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Donald Trump Love Astrology Details

Donald Trump Astrology
Donald Trump Astrology

Donald Trump Astrology: This mini series had extensive coverage as found on video and prior articles.  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Video, and Trump in Relationships.

In follow up to the Composite Charts commentary, this week, we are layering in the essence of inspecting a natal chart for love energy before looking at inter-aspects or Composite Charts.

The 7th house is where we look for in the chart for love life. First, we look for the sign on the cusp.  Secondly, we proceed to look at planets in the 7th house and aspects it makes to the rest of the planets.  Next, we look at the ruler of the 7th house. Finally, we look for Venus and the aspects it makes.

In Donald Trump’s chart, he has Aquarius on the 7th house cusp. This indicates he needs a partner that is different, unique, and exotic.  An ordinary partner would bore him.  He has a quench for excitement and adventure.  A mate that stands out is important for him.  He has an attraction to women from different cultures.  Matters of independence are active themes surrounding his love life.  There is a level of detachment that Donald needs to feel content.

The ruler of the 7th, Uranus, is located in the 10th house of status, honor, recognition, reputation, and status.  The type of mate he needs is a person that will elevate his status and social standing. His relationship with Ivana put him on page 6.

Uranus is in aspect to his natal Sun in the 10th house.  This will make Donald independent and need a mate that can bounce off original ideas. Gemini is about communication, changeability, and the mind. He needs a mate that he exercises intellectual stimulation.  More importantly, in Astrology, the ruler of the 1st house (the self) and the 7th (the partner) in an aspect is a strong indication of a person’s desire to be with a mate or attract.  There is a conjunction between the Sun and Uranus.  Though the two aren’t the most solid as Uranus can always be changing and seeking new ventures, it does give him magnetism.  Some would argue by stating that a billionaire can purchase a relationship, or anyone would be easily attracted.  Though there is validity to that, it doesn’t mean that the native would desire a relationship.  There are others with the same planetary combination that share these same energies and are not in the same financial status.

An obstacle in Donald’s chart is the Moon opposite Uranus. This creates a lot of anxiety, emotional disconnect, inability to bond, restless females, and notoriety.  This is very similar to Donald’s mother, as outlined a few weeks ago. Click here for more.  There is a need to balance out emotional bonding versus detached freedom.  Being there emotionally, physically, or mentally for his mate and vice versa are ongoing obstacles.

Since there aren’t any planets in the 7th house, we can then proceed to the condition of Venus in Donald’s chart.

Venus in Cancer conjuncts Saturn and Square Jupiter.  This is a potent business position.  It is also a position for entertainment. Hence, Donald has made many cameo appearances and had his reality TV show. However, in love, this will have many learning lessons. Some may exaggerate Saturn and define it as Karmic.  In truth, with Saturn, we reap what we sow.  It can make a person very ambitious and willing to get serious.  But, if the person doesn’t shape up, significant problems occur.

Many Astrologers often neglect the Quincunx.  The Moon quincunx Venus can result in a critical, shaming, and nagging nature. There is difficulty adapting to a mates philosophy.  Challenges with judgment and understanding are also core issues.  Unfortunately, this can result in the mother and other family members not approving the native’s mate.

Jupiter in square aspect to Venus can make one very indulgent.  Yet there is frustration in trying to expand in love.  The natures of the signs are Libra and Cancer.  The conflict here stems from being out in the public limelight versus family and home issues. There can be an overindulgence in either direction.  Though these 2 in combination aren’t the most challenging aspects, it details merely Donald’s love nature.  The Venus / Saturn aspect in aspect to Jupiter has gotten him in trouble with infidelity and exposure to other indiscretions.

Before looking at compatibility, it is more important understanding the love energies one is born and doing the necessary work that comes with it. Then layering the energies of another individual is recommended. 

We will go over his marriages to both Ivana and Marla Maples in the next few weeks.

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