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Psychic Website Throwback! LOL!!

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Website  Site 2012
Psychic Site in 2005
Website  2005
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Website 2003
Psychic Website 2001
Website 2001

Psychic website trip down memory lane for sure!  In looking back over the years at all the re-designs the Absolutely Psychic Network’s website  has undergone is like going thru a high school year book and discovering big hair, mullets, and shoulder pads!  Sure, we cringe, laugh, and smile.

There’s a myriad of thoughts that go through our minds.  “What we’re we thinking!” “Did we really look like that that!”  “Yikes!”  Then we sit back and take a breathe and feel the joy and gratitude from all the growth.

We have come a long way.  Originally Absolutely Psychic was just a dot com psychic website.  Things changed once we launched the telephone division close to a year and a half after launching.  We knew instantly the Psychic Telephone Readings would always be the center of the industry.  Why?  Because that was in its roots.  Chat readings were trendy.  Mostly chatroom readings have faded.    Now there are applets for chat readings.  Yet, the centerpiece for Psychic Readings are always on the phone.

Chat / text  readings have a place and have many wonderful advantages.  The downfall is the extra technology that needs to be understood by both ends (the Psychic and the client.)  Also if other pieces of technology interfere in the connectivity, it can result in a time lag.  On a realistic note, it takes less time to speak a sentence than type it out.  For this reason we have always been more pro-telephone readings.

Unlike our network, many psychic websites that focus on just chat readings do not even test their psychics.  The challenge is that anyone can hide behind a computer and not really be that great. Yet, get them on the phone and you can instantly tell if they are a good psychic or not.  Behind a computer screen lies another life which is a mystery.  On the phone however, that is much harder to conceal.

Our phone network in itself has been thru more upgrades, enhancements, than we could ever list.  More than the website. In fact, the phone network is a stand alone network as no website was ever needed.

We are coming up on our 16th anniversary in a few weeks and will be rolling out a few more enhancements.


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