely, the reason why such a multiple-choice test exists is that they are testing over 700 Psychics at once. Automation saves time and money.

Remember those standardized tests such as SAT’s, GMAT, etc.? Back in my days, we used a number 2 pencil to fill in the bubble for those types of multiple-choice tests on a scorecard. Those cards were placed into a device slot that would immediately grade by the answer. There wasn’t an instructor to grade the card. It saves time! The same concept applies to Sign Up.

Finally, it came to my attention that Sign Up charged their registered Psychic readers an administrative fee upon registration. Gosh, I can chew this in a million pieces. I can state that from an ethical point of view, this is questionable. 99.999% of all employment never charge a fee unless equipment or merchandise is exchanged.

I believe every company has the right to structure the process that works for them. Our industry has been a niche. I share my opinion because I’m from the dinosaur era from a previous Psychic Network in the late ’80s and early ’90s. I think outside the box and know there are always multiple ways to complete a task. However, I have never seen an open book multiple-choice test as a screening process for Psychic ability in working 37 years of being in this industry. Be sure to check  part 1 and part 2 in this series.

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